Jon Castle, Secretary to the Western Region pays tribute to Tony Phillips

first_imgHe was Gloucester region president in 1986 when he started taking a deeper interest in the National Association of Master Bakers (NAMB).Tony was made Western regional president in 2000/2001, this year culminated in an open day bakery visit to his business, Janes Pantry, and he held his dinner dance in Bournemouth. Being very street wise, financially, Tony gladly helped many bakers and put them on the right lines to running their own business. Also at this time, he started contributing articles to the American bakery magazine having become a member of their association, Retail Confections International. Tony Phillips, British Baker’s longstanding and highly popular columnist, was born in Swanage and attended Swanage Grammar School. He then joined the Merchant Navy for a number of years until he met Barbara and became, as he jokingly referred, her toyboy. After their marriage they opened a fabric shop. They also had a cafe which increased demand for their home baked cakes, this started them on the road to becoming bakers and they turned their basement into a bakery and extended into neighbouring premises. Barbara meanwhile commenced making chocolates. As his business progressed Tony became adept at delegating, in particular to his right hand man, Neville Morse.Tony’s business expanded most successfully into nine shops, nine vans and a chocolate and catering business. In 1998 he took a party of British bakers with him to the American bakers conference in Mineappolis, with a few days in New York. While at the conference he arranged visits for our members to a variety of local bakers. We did notice that a lot of them also produced dog biscuits!Tony went on to be elected National President of the NAMB in 2004/2005 and held his conference at Harrogate. While there, we had the pleasure of visiting Hughes Family Bakers and Sparks Confectioners, Tony believed there was always something to learn. He was elected Vice Chairman to the NAMB board, and subsequently chairman. Three years ago he played a major part in putting the NAMB finances in order and cutting the major loss-making AWBT training arm out of existence.In 2007 he became President of the American bakers’ association, the RCI, having been a member for 11 years. He was the first and only British baker to become their President, Tony also played a part in local government, eventually becoming leader of Gloucester City Council.Tony leaves a wife Barbara, two daughters Andrea and Jane and his grandchildren.Jon CastleSecretary to the Western Region.last_img read more

Initiatives rearrange student government

first_imgThe outside of the student government office on the second floor of the LaFortune Student Center looks the same as always. But adjustments inside that office have changed student government’s appearance from the inside in dramatic ways this semester. Student body president Pat McCormick has led several projects throughout his administration so far that changed the structure of student government. The changes were McCormick’s attempt to better address the problems that matter both day-t o-day and on a larger scale. “I’m very proud of the record that our team had put together, and it has been the team, around trying to advance these issues simultaneously, both issues of convenience and issues of consequence,” McCormick said. ‘Issues of convenience’ McCormick attempted to connect to the day-to-day lives of students specifically through the creation of the Department of Constituent Services in April. “What we wanted to try and do was to create a committee whose sole job it was going to be driven by the voices of students whenever they spoke,” McCormick said. “I think architecturally that was a critical move.” Director Heather Eaton said the new department serves primarily as a gathering place for student opinions. “Constituent services is really meant to make sure that what we’re doing are the things students want, and we want to make sure students know that they can always talk to us and voice their concerns or what they would like brought up,” she said. Eaton stepped into her role as the department’s chair with some uncertainty. “Because it was a new role … at first, I’m not sure everyone had a clear idea of exactly the purpose I was going to serve,” Eaton said. “That was probably what took the longest time, figuring out how I fit in and what I was exactly responsible for, but now that I’ve gotten there, the Constituent Services committee has been a great help to all the other committees in helping them plan for their year.” Eaton said students can submit their complaints about day-to-day life at Notre Dame to her group. “I know I have a lot of complaints, and I go through the list, and I’m like, ‘Amen! That bothers me too,’” Eaton said. “You kind of think about it, but when the moment that’s inconvenient passes, you forget about it.” Constituent Services collected over 900 responses to a December survey. Eaton said this feedback allows the group to act on the student body’s ideas. “We asked what people wanted to see sold at the Huddle, and our department actually started working on that,” Eaton said. The survey resulted in discussions with the Huddle staff, Eaton said, and students will soon see 24-packs of water bottles and more visible price tags on the shelves. Eaton also organized Hall Council visits from the student body president, vice president and chief-of-staff. “It was just an opportunity for them to meet students and become more of a familiar face so people feel comfortable getting in contact with them,” she said. While the department has been successful collecting student feedback and addressing small concerns, Eaton said cutting through red tape in the administration could still be a problem. “I’m not sure necessarily that we have had a big impact on administration and making changes that allowed for us to do differently that other student government administrations,” she said. ‘Issues of consequence’ The most dramatic change for student government organization this semester occurred in the semester’s 11th hour. Student Senate passed a 13-page resolution during its last meeting of the semester that resulted in a merger between the Council of Representatives (COR) and Senate. The Department of Internal Affairs led the fusion between the groups and wrote the constitutional reforms that made their fusion official. Department members Ben Noe and Paige Becker pushed the changes forward through the process. “We realized more and more, perhaps the role of the Council of Representatives was created to fill was not being fulfilled, possibly even couldn’t be fulfilled the way it was currently set up,” Becker said. Becker said some people struggled to admit COR could be obsolete or inefficient. “There were occasionally places where we would run into the perspective that this is the way it’s always been,” she said. With the new resolution, Senate morphed into a new body that McCormick said better represents the student body. However, the new Senate is currently untested and next semester will reveal how effective the change is for the group. As the office plans more organizations, Noe said he hopes everyone will continue to cooperate. “I think the majority in general is in favor of change, but I think there is also going to be going a small but vocal minority opposing some changes, just in general,” Noe said. “I know there are some people that are not entirely satisfied with the changes made here, and I would hope that those people don’t use that bitterness or that irritation with this change to hurt future changes that could help student government.”last_img read more

