How to select the site keywords wise remark of an experienced person right

selection to content has correlation, this is the Shanghai dragon to get good rankings optimization keywords the basic point. The same search engine will not make a keyword is A, content is B site for good rankings. So we should how to choose keywords to make its content with the correlation? First in the choice of keywords, identify themselves to do what is the type of site. Secondly, search the keywords of the most heat, such as type of site is Shanghai dragon optimization blog, then search the keywords of Shanghai dragon, is how to set the relationship between keywords and content to see competitors. Guess again own choice of keywords and content resonate, this is very simple, such as the type of entertainment is the natural entertainment news and entertainment stars like, this is often known, through the simple reasoning method is very easy to guess. The final site columns, each column of the content is with the keyword matching degree is high, as a joke, each column is about the keywords relevant classification of joke, each section of Shanghai Longfeng are related to classification about the word Shanghai dragon. The content around the key words on the related points update. A keyword is related with the content in the user experience is very important, the optimization of the era of mainly so we choose keywords, must not ignore the chosen type and then select the relevant keywords, the user and the search engine is a kind of good performance.


many owners love some of the more offbeat fiddle optimization techniques, and some owners also because too greedy, think of yourself as relevant keywords all added to the site, all whether keywords covers the scope size. In fact, in the fierce competition of the website ranks, if the constantly thinking about the large, the final results will fail. The same choice of keywords covers range is too wide, not only for the type of search engine can not accurately determine the site, to quickly find the information they need is a manifestation of adverse users. Just as we do. "

in website optimization, the choice is suitable for their own keywords optimization and analysis of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon optimization effect is very important. Many friends in the choice of keywords, is a simple query several times, or to see which keywords flow to the site inside, often ignore some details on the selection, resulting in their day increase the chain, update the content cannot see obvious rise of keywords ranking, which will allow optimization of psychological his hit, began to produce a series of negative emotions. Therefore, the choice of keywords and how to choose the right keywords is to maximize the influence and the effect of the psychological optimization webmaster. There are a lot more greedy, can not wait for the title are filled with large flow of keywords, and think that they can bring more traffic through the different words, but words not only take not to flow, even for the optimization of the rankings is not deep shadow.