The bidding data analysis advertising case decryption WAP hard wide circle

a long time ago, the advertising circle assist test of a mobile phone ifeng贵族宝贝 advertising. A higher profit products, also belong to the public demand for products, the market is not lack of.

you have to admit that this is money the most simple and most direct mode: advertising + products, and then generates a profit. Some customers or partners in our contact, there are many people who have extended to the mobile phone advertisement, the advertisement is extended to each big door, put ads through many and soft, and achieved good results. In fact, these friends easily they a month profits in the hundreds of thousands or more, just do the big small; and you must learn to understand the mode of operation of these people, and for your use.

so, hard wide popular mode which is


we can see, as when we shot, the total flow rate has reached about 600000 IP. This type of advertising is hard wide, has been put on for 2 months, the rate of return on investment.



before the advertising circle for everyone on the mobile phone of some analytical approximate hard wide. In the field of Internet advertising, advertising sales of similar products, due to higher profits so unpopular, the operation of people is very much.

people this hard advertising will continue to launch, so the search engine advertising, and Internet advertising auction, as long as you can project operation, choose wisely, basically no worries about money; if you fail, it only shows that many of the core things or is the wrong way.



then we look at the specific source of traffic.

The We view the


but, to be sure, not every project you can make money, the operation of the project, especially when faced with such a large flow of advertising is quite amazing. So, the problem of selecting the most important point is that the project, the most simple principle is that the project belongs to the common aspirations, that is to say the project of audience demand. For example, lose weight and the like, which is fundamental to make money or not.


traffic is very large, the main flow from Phoenix client.

at the moment, is the 2 model relatively good results, one is directly to product sales page, this is mainly for the male products; one is through a soft page guide, the main products for women. So the model is bound to its operation skill, the most basic principle if you do not comply with, that is certainly doomed to failure.