Discussion on the method for preventing the chain reduce anti love Shanghai

chain platform

, a large number of repeat content leads to love Shanghai Remove Anti chain

love in Shanghai included links, the information is stored in a database. The process and updates to the database is to delete the repeated online content included, if the chain content is repeated, there is the risk of being deleted.

2 classification website: people network, Ganji, 58 city

three, issued by Shanghai to punish


, a choice of the chain platform

two, released the weight of the site is not high

after knowing approximately cause the decrease of the chain, we can be an antidote against the disease.



3, SNS community: a micron, little net, love Shanghai space

is pleased to meet you again in A5. Some time ago, we established a dream technology network technology limited liability company responsible for the optimization of the dragon team in Shanghai, and strive in the fierce competition in the search engine optimization can gain a foothold, of course, stationmaster net has become our brand building, one of the main flat sharing experience. As you may know, share experience in the A5 can obtain a large amount of forwards, the forwarding is not a hyperlink, but to enhance the site’s exposure is enough.

know answer


released the trans platform website in the selection, the weight of the site investigation is very important. If a itself weight is not high on the website of the chain, then the effect is also very reluctantly. It is also worth noting that the webmaster friends often do BBS signature trans also belong to the low weight, a large number of BBS signature trans will lead to love Shanghai trans number of instability.

said this may be the most wrong for the hair of the chain of friends, straightforward involvement. So, we choose the key lies in the release of the chain platform, selection of high quality, stable, the chain platform authority is the key.

choose the chain platform in website optimization can help you further on the road, the science and technology technology blog to recommend several anti chain platform:

love to Shanghai as an example of the search engine is actually every day the renewal of the algorithm, each algorithm updates may affect the changes of website chain number. There may be a lot of friends met on the chain number than the previous day to reduce the number of cases (as shown below), then we share with you today is to prevent the method of reduce trans Shanghai love.

The chain platform


first of all, we need to understand is, is to reduce the reverse chain lead to what reason.


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