first_img:10 Hey, here’s to one of the best guys you’ll ever want to meet…and one of the fastest! We don’t have enough paper to list all his awards but trust me when I tell you Buddy Alli is still one of the fastest men on the planet. Running in the Senior Division for the past 10 years or so, Buddy has set records all over the world and has set them against some of the world’s all time greatest ­athletes like Billy “White Shoes” Johnson, former NFL Legend. “Buddy”…here’s to you, you’re well deserved just due! And guess what else? You’re now in “The Locker Room”!!!:09 Speaking of “Good Guys” and I was. Al Smith…no matter what they say bad about you and your coaching—and trust me they do say bad things—You’re still my main man… well not my main man, but you’re like my 3rd…8th.…well, you’re in my top 50 all time main man list.:08 I want to send out one last “Bench Press Salute” to one of Pittsburgh’s greatest ever pioneer body builders and weight lifters Steve Nesbit. Steve passed away a few weeks ago at a far too young age much like many other legends from the Pittsburgh community; Maurice Lucas, Sonny Lewis, Kenny Durrett, Jeep Kelly, Dwight White, Willie Stargell, and Roberto Clemente just to name a few.:07 Carmello Anthony I ain’t mad at ya but there’s a reason there’s an old saying that goes…“What goes around comes around”. I’m not saying you had no right to go to “The Knicks” but as you’re about to get swept by “The Heat” I bet you wish you were in Denver trying to upset “The Lakers” with the beard Ed “Harden” and the boys? Yes you do…yes you do!!!:06 Never mind “Are you ready for some football.” Do you want to have a good time right now? #1 Go see The Pittsburgh Power Pro Football arena team, a great time. Lynn Swann… great job man! #2 Go see The Pirates …Now, I know I diss them all the time. But if you want to have a good time you cannot beat PNC Park. Oh just shut up and go, will ya!:05 Tired of being broke! Want a job? Call my man Bruce Schifino. He’s got a job for you mmmaaannn! No I am serious, call him and tell him I told you to call 412-670-3505—don’t thank me, it’s what I do.:04 Ok, ok, the Miami Heat might win the NBA East, are you happy now? But I’ll tell you what the NBA front office is hoping for; a Miami Heat, L.A. Lakers championship. That would blow the roof off the sucker!!!:03 For you new New Penn Hills residents, here are three things from me to you, with respect and love. #1 It’s called a lawn mower. #2 Don’t over think it, just paint. #3 You and I both know that car will never run again. Get rid of it! I am just saying!!:02 The NFL’s latest fines won’t stop “Headhunters” in the league but it will stop headhunters in the league from talking so damn much. C’mon man!:01 HHHHHeeeeeerrrrreeee we go!!! At the Buzzer:For you Marvel fans, “The Avengers” is a 5 Basketball Awardee and I only give out 4. Nuff said! Phaze I of The Fantastic Voyage is in. Now on to Phaze II. Coming up on Friday June 1 the First Friday Oldies Par-Tay moves to the Holiday Inn in Monroeville, across from the new UPMC, 8 p.m.-2 a.m., Free parking, Eatin’, Drinkin’ & Dancin’ and the Corvette Club is bringing 5 birthday parties to the Par-Tay!!~ Double Overtime ~The New Connie Hawkins Summer Youth Basketball Development League is taking entries for the summer season. Middle School Boys 7th, 8th & 9th Graders. Call The Champions right now to get in, only 4 roster spots left. “37 Years” and still going strong!!! Come “Fly With The Hawk”~ This Game Is Over ~last_img