Press release: Change of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Mauritania: February 2019

first_img Email [email protected] Follow the Foreign Office on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn 1997 to 1998 FCO, EU/Russia policy lead, European Union Department (External) Mr Simon Boyden has been appointed Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania in succession to Mr Samuel Thomas who will be transferring to another Diplomatic Service appointment. Mr Boyden will take up his appointment during February 2019.CURRICULUM VITAEFull name: Simon BoydenMarried to: Nathalie Hélène Geraldine GallagherChildren: Three Further information 2010 to 2014 Berlin, First Secretary (European Union) Media enquiries Follow the Foreign Office on Twitter @foreignoffice and Facebook 2014 to 2016 FCO, Head, Spending Review Team 2016 to 2018 Kabul, Political Counsellor 2003 to 2006 FCO, Head, Serbia and Montenegro Section, Eastern Adriatic Department 2002 to 2003 FCO, Head, Regional Issues Section, Eastern Adriatic Department 1999 to 2002 Moscow, Second Secretary (Commercial) For journalists 2006 to 2010 Vienna, First Secretary, UK Delegation to the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europelast_img read more

From the playing field to the boardroom

first_imgSome of the lessons, like toughness and determination, seemed almost cliché, while others, involving personnel and integrity, were more surprising.But all of the stories shared by panelists at this week’s Harvard Business School (HBS) discussion “Sports as a Classroom: Women in Sports, Leadership and Empowerment” were distinctly personal and undeniably compelling.Moderated by HBS Professor of Business Administration Debora Spar, the panel brought together a group of professionally accomplished women, all of whom had been serious athletes: Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey ’92, Kraft Analytics Group CEO Jessica Gelman ’97, Boston Celtics Director of Player Development Allison Feaster ’98, Landry Family Head Coach for Harvard Women’s Ice Hockey Katey Stone, and longtime Harvard Women’s Basketball coach Kathy Delaney-Smith.Delaney-Smith had coached three of the women while they were students at Harvard, and she opened the discussion by praising each of the panelists in turn, less for their achievements than for having embraced perhaps the most useful lesson sport has to offer: “If you fail, you get up and do the same thing again tomorrow,” she said. “I can’t imagine a better classroom than that.”Delaney-Smith noted that her experience was slightly different from the other panelists’. A good swimmer and standout basketball player in high school, Delaney-Smith attended Bridgewater State in the 1960s and was disappointed to discover that the college had no varsity teams for women. So she joined the largest and most competitive sports club she could find: synchronized swimming.She managed to carry some of that era’s activism with her. “We’re in a world now where the traditional leadership is changing dramatically, and women bring something very different to the table,” she said. “When I was a high school coach I marched into the boys’ locker room because they’d taken our girls’ [locker room] away, and I lobbied for night games [when only boys were allowed them]. I challenge each of you to know your power so we can finally live in an equal world.” “Professional sports can be a better example to the world — particularly when it comes to equal pay for equal play [for women]. People are going to get it wrong, but that’s how you learn.” — Maura Healey Student-run Harvard Sports Analysis Collective takes an empirical look at key questions in basketball (including March Madness), football, even curling Healey was the captain of women’s basketball in College, and Delaney-Smith recalled that “she was larger than life when she played at Harvard.” Healey said that her sports training proved an asset, particularly when she ran as a first-time candidate against a heavily favored opponent, Warren Tolman, a former state representative and senator, in the Democratic primary for attorney general in 2014.“I treated it like a season,” she recalled. “In sports you have good days and bad days, but you look to where you’re going at the very end. You get beat badly, and you find a way through that.“Ten days before my election I got some discouraging news: I was seven points behind in the polls; both the mayor and Governor Patrick were endorsing my opponent. I went home and bawled my eyes out, just like we’ve all cried in the locker room. Then I slowly had to get myself into the space, because I had to go on TV that night and nail it. … Having a sports background can help you do that.”Tolman ultimately endorsed her in the general election.,Healey called on the sports world to increase its social awareness. “I came up against a lot of homophobia, and there are similar constructs in sports today. Sports are a powerful vehicle for building leadership, but they can also be very marginalizing. Professional sports can be a better example to the world — particularly when it comes to equal pay for equal play [for women]. People are going to get it wrong, but that’s how you learn.”Stone recalled breaking a boundary as a teenager, when she was the first female member of her high school’s hockey team. “Every single thing I wanted to do in my life, my parents said ‘Go ahead and do it.’ And that’s my whole foundation as a coach. What I say to my athletes is, ‘You’re capable of more than you think you are.’”Sports training can also be a valuable tool for a CEO, Gelman said. “I was a point guard, so my role was to understand peoples’ strengths and weaknesses. It’s about setting people up to be successful, and you use that as a CEO. You have to recognize where people are at this moment in time: If they’re not taking on a task, you need to see where they’re trying and failing, and where they might need a push.”During the Q&A session, two Celtics players in attendance, Enes Kanter and Grant Williams, stood up to ask how society at large can help women get ahead.“That can be a massive philosophical question: How you take care of an individual’s social vision,” Feaster said. “Organizations have a responsibility to create environments where each segment of their employees feels supported.” It’s harder for them to raise startup capital, but there are paths through the maze, panel says Playing by the numbers Entrepreneurial women Unhidden figures Conference encourages women of color to pursue doctorates in physics Relatedlast_img read more