Venezuela: Parliamentary Elections Move Forward Despite International Pressure

first_imgBy Diálogo November 05, 2020 The Nicolás Maduro regime insists on holding parliamentary elections on December 6, despite pressure from the international community to postpone them, in addition to persistent uncertainty about the logistic viability of conducting the voting.According to the former Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations, Milos Alcalay, Maduro’s purpose is “to destroy the legitimate National Assembly [AN]” and remove Juan Guaidó from the presidency of that institution.Guaidó maintains his position not to participate in the parliamentary elections, which he describes as fraudulent due to the illegitimate appointment of National Electoral Council (CNE, in Spanish) officials — something that fell under the AN — and the unconstitutional 66 percent increase in parliamentary seats, among other electoral irregularities. “To participate in an electoral fraud is to legitimize the dictatorship. For a free and democratic process to exist, it requires […] conditions that are not in place today in Venezuela,” Guaidó told the nongovernmental organization Transparencia Venezuela.Sanctions and negotiationsOn September 4, the U.S. Department of the Treasury sanctioned officials of the Maduro regime for undermining the democratic order in Venezuela and interfering in the electoral process in an attempt to prevent free and fair parliamentary elections from taking place in December.“An unfair and unfree parliamentary election will only deepen Venezuela’s crisis. All those who seek to deprive Venezuelans of a democratic future should consider themselves on notice — the U.S. will stand firm against authoritarianism,” U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Twitter.The sanctioned individuals include Reinaldo Enrique Muñoz Pedroza, the country’s attorney general; as well as Indira Maira Alfonzo Izaguirre and José Luis Gutiérrez Parra, both CNE officials.Subsequently, the Department of the Treasury sanctioned five political leaders on September 20 for taking part in a scheme to rig the December parliamentary elections by “placing control of Venezuela’s opposition parties in the hands of politicians affiliated with Nicolás Maduro’s regime, undermining any credible opposition challenge to that regime,” the institution said in a statement.For its part, the European Union (EU) sent a diplomatic mission to Caracas in late September in an attempt to postpone the elections. However, it did not achieve its goal.The Maduro regime’s decision “only serves to worsen the political situation in Venezuela,” Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said before the European Parliament.“The EU cannot even consider sending an election observer mission,” he said.For Roberto Abdul, a representative of the civil organization Súmate, which monitors Venezuelan elections, the risks of conducting an electoral campaign and voting amid the COVID-19 pandemic are enormous. In addition, due to the quarantine, the electoral schedule was delayed.One of the most sensitive issues relates to voting machines. After a fire in the CNE warehouses in March, at least two-thirds of the machines were rendered unusable. The regime announced that the import of 15,000 machines, with an unknown voting system, is underway.“There is no certainty at all. The [CNE] officials themselves have shown concerns about the process going forward,” Abdul said.last_img read more

