Apple introduces duallens technology for iPhone 7 Plus camera

first_imgDuring Apple’s new iPhone 7 announcement, many of us were focused on the changes to the headphone jack, but the company added another big hardware change. The camera will be getting a major upgrade and will now include two lenses on the larger iPhone 7 Plus.Both serve a separate purpose: one is for wide angle shots–the equivalent of what you already have if you have an iPhone–and another is for telephoto, long-range shots. The latter is the equivalent of 56mm telephoto lens, according to Phillip Schiller, who took the stage during the conference.Tapping the 1x or 2x button on the camera will switch between the two lenses.Together, the two lenses work together to mimic a depth of field effect in photos. This is apparent in portraits where the subject is in focus and the background is blurry (otherwise known as a bokeh). A new portrait mode in the photo editor will allow users to create this effect.Of course, with the new lens, aspiring photographers will be able to zoom in even closer to their subjects, up to a 10x zoom.Users with the standard iPhone 7 will still get an upgraded lens. The new phone will feature a f/1.8 lens that will bring in 50 percent more light than the one on iPhone 6S. There will also be a new 12-megapixel sensor with the same resolution as last year’s phone, but Apple said it will be faster and more efficient. A front-facing 7-megapixel sensor will upgrade the quality of your selfies.Schiller stressed that this new technology wouldn’t replace the power of a DSLR. Professional photographers have incredibly expensive rigs, which can cost thousands of dollars. The dual lenses do promise more options for people who use the iPhone as their primary camera.Out of all the features announced during the keynote on Wednesday, the new camera features are some of the most attractive. The photos taken by Apple smartphones are some of the strongest and no other smartphone out on the market uses two lenses in this capacity. It does bring the phone one step closer to replacing expensive cameras for many customers (just with an expensive smartphone).Additionally, the Retina HD display features a 25 percent brighter display, along with a much wider color gamut and color management. To keep up with the updates to the camera and display, Instagram announced that it will update the app with new filters and features, which will be out later this year.Apple has been touting its camera’s power in ads all over the country, so expect to see more examples to look at when you’re driving down the highway in the future.The phone will be available for pre-order on Sept. 9 and in stores on Sept. 16.last_img