Salt levels in bread vary across country

first_imgResults from an interim report into salt levels in foods suggests there may be wide regional variations in salt levels in breads.The report from local government body Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services (LACORS) suggests breads and rolls from a specific region of the UK are exceptionally high in salt.LACORS has declined to name the region concerned while the research is ongoing. A spokeswoman explained that it wanted to conduct further investigations to make sure the figures were robust before revealing any findings.However, all seven samples taken from the region so far are considerably higher than for the rest of the UK.”The salt content of such a staple food in one area of the UK is currently of interest and really needs to be explored further,” said the spokeswoman. The project, which started in 2005, is now set to continue for another two years, with regional variations in sugar and fats in foods also examined.The spokeswoman added that the Federation of Bakers would be working with LACORS as the research continued.LACORS coordinated results from council trading standards and environmental health officers for 831 food products for the research. The report found that the salt content of foods had been reduced by 10.9% since May 2005, although fewer than half had achieved their target levels for 2010.The average figure found from 48 bread products following 18 months of investigation was 0.49g/100g. The Food Standards Agency’s sodium target for bread and rolls is 0.43g per 100g of food.last_img read more

Brazilian Armed Forces and Police Perform Combined Operation in Rio de Janeiro

first_imgBy Andréa Barretto/Diálogo June 27, 2018 The state of Rio de Janeiro is under federal intervention since February 2018, with Brazilian Army (EB, in Portuguese) General Walter Souza Braga Netto as its commander. The measure is in response to increasing violence in the state’s inland cities, and in the state capital of Rio de Janeiro, home of the country’s top drug and arms traffickers. After a series of high-profile missions against criminals, the operation escalated on June 7th, with the largest number of troops since the intervention began. More than 5,000 men, including 4,600 service members and 760 police officers, deployed to six strategic locations in the western zone of Rio de Janeiro. Units used helicopters and Urutu and Guarani armored vehicles to surround the region home to around 200,000 people, including armed traffickers and gangs. “We anticipate this operation will last a little longer than normal,” said EB Colonel Carlos Frederico Gomes Cinelli, spokesperson for the Federal Intervention Office. The main focus of this intervention is to weaken the Comando Vermelho faction and for the 18th Military Police Battalion to retake control of security in the favela known as Cidade de Deus. Comando Vermelho is one of the biggest Brazilian organized crime groups, controlling a network that extends through several states, from Rio de Janeiro to Amazonas. While some police and military teams take over the streets of those communities, others block potential criminal escape routes. At the same time, the Civil Police checks criminal records of favela residents and executes court orders. The 4,600 service members deployed in this operation rotate in groups, Col. Cinelli explained. “The teams [of service members] include all necessary logistics, such as reservists changing shifts or on leave, so the troops are fresh at the beginning of each rotation. So, 4,600 is the sum of several steps in this operation.” Joint maneuvers The operation under way in western Rio de Janeiro was coordinated with another security operation in the southern zone, on June 9th, where Rocinha is located. The Armed Forces occupied the favela—known for competing criminal factions of drug traffickers—for a week in 2017, due to fierce confrontations between enemy groups. The Federal Police joined the operation on June 9th—the first time since the intervention began. The agents’ mission was to execute federal warrants. “Our objective was to provide temporary support to the [Public] Security Office through the execution of outstanding warrants. There were confrontations when we arrived, and one of the detainees was injured. But no civilians or police were injured. We arrested 16 people, including the member of an important criminal faction,” Col. Cinelli said. The state’s service members and police officers spread across Rocinha and three other communities in the southern zone, just like in the west, to arrest wanted individuals, clear routes cut off by criminals, and search pedestrians and vehicles. The operation in the southern zone lasted just one day. The operation in western Rio de Janeiro will continue indefinitely, with an increase in social programs for residents in local communities. “We are past the stabilization phase, and now services are required,” Col. Cinelli said. On June 9th, the Federal Intervention Office, in partnership with public institutions, provided services such as medical and dental care, document issuance, job resources, and legal advice. Around 11,000 people benefited from the services. Constant combat The large-scale operation of the Armed Forces and security forces is the second in western Rio de Janeiro in less than a month. On May 18th, close to 3,500 men completed missions in seven favelas in that area. Service members and police surrounded the area and removed barricades blocking access to some sections of the favelas. According to The Public Affairs Office of the Eastern Military Command, authorities also carried out random searches of people and vehicles. On May 19th, day two of the operation, the top drug trafficker from the Barão community, known as Da Russa, wanted for two years, was killed in a confrontation with military police. Since the federal intervention began in February, the Armed Forces carried out a total of 51 operations in the state of Rio de Janeiro, most with police support. In addition to arresting criminal suspects, authorities seized 185 rifles, weapons, and drugs during the operations.last_img read more

