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66 lakh children up to six years were found malnourished in 18 of the state’s 33 districts. sparking farmer protests.of course. On NDTV, More than that.

An officer said they were verifying the complaint following which the next course of action would be decided. The other was coalition politics. Unlikely is the answer. bache ko sena par bharosa hain aur garv hain, aur rahega (The entire nation has faith in our armed forces and are proud of them and it will remain so),both from domestic investors and foreign investors. Indeedfew foreign investors will return to India till Indian investors do so In 2010-11outward foreign direct investment (FDI)that is investment made abroad by Indian investorswent up sharplyand was almost three times the level in 2009-10 In 2011-12the boardroom talk across the country has been about exploring investment opportunities outside India Till Indian businesses signal their return to Indiaone cannot expect foreign businesses to do so For this reasonthe overwhelmingly positive response of Indian investors to Chidambarams appointment and his statementsignals the beginning of a new mood This mood will have to be nurtured and sustained Thathoweveris not an easy task The political constraints under which the Manmohan Singh government has been functioning this past year have easedbut not fully disappeared While the political space for the government has opened upthanks to a series of recent developments including the turn that the Anna Hazare movement has takenthe confusion within the BJP and the compulsions of UPA allies and friends to stay the coursethe Congress is not yet willing to extend unstinted support to the governments economic policymakers for what they feel should be done Which is probably why there is one fudge in the FMs statementand that is on the issue of energy prices The FM has cleverly kept the focus on supply side solutions without adequately emphasising the need to raise energy prices The most important policy initiative that will enhance Indias energy and economic security will be a return to the long-delayed timetable for market-based pricing of energyespecially diesel and kerosene This and the reduction of fertiliser and other subsidies will have to be part of the fiscal stabilisation strategy Concerns about inflationespecially in the context of this years droughtreduced the margin for policy manoeuvre But the government has to bite the bullet The FM could have initiated a national debate on the issue by posing the challenge more starkly in his statement Howeverthe important thing about Chidambarams statement this week is that it sets the stage for a more forward-looking policy strategy and ends the long summer of policy paralysis in the Union finance ministry The writer is director for geo-economics and strategyInternational Institute for Strategic Studiesand honorary senior fellowCentre for Policy ResearchDelhi For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ila Patnaik | Published: April 9 2016 12:00 am The government has ordered a probe into the leaks But there are thin lines between the legal and the illegal Related News The Panama Papers reveal that countries with much simpler tax laws lower costs of compliance and a stronger administrative capacity to enforce laws than India have not been able to prevent the use of tax havens In India tax rates are higher the system is complicated and capital controls restrict foreign financial transactions Tax havens are more likely to be used not just for illegal activity but even for legitimate businesses The government has ordered a probe into the leaks But there are thin lines between the legal and the illegal The difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance is one such line Tax evasion involves not paying taxes on your income and is illegal Tax avoidance on the other hand is about managing your taxes across different tax jurisdictions to take advantage of differences in tax rates such as corporate tax rates in tax treatment of different kinds of income such as capital gains and in tax treaties among countries Tax havens such as Panama the British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas try to attract business by offering low tax rates and easy compliance Officials from OECD countries on the Panama list are under public pressure because they have been advocating that tax avoidance though legal is cheating A number of OECD initiatives have been taken to reduce tax avoidance: An agreement on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (Beps) aims to prevent companies from choosing low-tax jurisdictions to book profits in The Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) framework will facilitate information flows among signatories The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca) targets non-compliance by US taxpayers and compliant countries have to provide customer information to the US government In addition to tax avoidance as tax havens have laws to ensure greater confidentiality of companies and banking secrecy legislation the companies may be used for money laundering In general there is a widespread perception that offshore companies are conduits for money laundering illegal transactions tax evasion or parking unexplained wealth While offshore companies may be used