Attorneys Excange

first_img Attorneys Exchange ADA LITIGATION Michael F. Lanham, an experienced ADA attorney, has an MBA & understands the business aspects faced by litigants in ADA cases. With a history of 10 years specializing in the implementation & case law of the ADA, Mr. Lanham is available to assist or represent individuals or entities in ADA actions. Michael F. Lanham, P.A., 1102 Biscayne Building, 19 West Flagler Street, Miami 33130; [email protected]; (305) 358-7646. ADMINISTRATIVE LAW Guy & Yudin, LLP William E. “Ted” Guy since 1983 and John Yudin are available to handle administrative proceedings in state and local governments and agencies, including certiorari petitions and appeals. Extensive experience in all phases. Examples include waterfront landuse, permitting, violation defense, environmental violations, professional licensing disciplinary defense, rule challenges, non-rule policy challenges.See our web site,, 55 E. Ocean Blvd., Stuart, FL. 34994, (772) 286-7372. ADMIRALTY John W. Merting is the first Bar Certified Admiralty and Maritime attorney in the entire Panhandle (since 1996), a sustaining member of ATLA/AFTL, a proctor in admiralty and practicing since 1968. Emphasis on personal injury/death claims involving oil rigs, commercial and pleasure vessels including jet skis, also marine insurance, cargo, and salvage. John W. Merting, P.A., Harbourtown – Ste. 39, 913 Gulf Breeze Pkwy., Gulf Breeze 32561, phone (850) 916-9645, fax (850) 916-9787. ALCOHOL & SUBSTANCE ABUSE LICENSE PROBLEMS Richard B. Marx, “AV” rated lawyer and former member of the board of directors of Florida Lawyers Assistance, Inc., is available to act as a consultant or for representation of professionals with licensing problems brought about by addiction or other causes. Capable of assisting with a recovery program and all phases of license problems. Representation includes grievance committees, Bar admissions and readmission for suspended attorneys, as well as DBPR license defense for health care professionals. 66 West Flagler Street, Second Floor, Miami 33130, phone (305) 579-9060, fax (305) 377-0503. APPEALS The Law Offices of Bartmon & Bartmon, P.A., for all appeals in Florida state courts and administrative matters, and all federal courts. Attorneys with extensive appellate experience, including former Bureau Chief and Capital Cases Coordinator, Attorney General’s Office, Palm Beach County, FL. See our Web site at for more information. 1515 N. Federal Highway, Suite 300 Boca Raton 33432, phone (561) 392-7782, fax (561) 392-8486. ATTORNEY DISCIPLINE & BAR ADMISSION Charles L. Curtis, experienced, “AV” rated, administrative-civil trial lawyer and past chair (twice) of Florida Bar grievance committees. Available for consultation and representation before grievance committees, Florida Board of Bar Examiners, referee, and Supreme Court proceedings involving attorney admission/discipline. Doumar, Allsworth, Curtis, Cross, Laystrom, Perloff, Voigt, Wachs & Maciver. 1177 S.E. 3rd Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale 33316-1197, phone (954) 762-3400, fax (954) 462-7652. Richard A. Greenberg, “AV” rated lawyer, former disciplinary counsel for The Florida Bar, is available for representation before grievance committees, before the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, in referee proceedings, and in any proceedings before the Supreme Court involving attorney discipline and Bar admission. Also available to act as counsel, consultant, or expert witness on any matter involving legal ethics or legal malpractice. Member Professional Ethics Committee. 325 West Park Avenue, Tallahassee 32301, phone (850) 681-9848, toll free 1-888-3ETHICS. < p>Jerome H. Shevin, experienced “AV” rated trial and appellate lawyer and former chair of a Florida Bar Grievance Committee. Available to consult with and represent lawyers before grievance committees, Florida Board of Bar Examiners, in subsequent referee and Supreme Court proceedings. Also available as expert witness or consultant on matters of legal ethics and malpractice. Jerome H. Shevin, P.A., Gables One Tower – Penthouse, 1320 S. Dixie Highway, Coral Gables 33146, phone (305) 661-6664. < p>Scott K. Tozian, “AV” rated lawyer with over 20 years experience in prosecuting and defending attorneys in Bar grievance/disciplinary proceedings, is available to represent lawyers in Bar proceedings, including reinstatement/readmission. He is available to serve as an expert witness. He has represented applicants before the Board of Bar Examiners for over 17 years and is available for representation concerning applications and character/fitness proceedings. Scott K. Tozian, Suite 150, 109 North Brush Street, Tampa 33602, phone (813) 273-0063, [email protected] ATTORNEY/PROFESSIONAL ADMISSION AND DISCIPLINE Joseph A. Corsmeier, former disciplinary counsel for The Florida Bar (1990-1998), is available to represent attorneys in all matters before The Florida Bar, including disciplinary, reinstatement, and admission proceedings. Also available to represent professionals in all licensure proceedings before state boards and agencies and for consultation and expert testimony on legal ethics and malpractice issues. Joseph A. Corsmeier, Esquire, Tew, Barnes & Atkinson, L.L.P., Clearwater office, (727) 799-2882; (727)726-0058 (fax); Tampa office (813) 885-1888. David R. Ristoff, “AV” ratedformer chief counsel for the Tampa office of The Florida Bar, Department of Lawyer Regulation (1984 – June 2000), is available for representation of attorneys in admission and before grievance committees, referee proceedings, reinstatements, Florida Board of Bar Examiners, and appeals before the Supreme Court of Florida. Available to represent other professionals in licensure proceedings. Also available for consultation and/or expert testimony on legal ethics and malpractice issues. David R. Ristoff, Kaltenbach, Williams & Ristoff, P.L.C., 7026 Little Road, New Port Richey, phone (727) 842-9758, fax (727) 848-2494. Automotive Law Automotive Industry- 19 years of experience; TILA, MMWA, UDTPA, Franchise issues, Sales & Warranty Cases. Defense of class action litigation claims. Representation