More WC spots won’t mean easier qualification for Boyz – former coaches

first_img 1998 PROGRAMME AS A GUIDE Former national team coaches Carl Brown and Bradley Stewart do not believe that the proposed two-and-a-half extra spot allocation to CONCACAF for the 2026 World Cup will make it easier for Jamaica to qualify for the World Cups Finals. Jamaica and CONCACAF teams’ chances of reaching future World Cup finals would be enhanced if the sport’s governing body agrees to increase the current allotment of three and a half places for the 2026 Finals as part of its tournament resizing, which will see 48 teams competing, up from the current 32. Brown, who served as RenÈ Simies’ assistant during the successful 1998 World Cup qualification campaign, pointed out that Jamaica failed to the make top six or final (hexagonal) round in the last two qualifiers. “We are talking about it being easy. We have to consider other teams are thinking the same. They see the opportunity as better than it presently is. So even smaller Caribbean countries see it as a great opportunity to one day play the World Cup, but if we sit back and do nothing, these people will surpass us,” Brown reasoned. “We were not in the last six for this World Cup (qualifying), so even in six spot we would miss out. We are talking about it being easier and we can’t make top six, so there’s a lot to be done,” said Brown. However, he believes that to be regular World Cup qualifiers, Jamaican football officials must revisit the ’98’ programme and use it as a guide. “The blueprint is there from ’98’, but it is not going to be easier unless you do your homework. We don’t have to go to Central America, we can start here, but we feel we are better than the Caribbean and we are missing opportunities for our players. We have to get to the Caribbean championship semi-finals and final. That will get us to the Gold Cup. So we shouldn’t be talking about World Cup unless every time the Gold Cup comes around we are there. “But if you don’t get them exposed, they are just going to get to a point and no more. Since ’98’, we haven’t done enough preparation to get back into the World Cup,” he declared Former assistant coach to Theodore Whitmore, Stewart shared similar views. “Nothing would be easier for us. To get there, you have to come through the preliminary round and be in top six, and the competition structure has to change to support the numbers,” he cautioned. “So if we can’t make top six and there are six automatic places, we would need a bigger competition with more teams so you can have a top six or seven,” he added But like Brown, Stewart said having a training camp for local players and playing regular international games is the only way to get Jamaica back to the World Cup. “We need consistent training of the grouping, have international exposure regularly, because there may be quality, but you must have consistency playing together,” he stated.last_img read more

Scam time in Valley

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREBlues bury Kings early with four first-period goals The Cornwells took the check to their local Washington Mutual branch and asked the teller to determine whether it was legitimate. After inspecting the check and calling Bank of the West, which issued it, a bank official told them it was a forgery. The scam artists are using forged check from a La Palma company called Multi Sales Inc., a wholesale distributor of garage door and gate operators. The checks appear real, with signatures of two Multi Sales employees, although the street addresses are incomplete. Officials from Multi Sales said eight forged checks have been deposited or turned in to area banks by victims, all of whom live in the Valley. “The signatures are forged,” said Laurie, the company’s controller, who asked that her last name not be used so the culprits have as little information about the company as possible. “I would guess that somebody found a check, or maybe a check was lost. “It’s caused us a major problem. We can’t do banking the way we normally do. They’ve put a caution on our account.” The ploy is similar to so-called phishing scams that have become common on the Internet in recent years, including e-mails from Nigeria that inundate junk-mail folders and draw in unsuspecting victims. A report released this week by America Online and the National Cyber Security Alliance said one in four Internet users receives such e-mails each month, and 70 percent of those who receive them believe they’re real. “This is a new variation,” said Ken McGuire, a supervisory special agent with the FBI who investigates such scams. “What they’re trying to do is nickel-and-dime people in a way that hides their identity and provides them with this flow of ill-gotten gain.” The FBI’s Los Angeles office receives about 40 complaints a week about such scams, 20 directly to their office and 20 referred by other agencies, McGuire said. But officials said they believe that’s just the tip of the iceberg – many victims are too embarrassed to go to the authorities when they’ve been had. And it’s difficult to track down and prosecute those responsible. “If it’s more than just a couple of times, if there’s a number of people that have been duped, there’s a strong likelihood we can prosecute the person,” McGuire said. “But in many fraud cases, the money is long since spent by the time law enforcement figures out who did it.” The Canadian lottery scam is prevalent enough that the FBI and the Canadian government have task forces targeting it. A Los Angeles-based FBI agent has been deployed to Vancouver to investigate such claims, Assistant U.S. Attorney Ellyn Lindsay said. The penalty for a mail or wire fraud conviction could be between 10 years and 15 years in prison, Lindsay said. “It may be kind of the scam du jour, but things like this have been done in the past, too,” she said. “Especially for seniors, it’s devastating emotionally. People have been wiped out, elderly people have had to go back to work, and it takes a toll emotionally and even physically.” Josh Kleinbaum, (818) 713-3669 [email protected] If you think you’ve been the victim of a scam, contact the FBI at (310) 477-6565 or; or the Internet Crime Complaint Center at local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! When Bill and Louise Cornwell got a letter from a Canadian company saying they’d won $92,000, they thought it could be true. Bill had just taken a trip to Canada, where he’d entered some sort of contest at a local business. The Cornwells exchanged a series of letters and e-mails with a company called Regal Financial Services Ltd., and eventually received a check for $2,557.11, with instructions to deposit the check and wire the identical sum back to the company to receive the full winnings. That’s when they discovered the check was forged, and they were targets of a new scam aimed at senior citizens in the San Fernando Valley. “You get excited when you get a letter saying you won $92,000,” said Louise Cornwell, 65. “We’d like to believe it was legitimate, but now that I look at all the things that didn’t add up …” last_img read more

