You love Shanghai grassroots webmaster and analysis optimization experience

this is from the 2013 5 website optimization about the lottery website on hand at the time, love Shanghai after the launch of this new algorithm, 5 sites were almost K, we all know that the site was K after it is difficult to recover, in desperation I can only build a number of new lottery sites. But in 2014 after the new year back, the old K ranking is back, but also very good, since these websites are not in K I had put on these sites, let the emerge of itself and perish of itself. The site was K after the construction of a number of new sites, do a lot of optimization work, now ranking tepid.

Because the word

lottery website is sensitive, the frequency of K is much higher than the general site, in order to cope with the search engine play such optimization, we are a station, there are more than 20 lottery website on hand at present. Now I’m not afraid of the search engine K station, died in, many sites on the hand, and ready to build new station. Do site optimization to buy lottery system now from 2013, built the site no less than 20, it will be the new and old stand rankings were compared, better than not know, a really mad man.

is the old station K ranking recovery after I did not do any optimization work, ranking stable have 2 or 3 months. The new station is optimized for 2 months, the ranking has been not to come, not to see such lasting optimization effect really makes me downhearted. For this reason I to the old station to do a detailed analysis, what is the reason for the website ranking back. Recalls the optimization methods for these sites, from the perspective of the content, as my new website full article didn’t do any updates; main optimization is the chain. When the chain website is mainly to do download station platform. Our website is doing lottery together to buy 贵族宝贝7ien贵族宝贝.cn/soft/rjzx2.html system products in some stations, software, system software download station released correlation is not high, the quality of the website is also very good. When the download can be said to do strenuous tremendous effort, the more difficult the chain do that its value is higher. Why did the chain now ranking did not appear, only say that Shanghai’s foreign chain considerations longer, evaluation of website quality has been lengthened, the original 1 months or so will be able to have the effect, now it takes 2 months to take effect. From the name of the time, love Shanghai on the old domain more value. The domain name for the site weight and age affect website ranking than to >

If the 2013

for Shanghai dragon Er is a turbulent year, then in 2014 for Shanghai dragon Er is the development of a year. Manager of the 2013 Shanghai dragon optimization webmaster will feel great changes in Shanghai love optimization, website drop right, K station, traffic is the homely food. 2014 Shanghai dragon road how many webmaster, controversy, now also does not have a result. Only say that Shanghai is not easy to optimize, and cherish. Below I share with you my experience doing some optimization system to buy lottery tickets.