of dealerships only. Available to handle, consult, or co-counsel selected matters, Mark A. Horowitz, Esq. (941) 275-9900. CONSUMER PROTECTION AND LEMON LAW Rebecca J. Covey, P.A., 12 years experience representing consumers in Lemon Law and deceptive trade practices, primarily in automobile sales and dealerships and manufacturers for warranty violations, odometer, and leasing fraud. Available for consultation in proceedings ranging from Lemon Law arbitration to trial. Rebecca J. Covey, P.A., 1318 S.E. First Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale 33316, phone (954) 763-4300. Criminal Defense and Immigration Law Spencer Eig, former Assistant U.S. Attorney (rated outstanding) and U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service Trial Attorney is available for referral of federal and state criminal investigation, trial and appellate matters and all immigration matters. Member of the Florida, Georgia and D.C. bars. 407 Lincoln Road, Suite 708, Miami Beach, Florida, (305) 672-2770,[email protected], CRIMINAL LAW Michael Bruce Cohen, Esq., Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer, former state and federal prosecutor, member of the Florida, D.C., and N.Y. bars, announces his availability to accept all state and federal criminal trial and appellate matters including international extraditions. Participation fees honored. Trade Centre South, 100 West Cypress Creek Road, Ste 930, Ft. Lauderdale 33309; tel (954) 928-0059; fax (954) 771-0434; e-mail: [email protected] CRUISE LINES Charles R. Lipcon. Passenger and seamen’s claims handled since 1971, emphasis on personal injury/death. One Biscayne Tower, Suite 2480 Miami 33131, phone (305) 373-3016, fax (305) 373-6204, e-mail: [email protected] DISABILITY INSURANCE Kimsey Law Group has been representing clients in disability insurance disputes for several years. These cases fall under both ERISA and state law, depending on whether the disability insurance claim falls under a private disability insurance policy, or an employer-funded ERISA plan. Initial consultation is always free of charge. Kimsey Law Group, 3816 W. Linebaugh Ave., Ste. 204, Tampa 33624, telephone (813) 265-9292, fax (813) 265-1752, e-mail: [email protected] John J. Spiegel invites inquiries about disability insurance matters: claims, coverage disputes, trial, litigation, and appeals for all forms of disability coverages, e.g., individual, group, ERISA (including “appeals”). Disability claims are often complex and contested. Early consultation and representation is strongly recommended. Co-counsel arrangements welcomed. Referring attorney fees protected. John J. Spiegel, P.A., Concord Building 7th Floor, 66 West Flagler Street, Miami 33130, (305) 539-0700. DENTAL AND ORAL SURGERY Stanley W. Lane, D.D.S., J.D., attorney and board certified oral-maxillo facial surgeon, former associate professor Mt. Sinai, N.Y.U. College of Dentistry, 20 years of dental malpractice expertise; Sharon M. Sabel, Esq., 15 years experience in dental malpractice; available for referrals or co-counsel, specializing in dental malpractice exclusively. N.Y. and Florida Bar. Stanley W. Lane, D.D.S., P.A., 2775 East Oakland Park Boulevard, Suite 6, Ft. Lauderdale 33306, telephone: (954) 568-2111, facsimile: (954) 568-5521. ENTERTAINMENT/MUSIC LAW Drew B. Sherman is available for referrals and/or consultations in all music and entertainment legal matters throughout the state. Mr. Sherman’s practice includes contract negotiations, copyright claims, mechanical licensing, publishing agreements, and royalty issues. Mr. Sherman was formerly employed by PolyGram Records, Inc., and later Universal Music Group in New York City. Member D.C. & FL Bars, U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. District Courts for Southern, Middle and Northern Districts of Florida. Sherman Law Offices, Chartered, 1000 Corporate Drive, Suite 310, Fort Lauderdale, 33334, phone (954) 489-9500, toll free in Florida (877) 806-9500, fax (954) 489-9531, e-mail:[email protected], ERISA Lawrence D. Bache – ERISA plan reimbursement/subrogation issues – Litigation to recover wrongfully denied health, disability, pension, severance, life or other employee benefits. Federal and State Court accredited and experienced. Available for representation, referrals and/or consultation. The Law Office of Lawrence D. Bache, 9000 West Sheridan Street, Suite 174, Pembroke Pines FL 33024, phone (954) 436-7376, fax (954) 436-2926, e-mail: [email protected] Forfeiture Law Ray Christopher Lopez, Esquire, former prosecutor and former assistant city attorney handling all civil forfeiture actions initiated by the Tampa Police Department, announces his availability to act as a consultant, as co-counsel, or for referral or representation on all contraband forfeiture actions brought by law enforcement agencies. Lopez & Kuske, 500 E. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 101, Tampa 33602, phone (813) 221-4455, fax (813) 275-0902. GOVERNMENT FRAUD & CYBER LAW Andrew Grosso, former Assistant U.S. Attorney in Tampa and Boston, is available in litigation and administrative matters concerning qui tam law suits, government program fraud, Internet law, domain name disputes, and computer security. His background includes degrees in physics and computer science, and prosecuting Medicare/Medicaid, defense contract, and HUD fraud. 