49ers mailbag: From Alfred Morris to breakfast tacos

first_img(CLICK HERE, if you are unable to view his photo gallery on your mobile device.)SAN JOSE — The 49ers are on their first road trip, a Texas-sized journey spanning six days in Houston so they can answer more questions about their depth chart and moxie.Not all of us had Tuesday off like the players did, so we fielded fans’ greatest concerns and tried to alleviate them here:Is it me, or does the Alfred Morris signing shine a light on what the coaching staff feels about the entire RB depth …last_img read more

The body of Sorineida Arias discovered

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, July 14, 2016 – The Holy Bible, which most in the Turks and Caicos hold onto as key to their faith life says that God does not give a spirit of fear; but He gives the spirit of power and of love and of a sound mind… and so people know that it is from an evil place that the swelling fear, the obvious disregard for human life and the loss of a peace of mind is coming… the sinking emotions, shock and grief for what was done to young Sorineida Morena Arias, here in these Turks and Caicos Islands is weighing heavily on the country as her partially burned, almost naked body was found dumped in bushes off the North West Point road.  The Dominican Community created several search teams on Tuesday and it was one of those teams that found Sorineida yesterday evening.Edwin Hernandez who is an assistant consul for the DR in the TCI and spokesman was crest fallen, he said he feels bad and believes that had it not been for their synergy as a community, Sorineida, who went missing on Sunday would not have been found so quickly.  “It is a serious problem not only for the Dominican community, it’s a serious problem for the entire Turks and Caicos, because it’s affecting the Dominican community today, tomorrow it can affect another community, maybe the local community, so it’s a serious problem.”Police were not with the teams, and so when the body was found there was a photo taken and that photograph is being widely circulated now.  It not only confirms the death of the woman who worked at the Downtown Gaming Parlour but how cruelly she died at the hands of what most are suspecting is a career killer.  The DR Community said they felt alienated by the Turks and Caicos, as hardly anyone from the islands joined them in the hunt for the mother of two, who was also the breadwinner for the family where her mother is ailing.Shirley Calcano, a Grand Turk native married to a Dominican was outraged and called on local officials in particular to do better.“We would have thought that we had more persons looking for this young lady, but in fact it was just the Dominican community who got together and they decided that we are going to comb every area.  So they went out yesterday, they went out early this morning and they went out this afternoon.  In fact they were the ones to find her, and this shouldn’t happen because I remember I was in the Dominican Republic and when Mr. Howell went missing, I understood that the masses went to search for him, so as a Turks and Caicos Islander married to a Dominican citizen I am also concerned you understand, because we can’t say that only Turks Island lives matter. Of course I love my people, I love my country, but we have persons living among us, and all human beings matter. So I think that our government, our justice system has to rise to the occasion.” Wailing, screaming, fainting, crying, hugging and shock were all on raw display as scores waited and waited as police cordoned off the area and scoured the zone for clues to the killer.  Police said nothing to media officially last night.  Now, it is time to tell the family of the woman that she was found, but dead.  The fourth Dominican woman in the last six years and the second this year, 2016, to be murdered with the mystery, unsolved.  Sorineida Morena Arias was just 26 years old. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more