HPC names Walsh ‘Hall of the Year’

first_imgThe Hall Presidents Council announced the Hall of the Year awards at its weekly meeting Tuesday, with Walsh Hall winning Hall of the Year, Keenan Hall bringing home Men’s Hall of the Year, and Farley Hall taking Women’s Hall of the Year, Michael Wajda, co-chair of Hall Presidents Council (HPC), said.“All three dorms had enthusiastic and sustained participation in their hall events, achieved in large part through their personal outreach to all members of the dorm communities,” Wadja said in an email.The dorms are selected by a committee consisting of the HPC Executive Board, the Judicial Council President and two student Senators, Wadja said. The selection committee focuses on how the dorms embodied “mind, body and heart,” based on their Hall of the Year presentations and monthly Rockne submissions.“Walsh did an astounding job of engaging the women of Walsh in mind, body, and spirit, through their Harry Potter Week, their Brother-Sister Broomball and their Soul Sister discussion series,” Wadja said.“Their ‘I am WILD’ initiative also highlighted all of the cultures within the dorm in a way that was inclusive and engaging.”According to the Hall of the Year results on the Hall Presidents Council website, Farley placed second, trailing Walsh by half a point.“Farley engaged both the women within the dorm as well as the greater campus community with their variety of events and invited all residents to ‘Come Share Life,’ their new Hall motto,” Wadja said.“Farley’s award affirmed the attitude that has been seen in Farley all year,” Casey Skevington, president of Farley Hall, said.“‘Farley’ – just one word makes me smile,” Skevington said. “To me, it means home, family and friends all wrapped into one loving environment. I have been blessed to watch and be a part of the growth of our community all year long.“I could not be more proud of the women that live within the Finest dorm on campus.”Keenan placed third in the overall competition but first out of all men’s residence halls and earned the highest presentation score of all dorms as well, according to the results.“Keenan in particular revealed that they made it their goal to reach out to individuals who might not necessarily be the first ones to participate in events but are members of the community nonetheless,” Wadja said.Howard came in fourth but earned the highest score in Rockne category, according to the website.“We heard from so many presidents and vice presidents about events, processes and structures which reflected the unique cultures of their residence halls,” Kathleen Clark, co-chair of HPC, said at the awards.“They each found a personal leadership style which matched the greatest need of their dorm. We will give out three awards tonight, but we are immensely proud of each of you and what you were able to achieve this year. All of you deserve recognition for a job well done.”All three winners will receive a monetary award from HPC, Wadja said, while Keenan Hall and Walsh Hall will receive Dome Dances next year.Tags: Farley Hall, Hall of the year, hall president’s council, Keenan Hall, Men’s Hall of the Year, Walsh Hall, Women’s Hall of the Yearlast_img read more