2121 K Street, N.W., Suite 800, Washington, D.C. 20037, phone (202) 261-3593, fax (202) 261-3595, e-mail: [email protected] HEALTH CARE LAW George F. Indest III, Board certified health care attorney, and other health care attorneys available statewide to consult, affiliate as co-counsel, or accept referrals representing physicians and other health care providers. We represent exclusively health care providers. Our practice includes business, regulatory and transactional matters and commercial, administrative and professional litigation. Experienced in defending investigations, licensing cases, Medicare/Medicaid audits/investigations, credentialing/privileges cases, covenants-not-to-compete, and other health related areas. The Health Law Firm, 220 E. Central Parkway, Suite 2030, Altamonte Springs (Orlando) 32701, (407) 331-6620. IMMIGRATION LAW Jeffrey N. Brauwerman, Florida Bar Board Certified Immigration and Nationality Lawyer, former U.S. immigration judge and regional counsel and district counsel, U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service, available for representation, consultation, and as an expert witness. “AV” rated. Vice-chair, inaugural Immigration and Nationality Law Certification Committee. Listed: “The Best Lawyers in America;” “Martindale-Hubbell’s Register of Pre-eminent Lawyers;” and “The Florida Consumer Guidebook to Law & Leading Attorneys.” Offices in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Miami, phone (305) 758-1234, Ft. Lauderdale, phone (954) 527-1234, e-mail: [email protected], INSURANCE COVERAGE LAW William Scott Patterson, in-house counsel with national insurance coverage group of Top 10 property & casualty insurer and former Florida insurance defense trial attorney, is available for referrals and consultations for liability insurance coverage matters on behalf of policyholder interests, throughout Florida and the United States. Law Offices of William Scott Patterson, P.C., 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 700, Washington, D.C. 20004. (202) 204-2555, [email protected] INTERNATIONAL LAW Business in Russia – Florida Lawyer working in Moscow is available to assist with all aspects of business and law involving Russia. I have over 7 years of experience in Russia and I work with an excellent team of Russian lawyers and reliable commercial contacts. Please contact Michael Malloy by telephone at (202) 452-7433, by fax at (202) 318-8874,or by email at Michael [email protected] LEMON LAW & BREACH OF WARRANTY Cousins & Associates has reviewed over 2,000 Lemon Law-related matters and has represented clients from Virgin Islands to Seattle, Washington. For over a decade, Patrick S. Cousins has represented foreign and domestic manufacturers and consumers, thus making him uniquely qualified to represent your interest. Automobiles, trucks under 10,000 pounds; all recreational vehicles. Visit our Web page at; e-mail: cuzlaw; phone (800) CAR-LAW-8, fax: 561-835-0766. Call, we are here to help. MASSACHUSETTS LAW Firm Litigating, all types of cases in Massachusetts. Hourly rates with contingent fees on personal injury cases. Experience in Federal and State courts of Massachusetts. Offices in Massachusetts and Sarasota, FL. Arrangements can be made to visit client or referring attorney in Florida. All inquiries regarding referrals promptly answered. Office of Albert E. Grady, Phone: 508-583-8562, Voice mail 941-284-6535, Fax 508-586-0734. NURSING HOME MALPRACTICE T. Patrick Ford, Jr., announces his availability to represent individuals in matters relating to the negligence of nursing homes and the rights of residents of nursing homes. Board Certified in Trial Law and AV rated, Mr. Ford is available for consultations and referrals in all aspects of medical and nursing home malpractice. Inquiries welcome. Ford & Sinclair P.A., Penthouse 1-C, Two Datran Center, 9130 South Dadeland Boulevard, Miami 33156, (305) 670-2000 or (888) 372-2873. Joseph B. Landy, former nursing home defense attorney, announces his availability throughout the state to investigate and pursue all claims arising out of nursing home abuse. Referring attorneys paid in accordance with Florida Bar Rules. Joseph B. Landy, Lesser, Lesser & Landy, 909 N. Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach,FL,33401,(561)655-2028, [email protected] PATENTS John J. Halak, USPTO Reg. No. 27,793 (1975), admitted in FL and NY; practice limited to ALL patent and related matters, including application prosecution, invention commercialization, opinions and infringement litigation; former VP-Legal of NYSE entity. B.S., M.B.A., J.D., LL.M., Offices at 6717 Ashley Court, Sarasota 34241, (941) 922-9796 and at Suite 1403, 808 Brickell Key Drive, Miami, FL 33131, (305) 375-9200 and at Suite 900, 445 Park Ave., New York, NY 10022, (212) 787-8100, e-mail: [email protected] PATENT, TRADEMARK, COPYRIGHT LAW Christopher & Weisberg, P.A. U.S. & international patent and trademark searches and applications, copyrights, Internet and computer law, technology and export licensing, intellectual property counseling; experienced in a range of technologies including electrical, mechanical, aerospace, industrial machinery, computer hardware and software, telecommunications and networks, medical devices, sporting goods, and consumer products. 200 E. Las Olas Blvd., Suite 2040, Ft. Lauderdale 33301, (954) 828-1488, [email protected] Fleit, Kain, Gibbons, Gutman & Bongini, P.L. **Focus on I.P.** Miami – Ft. Lauderdale – Boca Raton, patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, false advertising, computer law, Internet law, domain name disputes, technology licensing / transfers, litigation / dispute resolution. Registered patent attorneys, AV rated. 750 S.E. 3rd Ave., Ste. 100, Ft. Lauderdale 33316, (954) 768-9002, Boca (561) 989-9811, Miami (305) 530-9100 or toll free (800) 846-0900, fax: (954) 768-0158, < p>Lerner & Greenberg, P.A. Ranked among the top 40 patent firms in the country by Intellectual Property Today magazine, Lerner & Greenberg, P.A. advises clients in key issues of intellectual property law including patents, trademarks, unfair compensation, licensing, trade secrets, international patents and dispute resolution, as well as Internet and domain name issues. 2445 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, Florida 33020,(954)925-1100, [email protected] < p>Malloy & Malloy, P.A.