Escape from the black hat search engine cheating to promote the rankings of natural increase three

group of software is many webmaster feel a thing and secretly scared, sending software to help many webmaster in post, send the chain etc to save a lot of time, but the mass software because of improper use has caused great damage to the site. The following example:

black hat Shanghai dragon cheating nine: Brush love Shanghai click



black hat Shanghai dragon cheating ten: use a variety of software

we can find many posts in Shanghai Longfeng task, most of them are some that can quickly improve website ranking posts within a few days,

2, through this method to enhance the site keywords ranking is not good, the first use of this method need to pay some money to the optimization, then this method was found to result mostly is the site’s ranking does not exist, this is a serious blow to the site, finally I suggest you try not to use this station only the immediate interests, will cause great damage to the site.


is a new day, I continue to write from the black hat search engine cheating, promote the last chapter rankings improve, in the last article I mainly talked about the black hat techniques commonly used to link the sale, link factories, collection, flow of black hat optimization method, the optimization of development the method of website has played a significant impact, today we will talk about several other cheating methods, hope that the webmaster can read:

1, click on the brush site click rate is not stable, imagine today’s search engines find your site in the same keyword in the hit rate is very high, the search engine can think your website user experience well, but it only lasted a few days search engine found your site click rate exist, such website ranking can be maintained? The search engine will have reason to suspect you are cheating.

August 16th the site of the Shanghai anti love chain has reached 3230, but today the query chain website to find this website love Shanghai trans only 650, and the first page of this site is down the right, enter the domain:+ domain found this website domain name has been in love with the sea in the top 100 can not find that can be seen from the harm of mass software, and the webmaster is the use of the mass of the chain software, the consequence is really too serious, you should be careful.

through these methods, input a keyword in the search engines, then find the target URL click in the website optimization can play a certain role, but deliberately using this method has very many defects:

To undertake Shanghai Longfeng optimization task actually is the use of a brush site keyword click