Analysis of website of parenting rearing high weight chain

through the Links site to bring the quality of the chain is also very impressive. The website weight is low website can find web site weight high website is a chain, looking for friends of the chain can not be too careless, details of the owners should pay attention to, PR, snapshot, included, rankings, such things are a commonplace talk of an old scholar are, but the details, to see whether they can pay attention to you. Friends of the chain of the chain is not only good to the search engines, but also can bring convenience to your users. When users in the use of your site, may want to find more relevant knowledge, he can find you in the chain, so you can give your user stickiness, so you also worry about no site outside the chain, not what the user. So to find the chain, don’t forget the friendship. But this is to.

line on the website to optimize, not the optimized sites it is difficult to have a good ranking in the search engine. Website optimization from many aspects, the space of the website, the domain name of the website, website keywords, website in the chain, the content of the website, the website chain and so on, these are the factors of the webmaster every day to consider. A high weight website needs the webmaster to nurture, a lot of parenting methods today and we talk about how to raise the high weight of the chain site.

: first raising the soft outside the chain of

The chain chain brings the highest quality

chain is soft in the day, a soft, contribute to the website like A5, Chinaz, good soft Wen will be put on the home page, can be reproduced, the search engine included in the article, it will give you the chain is also very much. Search engines love something original, users also love the original things, so your soft, best is original, not false original, like that of your meaning is not very big, but also affect the user experience, wasting your time. The chain of high quality soft Wen, from your soft, high quality, so in order to raise the quality of the chain, to keep soft. But now many owners do not respect the original, often holding the link with their own, this is a tragedy. However, such a person is still less.

third: Parenting friendship chain

quiz chain of enterprise website, website of medical quality will be relatively high. Like love Shanghai know, answer questions in the know, can be adopted, the link with their own, they all know that love Shanghai love their own things, adopt the answer will soon be included, so the chain to bring you is very objective. At the same time, people in the search, you will see the answer, then find your website to know more of your knowledge, so your site of PV and IP increased. Now the chain question class is more difficult to do, the webmaster in the chain, should pay attention to details, can not be added directly outside the chain to add your web site keywords in reference, the domain name of the website description like, as far as possible to let others find you in the search engine.

second: Parenting quiz chain