“Since 1959” – Practice limited to patent, trademark, copyright, unfair competition, trade secrets, related intellectual property causes, including trials & appeals. Complete U.S. & Int’l services include patent and trademark applications in all foreign countries, searches, licensing, franchising. Registered patent attorneys, AV rated. John Cyril Malloy III is an intellectual property adjunct professor at St. Thomas Law School. Malloy & Malloy, P.A, 2800 S.W. Third Avenue, Miami, 33129, (305) 858-8000, toll free (800) 377-7239, fax (305) 858-0008. Ft. Laud. Office (954) 525-9611, e-mail: [email protected], Internet: PROBATE AND TRUST LITIGATION Christopher Q. Wintter, Trial Lawyer, Board Certified Wills, Trusts & Estates Lawyer, C.P.A., and an instructor and faculty member for the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA), announces his availability to represent personal representatives, fiduciaries, beneficiaries, trustees, and potential heirs in litigation matters concerning wills, trusts, estates. Mr. Wintter is also available to assist counsel with advice, strategy, expert opinion, or to act as co-counsel relating to complex administration issues concerning trusts and estates. Wintter & Associates, P.A., 2239 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood 33020. (954) 920-7014; fax: (954) 920-7080. REAL ESTATE LAW James L. Mack, Board Certified Real Estate Lawyer with 52 years of practice in Florida exclusively in the area of real estate law, “AV” rated, is available to act as expert witness or consultant in real property litigation. 20185 East Country Club Drive, #607, Miami 33180, (305) 466-5519 or (305) 933-2266, fax (305) 682-1533, e-mail: [email protected] SECURITIES LAW Charles E. Scarlett, Esq., with eighteen (18) years of litigation experience, represents both customers and stockbrokers in NASD arbitrations and litigation. Mr. Scarlett was previously the General Counsel of an NYSE firm and a regulator with the State of Florida and the NASD. He is currently an arbitrator for the NASD. Mr. Scarlett is available for representation and referrals and to act as an expert witness in securities related matters. CHARLES E. SCARLETT, P.A., One Boca Place, 2255 Glades Road, Suite 236W, Boca Raton, Fl 33431,(561)989-8604; [email protected] SECURITIES LITIGATION Klayman & Toskes P.A., securities litigation and arbitration, stockbroker misconduct, investor rights, defense of brokerage firms and individuals in all federal, state, and SRO proceedings. Mr. Klayman, of the firm, is a former NASD licensed broker who has handled hundreds of securities related matters. The firm is available for referrals, consultation, and co-counsel associations. 900 North Federal Highway, Suite 200, Boca Raton, (561) 997-9956, fax (561) 361-9178. Schoeppl & Burke, P.A. The firm’s securities department is headed by Carl F. Schoeppl, former senior enforcement attorney for the SEC, and special assistant district attorney. Mr. Schoeppl holds an LL.M. in litigation. The firm is available to handle securities-related litigation and arbitration matters, the defense of individuals and entities in SEC, FBI, NASD, NYSE, and SRO investigations. Admitted in Florida, N.Y., and Washington, D.C. 4800 North Federal Highway, Suite 207-D, Boca Raton 33431-5178, (561) 394-8301, fax (561) 394-3121. SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY & RETIREMENT CLAIMS Harold R. Cohen announces that he is available to act as a consultant to or as an associate of other lawyers in matters involving disability insurance benefits before the Social Security Administration. Harold R. Cohen, 1550 Northeast Miami Gardens Dr., North Miami Beach 33179, Dade (305) 949-2424, Broward (954) 921-4489. Lyle D. Lieberman, “AV” rated, former U.S. administrative law judge, Social Security Administration, and past president of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR), is available in matters involving Social Security disability and retirement claims. 44 West Flagler Street, Suite 2050, Miami 33130, (305) 358-0115; 201 N.E. 2nd Street, Suite 100, Ft. Lauderdale 33301, (954)761-3488; Boca Raton (561) 394-8422; West Palm Beach (561) 655-8598. < p>Randy Pelham and Alan Andrews of Pelham & Associates are available throughout the Panhandle, including Pensacola, Panama City, Tallahassee, and Jacksonville, for representation of disabled persons in all Social Security disability matters. Referring attorneys paid in accordance with Florida Bar rules. 1963 Village Green Way, Suite A, Tallahassee 32308, phone (850) 383-6600, toll free (888) 881-6009, fax (850) 383-6604. Stockbroker misconduct Darren C. Blum, Esq. concentrates on recovering investors’ losses caused by stock and commodity broker misconduct. Mr. Blum has vast experience within the securities industry, including working in the “pits” of the commodities exchange; former licensed broker with the NFA and NASD; former associate of a large New York law firm that defended many brokers and brokerage firms; former intern for the NASD Arbitration Department; a published author and co-author of securities arbitration articles; and an approved Arbitrator for the NASD and NFA. Referring attorneys are gladly paid in accordance with Florida Bar rules. The Law Offices of Darren C. Blum, P.A., 8751 W. Broward Blvd., Suite 201, Plantation 33324 phone (954) 423-6000, fax (954) 423-2060, 1-877-STOCK-LAW. TRAFFIC TICKETS and/or CRIMINAL DEFENSE Traffic ticket and/or traffic criminal hearings covered by Unger & Kowitt. We are a law firm dedicated to traffic related matters and have been established for years. We have attorneys in every courthouse five days a week in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We will attend those court hearings on your behalf for an extremely reasonable fee. Last minute coverages are not a problem. Client relationships protected. Call (954) 370-9999. Ask to speak with Barry D. Kowitt, esq. UNITED KINGDOM Bennetts Solicitors – A multinational practice serving the needs of U.S. clients and their legal advisers in the U.K. Concentration areas include business and commercial law, litigation, personal injury, real estate, employment law, and probate (contentious). For inquiries contact: Kevin M. Burke, Esq., (licensed to practice in Florida, Ohio, and England and Wales) Address – High Street, Wrington, Bristol BS40 5QB, UK. 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He consults and represents employers and others accused by the state or federal government of workers’ compensation premium fraud. He serves as a consulting and testifying expert. J. Layne Smith, P.A., 3370 Capital Circle N.E., Ste. I, Tallahassee 32308. (888) 902-8300, (850) 385-8000, fax (850) 201-8000, website: July 15, 2002 Regular News Attorneys Excangelast_img read more

