Intels new Bay Trail NUC could be your 250 Steam Box

first_imgIntel’s got another new addition to its line-up of compact NUC machines: the DN2820FYKH. Unlike the other models you may have seen on Geek before this one doesn’t run an Intel Core processor.It’s got a Bay Trail chip, and it’s selling for around $140. This may not be the same kind of processing powerhouse as the Core-based NUCs, but it’s still a very capable system at a reasonable price.Even when you add in a pair of SODIMMs and a 2.5-inch drive you can still put together a full DN2820FYKH for under $250 — that’ll get you at least 8GB of RAM and 500GB of hard disk space. It’s an H-series NUC, so you’re not limited to slimmer drives. You can pop in anything up to 9.5mm in height.If you’re OK with playing games that aren’t quite current, the DN2820FYKH would actually make a nice, cheap little Steam Box. It’s got an HDMI port and Wi-Di, so theoretically you don’t even need to find room in your entertainment unit to fit the NUC in if you’ve got a compatible wireless display. Not that squeezing in the 4-inch square would be all that tricky. And it’s fanless, so it’ll operate silently as you game and/or watch video.No, you won’t be playing ARMA III at full settings with it… but the Celeron 2820 and Intel HD graphics shouldn’t have any trouble with classic titles, indies, or emulators. And since Valve just added an easy dual-boot option and a Windows-based installer to Steam OS this might be the perfect little barebones to give it a shot on.The DN2820FYKH also looks like a great fit for cash-strapped schools and thrifty offices that need new PC hardware but don’t necessarily run any apps that are all that processor-intensive. Even when you tack on the cost of a Windows license it’s still a good buy.last_img