Sony says PlayStation VR will launch for PC eventually

first_imgSony surprised a lot of people and delighted gamers a couple of weeks ago when it announced PlayStation VR would only cost $399. That’s $200 cheaper than the Oculus Rift, which Palmer Luckey says is sold at cost, and yet Sony is still managing to not lose money on every sale of the virtual reality hardware.While that may be a big blow for Oculus, at least they can relax safe in the knowledge PlayStation VR is limited to the PS4 and not a direct competitor on PC. However, according to a recent interview with Masayasu Ito, head of Sony Computer Entertainment’s Home Game Console Business Division, PlayStation VR won’t be limited to PS4 forever.Mr Ito explained that PlayStation VR was never meant to be just a PS4 peripheral. Right now it is, while the hardware and experiences become established, but it looks as though Sony has every intention of expanding into the PC space. So PlayStation VR on PC will happen, and it should therefore allow for cross play with PS4 virtual reality gamers. If Sony achieves that, it will be another feature they have which other console rivals don’t.PlayStation VR on PC can be considered because of the PS4’s switch to an x86 architecture. The two platforms are already extremely close in terms of hardware, so porting should be a simple task. And by the time Sony is ready to roll out the PC version of its virtual reality headset, the costs of manufacture should have dropped significantly making it potentially an even cheaper purchase for PC (and PS4) gamers.We don’t know when PlayStation VR will come to PC, but I suspect Sony isn’t in any rush, so we’re talking a couple of years or more I’d imagine.H/T Redditlast_img