Cao Cao after the PR update Links exchange four points to note

The following figure:

used to have many articles mentioned related sites link exchange, but did not elaborate, this is a summary of my experience. At the same time, the exchange is also very obvious: Links platform Google keywords ranking fourth, Shanghai has been ranked third before the love, but the site was attacked this word has no stable.

, why exchange sites

RP= character. Change link is like making friends, in some cases, not only consider the Links quality, character quality actually more valuable! Links network platform to push grass I just open the search engine, solid foundation, PR has been 0. But in this case, I find the link through various channels, the exchange of dozens of PR3-5 links, which also pushed the Grass Valley PR0 network later look into one of the important reasons of 3. Also thank these webmaster friends for supporting me! read more

Discussion on the method for preventing the chain reduce anti love Shanghai

chain platform

, a large number of repeat content leads to love Shanghai Remove Anti chain

love in Shanghai included links, the information is stored in a database. The process and updates to the database is to delete the repeated online content included, if the chain content is repeated, there is the risk of being deleted.

2 classification website: people network, Ganji, 58 city

three, issued by Shanghai to punish


, a choice of the chain platform

two, released the weight of the site is not high read more

The bidding data analysis advertising case decryption WAP hard wide circle

a long time ago, the advertising circle assist test of a mobile phone ifeng贵族宝贝 advertising. A higher profit products, also belong to the public demand for products, the market is not lack of.

you have to admit that this is money the most simple and most direct mode: advertising + products, and then generates a profit. Some customers or partners in our contact, there are many people who have extended to the mobile phone advertisement, the advertisement is extended to each big door, put ads through many and soft, and achieved good results. In fact, these friends easily they a month profits in the hundreds of thousands or more, just do the big small; and you must learn to understand the mode of operation of these people, and for your use. read more

Shanghai dragon started to understand the 12345 career win high level support

, let executives see the value of

of Shanghai Dragon

we can bring mingmian income and potential profit income, by this number is the boss expect digital. This time you can not give the boss a will be able to achieve the expected value. Don’t let him think that this is a way to stay with extreme ease, give yourself. This is just in case it. In this expectation must be mentioned with the deposit risk and cost and time. Try to give yourself a little time is usually 6 to 12 months. In the middle of the best risk to bear an average, such as the need to consider the search engine variable > read more

How to select the site keywords wise remark of an experienced person right

selection to content has correlation, this is the Shanghai dragon to get good rankings optimization keywords the basic point. The same search engine will not make a keyword is A, content is B site for good rankings. So we should how to choose keywords to make its content with the correlation? First in the choice of keywords, identify themselves to do what is the type of site. Secondly, search the keywords of the most heat, such as type of site is Shanghai dragon optimization blog, then search the keywords of Shanghai dragon, is how to set the relationship between keywords and content to see competitors. Guess again own choice of keywords and content resonate, this is very simple, such as the type of entertainment is the natural entertainment news and entertainment stars like, this is often known, through the simple reasoning method is very easy to guess. The final site columns, each column of the content is with the keyword matching degree is high, as a joke, each column is about the keywords relevant classification of joke, each section of Shanghai Longfeng are related to classification about the word Shanghai dragon. The content around the key words on the related points update. A keyword is related with the content in the user experience is very important, the optimization of the era of mainly so we choose keywords, must not ignore the chosen type and then select the relevant keywords, the user and the search engine is a kind of good performance. read more

You love Shanghai grassroots webmaster and analysis optimization experience

this is from the 2013 5 website optimization about the lottery website on hand at the time, love Shanghai after the launch of this new algorithm, 5 sites were almost K, we all know that the site was K after it is difficult to recover, in desperation I can only build a number of new lottery sites. But in 2014 after the new year back, the old K ranking is back, but also very good, since these websites are not in K I had put on these sites, let the emerge of itself and perish of itself. The site was K after the construction of a number of new sites, do a lot of optimization work, now ranking tepid. read more

Analysis of website of parenting rearing high weight chain

through the Links site to bring the quality of the chain is also very impressive. The website weight is low website can find web site weight high website is a chain, looking for friends of the chain can not be too careless, details of the owners should pay attention to, PR, snapshot, included, rankings, such things are a commonplace talk of an old scholar are, but the details, to see whether they can pay attention to you. Friends of the chain of the chain is not only good to the search engines, but also can bring convenience to your users. When users in the use of your site, may want to find more relevant knowledge, he can find you in the chain, so you can give your user stickiness, so you also worry about no site outside the chain, not what the user. So to find the chain, don’t forget the friendship. But this is to. read more

Escape from the black hat search engine cheating to promote the rankings of natural increase three

group of software is many webmaster feel a thing and secretly scared, sending software to help many webmaster in post, send the chain etc to save a lot of time, but the mass software because of improper use has caused great damage to the site. The following example:

black hat Shanghai dragon cheating nine: Brush love Shanghai click


black hat Shanghai dragon cheating ten: use a variety of software

we can find many posts in Shanghai Longfeng task, most of them are some that can quickly improve website ranking posts within a few days, read more