Cao Cao after the PR update Links exchange four points to note

The following figure:

used to have many articles mentioned related sites link exchange, but did not elaborate, this is a summary of my experience. At the same time, the exchange is also very obvious: Links platform Google keywords ranking fourth, Shanghai has been ranked third before the love, but the site was attacked this word has no stable.

, why exchange sites


RP= character. Change link is like making friends, in some cases, not only consider the Links quality, character quality actually more valuable! Links network platform to push grass I just open the search engine, solid foundation, PR has been 0. But in this case, I find the link through various channels, the exchange of dozens of PR3-5 links, which also pushed the Grass Valley PR0 network later look into one of the important reasons of 3. Also thank these webmaster friends for supporting me!


is the most shameful link: NOFOLLOW tags (search engines do not track the tag links); sugar bomb link: cross links (many owners to upgrade their quality of a station, with their other links you, your link to him. But often another station outbound links too much, sooner or later will lead to drop right. That is the use of PR3 for your PR0, the final result may be implicated in your station. Sugar coated bomb, looks very beautiful).

site in Shanghai Longfeng Links exchange is an important project indispensable, the Spring Festival in 2011 before the advent of the Google PR update again, which makes Links more important. I do Links platform has more than half a year, there are some mature experience and share with you.

four, RP is more important than for PR

push the grass! Three, beware of bad links

related sites? For example, such as push net Links grass my platform, the exchange links to find a number of the same Links platform site to do link exchange, search the keywords in the search engine, see page snapshot segmentation can see our own keywords station Links the website has also given a highlight, so in the search engine search this word when our site will be greater opportunities in the top row.

two, the long-term stability of the Links is better

Cao Cao: push the grass network Links platform (www.tuicao贵族宝贝) webmaster, welcome to exchange links

search engine to give a link to that but for some time, do not immediately link, immediately give weight. This is a search engine in order to prevent cheating measures. Usually three months or more links, search engines must be recognized and given weight. When looking for Links, might as well take a longer perspective, try to find a reliable link.

better?What is the