H1N1 FLU BREAKING NEWS: Case counts, NY deaths, first case in Singapore, Australia’s brisk rise, sham products

first_imgMay 27, 2009Global novel H1N1 cases pass 13,000The global count of confirmed novel H1N1 cases grew to 13,398, including 95 fatalities, from 48 countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported today. Bahrain and Singapore are the two new countries reporting new cases since yesterday. The total included 4,541 cases and 83 deaths in Mexico, 6,764 cases and 10 deaths in the United States (as of May 25), 921 cases and 1 death in Canada, and 33 cases and 1 death in Costa Rica.[WHO update 40]US cases approach 8,000The nation’s tally of confirmed and probable novel H5N1 flu cases climbed to 7,927, up 1,163 cases since May 25, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported today. A CDC official said yesterday in a media briefing that the case total would likely show a big spike because of reporting delays over the recent holiday weekend. One more death is included in the total, that of a New York woman. The number of states reporting cases remained at 47, plus the District of Columbia.[Current CDC numbers]New York reports two more flu deathsOfficials from the New York City’s health department announced two more deaths from the novel flu virus, a 41-year-old woman from Queens and a 34-year-old man from Brooklyn, the New York Post reported today. Both reportedly had underlying medical conditions but had not been hospitalized before they died, and neither worked at a school. The deaths raise the city’s death toll to four and the US toll to 14.[May 27 New York Post story]Singapore confirms first novel H1N1 caseSingapore reported its first novel H1N1 case, in a 22-year-old woman who had recently traveled in the United States, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported today. She came down with a cough on her flight into Singapore yesterday and sought medical care upon her return home. Officials are locating the woman’s close contacts, who will be quarantined and given antiviral medication. The health ministry is also trying to contact airline passengers who sat near the woman.Australia sees brisk rise in novel flu casesAustralia’s health ministry has confirmed 61 novel H1N1 cases, up from 39 yesterday, and expects a steady increase over the next 2 days, Bloomberg News reported today. Five of the nation’s six states have reported cases, along with one of Australia’s two territories. About half of the cases (33) are in the southeastern state of Victoria, where authorities say they will open clinics to provide antiviral drugs to anyone with influenza symptoms.[May 27 Bloomberg News story]Two of China’s 12 imported cases detected at airportsIn an overview of 12 novel flu cases reported in China, posted yesterday by ProMED, epidemiologist Ji-Ming Chen, PhD, of China’s Animal Health and Epidemiology Center wrote that all the cases were imported, including one from Australia. Only two of the cases were detected at airport thermal scanners. Only two patients felt sick during their flights; the rest reported symptoms after reaching their destination. None have become severely ill.[May 26 ProMed post]FDA lists fraudulent flu-related productsSince May 1, when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), vowed to aggressively pursue businesses that promote unapproved or unauthorized products related to the novel H1N1 flu, the agency has added 72 items to its list of fraudulent H1N-related products. The products range from air filtration systems to protective equipment to nutrition supplements. The companies have received warning letters from the FDA, which urged consumers to be cautious about novel flu marketing pitches.[FDA fraudulent H1N1 product list]last_img read more

