Shanghai dragon started to understand the 12345 career win high level support

, let executives see the value of

of Shanghai Dragon

we can bring mingmian income and potential profit income, by this number is the boss expect digital. This time you can not give the boss a will be able to achieve the expected value. Don’t let him think that this is a way to stay with extreme ease, give yourself. This is just in case it. In this expectation must be mentioned with the deposit risk and cost and time. Try to give yourself a little time is usually 6 to 12 months. In the middle of the best risk to bear an average, such as the need to consider the search engine variable >

executives impossible for you interested in technology, he will only see you can bring much profit and benefit to him. So you need to do what you probably have a number of psychological to persuade him. The first is the choice of keywords, and the company must conform to the strategic deployment. At this point you should be able to understand, if you choose the word with my choice key at all. Then you can go directly. The second is when you put flow do XXXX when XXXX can bring much profit to the enterprise, in the middle you need XXXX input. Of course you have to do the practical, not false. Otherwise you will die very miserable.

in your report must be mentioned competitors by ranking how much traffic. We have no investment in Shanghai Longfeng has lost what, give him a sense of urgency. The main keywords can be in your report list of competitors, according to the data of his how to seize the market. How much we can win the market share by Shanghai dragon competition. Then the business will rise on its website has a more intuitive judgment of potential.

two, the situation of competitors

Shanghai dragon wants to develop in large or medium-sized enterprises, there is no high-level support if it is certainly not. Wuhan Shanghai dragon market is the same. As long as there is a certain scale enterprises, Shanghai Longfeng staff are generally not the final implementation of the optimization of the department. The report by the Department, such as technical department product department. Because the Shanghai dragon sector is superior to other departments, and other departments of the people of Shanghai Longfeng simply do not understand. Do you want to successfully perform this optimization plan is a very difficult thing. The time for the Internet is very important, so your best bet is to obtain high-level support, then skip the direct execution of programs.

this point to grasp the considerable knowledge. Over budget, the boss will feel better than somewhere else investment can get so much profit. A little, you can do on the effect. So it is hard to grasp. This point I’m not too specific, we can discuss.

four, set reasonable expectations of

estimates three, reasonable budget