Resource Guide: Cancer

first_img Previous Article Next Article Alist of useful online resources to help you in your professional research andeducational needsImperialCancer Research the leading cancer organisations, this is an extremely thorough yetstraightforward site, the first port of call for anyone seeking to find outmore about cancer. Includes a huge amount of information, as well as a veryeasy-to-use search engine to gain information about specific forms of cancer,as well as a glossary and a list of FAQs.CancerResearch detailed web site. It is extremely accessible and includes details oncurrent research and development, types of cancers and details about treatment,as well as basic and easy-to-digest background about cancer itself. It alsoprovides information about various research available that could prove usefulfor OH departments.TheGuide to Internet Resources for Cancerwww.cancerindex.orgAimsto provide an overview of internet resources for cancer and provide hyperlinksto some of the key cancer-related web pages, including 126 links to UKcancer-related sites alone. If you can’t find what you are looking for here,chances are you won’t find it anywhere.CancerNetwww.cancernet.nci.nih.govWebsite of the National Cancer Institute of America, this provides a comprehensivedatabase, links of doctors and organisations that provide cancer care, factsheets and publications regarding treatment, prevention, rehabilitation andquality-of-life issues.CancerNetUK Information prevention advice, risk facts and drug information, as well as a listof links to other cancer sites in the UK.CancerHelp from the Institute of Cancer Studies at the Medical School at theUniversity of Birmingham. Includes details of current research, treatments andan interactive forum for those with cancer.TheInstitute of Cancer partnership with the Royal Marsden NHS Trust, one of the UK’s leading cancerhospitals, this site includes a fully updated news page, and some extremelyusable information about types of cancer, and male cancers in particular. Alsohas a comprehensive list of links, including details of self-help and supportgroups across the UK.TheProstate Cancer aiming to improve the health and welfare of all those affected byprostate cancer. It includes details on signs and symptoms, diagnosis, atreatment overview, a list of reading materials, details on prevention anddiet, FAQs and some useful links to other relevant sites.MarieCurie Cancer’slargest cancer care charity that provides free nursing care for cancersufferers.Ovacome– UK Ovarian Cancer Support group for those with ovarian cancer.ChildhoodCancer Research current research plus a guide to resources available on childhoodcancers.NHSCancer Screening Programmeswww.cancerscreening.nhs.ukMacMillanCancer about support available in local areas. Users of the site can orderleaflets on a number of cancer types via the web site.CancerPrevention Trust Kate RouyThislisting is not exhaustive and the journal welcomes further additions fromreaders as well as suggestions for further topics of interest to include inthis series Comments are closed. Resource Guide: CancerOn 1 Mar 2001 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more