Protect her precious pension

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Australia PM says social distancing helping to slow coronavirus spread

first_imgAustralia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt said at the same briefing that there are some “positive, early signs of flattening of the curve” of the spread of COVID-19.According to the latest official data from the health ministry there were 3,809 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Australia early on Sunday, 431 more than in the previous day.Fourteen deaths were attributable to the virus, according to health ministry data, and the were media reports of another two deaths on Sunday morning.Morrison said the extra health spending would boost expenditures on telemedicine care options, domestic violence support and mental health services and is aimed at supporting “the most vulnerable” Australians.Topics : Australia’s rate of the spread of the novel coronavirus has halved in recent days, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Sunday as he announced an additional A$1.1 billion ($680 million) to expand telemedicine care and other health services.Morrison said that the daily increase in cases in recent days was at about 13%-15%, down from 25%-30% seen a week ago, showing social distancing measures were working.”These are still strong rates of increase, no doubt about that,” Morrison said in televised remarks.last_img read more

Japan’s Suga to join race to succeed PM Abe: Kyodo

first_imgAbe’s announcement on Friday, citing a worsening of a chronic illness, set the stage for a leadership election within his Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). The LDP president is virtually assured of being prime minister because of the party’s majority in the lower house of parliament.Suga decided to join the LDP race judging that he should play a leading role given expectations for his ability to manage crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Japan’s deepest postwar economic dive, Kyodo said, citing an unnamed source.Calls to Suga’s parliamentary office seeking comment on Sunday went unanswered.A self-made politician in a country of political dynasties, Suga was chosen by Abe in 2012 for the pivotal role of chief cabinet secretary, acting as top government spokesman, coordinating policies and riding herd on bureaucrats.Suga would join such candidates as former foreign minister Fumio Kishida and former defence minister Shigeru Ishiba.Topics : Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga will join the race to succeed his boss Shinzo Abe as prime minister, Kyodo news agency reported on Sunday, as the competition heats up to succeed Japan’s longest-serving leader.Suga, a longtime lieutenant of Abe’s in a key supporting role, has denied interest in the top job but attracted attention with a series of interviews, to Reuters and other news organizations, in the days before Abe’s abrupt resignation for health reasons.A Suga government would extend the fiscal and monetary stimulus that defined Abe’s nearly eight years in office.last_img read more

Koulibaly: Why I bought an apartment in Paris

first_imgNapoli defender, Kalidou Koulibaly, has explained why he purchased  an apartment in Paris. Koulibaly It’s emerged Koulibaly recently splashed out on an apartment in the heart of Paris, sparking talk of a summer move to PSG. But Italian reporter Valter De Maggio insists the Senegal international buying high end property is nothing new.Advertisement Loading… Promoted Content7 Netflix Shows Cancelled Because They Don’t Get The RatingsWhat Happens To Your Brain When You Play Too Much Video Games?Who’s The Best Car Manufacturer Of All Time?Couples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable WayTop 7 Best Car Manufacturers Of All TimeYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of AnimeBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made10 Celebrity Dads Who Have A Bad Relationship With Their Kids8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its GrowthWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?Who Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?Air Pollution Is Rapidly Decreasing Thanks To COVID-19center_img He explained on Radio Radio: “Sources in Naples assured that the purchase of a house by Koulibaly has nothing to do with a transfer to PSG. “He also bought an apartment in Milan, but that does not mean that he will go to Inter or Milan. Read Also:Koulibaly: How Sarri benched me after attending son’s birth “He loves investing in real estate…” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more

Keck researcher leads new epilepsy study

first_imgA new study done at the USC Keck School of Medicine published Monday by the University College London found that the volume and thickness differences in the gray matter of multiple brain regions indicates the development of epilepsy, a neurological disorder that affects up to 1.5 percent of the world population.Christopher Whelan, a researcher at USC Keck School of Medicine, attributed differences in thickness and volume of gray matter in the cortex and subcortical brain to epilepsy. Photo from Max Pixel.Led by Keck researcher Christopher Whelan and UCL professor Sanjay Sisodiya, the study was conducted at the ENIGMA-Epilepsy consortium, which is headquartered at Keck. It marked as the largest neuroimaging study of people: Data was pooled from 24 research centers worldwide, and 2,149 people with epileptic tendencies were analyzed together for similarities and divided into four groups for researchers to identify specific differences. This overall group was compared to 1,727 participants without epilepsy.“Some of the differences we found were so subtle they could only be detected due to the large sample size that provided us with very robust, detailed data,” Whelan told ScienceDaily.From this sampling, researchers discovered that people with brains of reduced volume and thickness generally experienced a longer duration of epilepsy. They also found reduced gray matter thickness in parts of the cortex and reduced volume in subcortical brain regions.According to the study, participants with epilepsy had a smaller thickness specifically in the motor cortex, which controls the body’s movement, as well as a lower volume in the right thalamus, which relays sensory and motor signals. These features have been previously associated with fewer forms of epilepsy.“We found that structural changes are present in multiple brain regions, which informs our understanding of epilepsy as a network disorder,” Whelan said.Idiopathic generalized epilepsies, which are known for lack of noticeable structural brain abnormalities such that neuroradiologists typically cannot see anything unusual in brain scans, were even found to have some of the same discovered patterns as standard epilepsy. “We have identified a common neuroanatomical signature of epilepsy, across multiple epilepsy types,” Whelan told ScienceDaily. “We found that structural changes are present in multiple brain regions, which informs our understanding of epilepsy as a network disorder.”According to the authors, further research will be conducted to follow up on these findings. With more longitudinal and genetic studies, they hope to discover the underlying cause of these structural differences in the brains of epileptic patients.“By identifying these patterns, we are developing a neuroanatomical map showing which brain measures are key for further studies that could improve our understanding and treatment of the epilepsies,” Sisodiya told  ScienceDaily.last_img read more