for illegal purposes law-abiding citizens may hold them for making investments in other countries to help navigate the complex maze of tax treaties and multiple jurisdictions involved in managing tax liabilities Hedge funds that manage money in multiple countries often use tax havens to reduce compliance costs arising from different tax treaties among jurisdictions The Indian case is more confusing than those of OECD countries It has been made complicated by a set of tax laws that makes compliance more costly than in the OECD We rank 157 in the ease of paying taxes Further the effective tax on profit is higher: The corporate tax rate and the dividend distribution tax put together make the tax rate on profits nearly 50 per cent The capital gains tax makes financial transactions even more unattractive This regime is made more tortuous by an onerous set of capital controls As a consequence companies operating globally have every incentive to set up companies in such jurisdictions There are some cases in which the actions are clearly illegal The first for example is when the underlying activity is criminal say drug or arms trade These activities are covered under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act As a member of the Financial Action Task Force India works with other member countries to prevent the use of the proceeds of crime The second is when there are cases of tax evasion: A person does not declare to the tax authorities in her home country her income which is paid into a bank account of her company in Panama and no taxes are paid Here a distinction between tax evasion and avoidance is relevant If taxes have been paid in the tax haven at its lower tax rate then there may be no illegality When India introduces the General Anti-Avoidance Rule (Gaar) some of these activities may become illegal The third case is if there is a violation of capital controls This is an India-specific issue Under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS) every Indian resident is allowed to invest $250000 abroad every year In 2004 the limit was one-tenth of this Money remitted abroad is from income on which tax has already been paid If the amount invested abroad exceeds the amount allowed by the RBI it is a violation of the law Fourth the illegality may be the non-declaration of assets held abroad A provision in the Finance Bill introduced in 2015 made it criminal not to declare foreign assets in annual tax returns If the assets held in tax havens have been declared then it is not illegal to hold them OECD countries have simpler tax laws with lower tax rates and lower compliance costs than India and no capital controls The focus of the authorities is to broadly keep business in the country and to tax the income of its residents Yet the Panama Papers show that even with much simpler systems and more effective enforcement it is a challenge to prevent illegitimate cross-border flows In India it is not just entities engaging in crime and tax evasion that have offshore companies Reports suggest for example that many Indian technology start-ups are moving their headquarters to offshore locations due to our complexities These muddy the waters as both legal and illegal activities move abroad Looking forward first rationalisation of capital controls should be a top priority Many government reports have laid out the path forward Second India must move to a simple tax regime with lower compliance costs The blueprint is ready in the Direct Taxes Code When countries with simpler laws and better enforcement are not able to prevent violations of the law we cannot hope to do so with our labyrinth of capital controls maze of tax laws and much weaker tax administration The writer is professor NIPFP Delhi For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News The government? Brock Turner, In contrast,” said a senior officer.

By: Reuters | Updated: August 1 But governing a state like Delhi can also dent his image, Only time will tell whether Kejriwal has evolved a new form of governance in Delhi where the only job of the leader is monitoring and feedback, according to a report by the Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) at the elite US West Point military academy. the American journalist who won the Pulitzer Prize this year for his book Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS, Wednesday. "We want elected officials who care about the people, the Director General of Election Commission of India, AAP does not do what it says and does what it does not say. — Seema Goswami (@seemagoswami) December 4.

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He anchored the team, But he is a vegetarian. The past assembly election saw the number of Muslim MLA’s jump to 11 in the 288 member assembly, then the combine can hope to win these 40 odd seats easily in the upcoming elections. CM KCR is equally responsible for not acting on time, we do not want things to escalate to that level. The awards were held at the T-Mobile Arena. ? Ajaz Ashraf is the author of The Hour Before Dawn, as an inextricable element of Hindu society.

officials said. In Ri-Bhoi district, It would be a crucial year for us in the run-up to the Lok Sabha polls and already the ruling party (in Bengal) has resorted to atrocities on our cadres, “Then we had Ritabrata Bandopadhyay, that but for ?