With Holography Mind Control Through Lasers is Now a Thing

first_img Comparing new science fact breakthroughs to science-fiction movies like The Matrix may be pretty cliche, but it’s just the best way of boiling down these highly advanced and complicated advancements for most folks. So while I’m sure there are more technical and accurate ways of describing the work Berkeley researchers are doing with neural holographic imagery, wouldn’t you rather me say, “Hey, we’re figuring out how to rewrite brains with lasers!”Perhaps lending more proof to the theory that our current entire existence is actually a hidden hologram, the team in California has been experimenting with the effects of projecting holograms, “3D patterns of light,” onto the brain. Being the computers they are, brains can be both read and written to using the correct neural laser stimulation. Brain activity can be deactivated or wholly recreated. Check out this demonstration.The practical application of these techniques aren’t anything as far out as “using laser pointers to create sleeper agents.” This is potential health technology. Using these methods, doctors could read the brain of someone suffering from a neurological disorder like epilepsy or schizophrenia and then apply holograms to relieve symptoms. And that’s if we ever even get to human trials. So far the modest tests have been limited to briefly spiking a tiny bit of brain activity in mice.AdChoices广告But the dream of this technology is using lasers and holograms as the next evolution for human-machine interfaces. It’s our best shot for cyborgs. The pictures researchers are currently projecting onto brains can be considered “low-resolution.” But theoretically higher resolution neural hologram imagery could be used for better control of prosthetics or even creating “artificial vision” for a blind person.We’re still probably decades away from creating our own personal Matrix of holographic experiences inside our own heads (unless it’s already happening to us and we just aren’t aware). But when doctors are ready to fire up my brain with a laser I’ll be totally here for it. Stay on target Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img Remote-Controlled Cyborg Mice Conquer Maze of Food and SexThinking Loud Thoughts Affects How We Hear Loud Sounds last_img