These 10 Music Divas Need Bio-Musicals ASAP

first_img View Comments Besides getting totally psyched for Cynthia Erivo and Joshua Henry to perform The Last Five Years tonight and watching Miss Arkansas’—scuse us, Miss America’s—Smash-ing dance routine on repeat, we’ve been wondering which music diva deserves a Broadway bio-musical. As previously reported, Donna Summer, Cher, Dolly Parton and Pat Benatar tuners are already in the works (ditto for our daily staff dreamcasting debates). With so many female trailblazers in the music industry, we decided to turn to you for input. So, which chart-topping diva deserves to have her story put under Broadway’s spotlight? Check out your top 10 below! (Photo: Getty Images) Beyonce Barbra Streisand Adele Lady Gaga Ella Fitzgerald Amy Winehouse Whitney Houston Celine Dion Madonna Aretha Franklinlast_img read more

CAES Fulbright

first_imgFrom the time he left high school, University of Georgia doctoral candidate Fawad Khan knew he wanted to use his interest in biology to help farmers.Although he grew up in the city, he knew that a major part of his native Pakistan’s economy was farm based. If he wanted to improve people’s lives, he could make a big impact by working in agriculture.“Even though I was from the city, I saw how farmers worked and the challenges they faced,” Khan said. “I wanted to see how I could integrate my knowledge of agricultural sciences to help them improve their outcomes, to improve their farming practices.”It was that drive to improve the livelihoods and lives of farmers that led him to UGA as a Fulbright Fellow. The Fulbright Fellowship Program, which covers all of the expenses associated with earning a doctoral degree, is part of the larger Fulbright Program established in 1946 to improve international relations, cultural diplomacy and intercultural competence through the exchange of people, knowledge and skills. It is considered one of the most prestigious and competitive fellowship programs in the world.During their stay in the U.S., Fulbright Fellows are expected to share information about their home countries with their U.S. colleagues and with community groups. After completing their degrees, fellows return to their home country where they are expected to assume leadership roles in their fields while also sharing their experiences in the U.S. For Khan, his Fulbright Fellowship meant being able to take his research and career to next level.After earning his master’s degree, Khan spent two years as a visiting lecturer at Bahauddin Zakariya University in Layyah, Pakistan, and later was a full-time entomology lecturer for three years at Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture in Multan, Pakistan. “As my career progressed, I felt the need for better academic and research training,” Khan said. “The prestigious Fulbright Program provided me with a lifetime opportunity to pursue my dreams.”Khan is working under the supervision of Shimat V. Joseph, an assistant entomology professor at UGA’s Griffin campus. For his dissertation, he is looking at the use of beneficial insects to manage insect pests in different turfgrass systems.“Beneficial insects, including predators and parasitoids, play a role in managing the insects pests in different farming systems across the globe,” he said.In early June, Khan was one of three UGA graduate students to attend the 55th conference of the Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development (AIARD) in Washington, D.C. Khan’s attendance at the AIARD conference was funded with a scholarship from UGA alumnus Hiram Larew, who retired in 2015 as director of international programs for the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture. “Like all states, Georgia has an important stake in international agriculture, so I’m very pleased that Fawad was able to participate in this year’s AIARD Conference, which was themed ‘Building Resilience in Global Agriculture,’” Larew said. “By attending, he had a front-row seat in important discussions that affect agricultural trade, science, policy and assistance. And he was joined by two fellow students who received Future Leader Scholarships from AIARD. Go Dawgs!”  Also attending this year’s conference were Chandler Mulvaney, a master’s student in agricultural and environmental education, and Chandler Levinson, a doctoral candidate in plant breeding, genetics and genomics.Both Mulvaney and Levinson were selected for AIARD’s Future Leaders Forum, a competitive fellowship program that includes the possibility of being awarded the AIARD Graduate Research Fellowship Grant.AIARD is an association of U.S. and internationally based members who have devoted their careers to global agricultural development and hunger alleviation. Members are from universities, nongovernmental organizations, private sector firms, consulting companies, government and donor agencies, and foundations.last_img read more

September 2019: Best Bike Parks

first_imgFor a backpacker, there may not be a better way to see North Carolina than on a bike It used to be that the harvesting of wild ginseng was an honorable occupation. Or at least that was the verdict among the people who lived for centuries off the land in the rough-cut Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. BACKTALK Read what the Road Team is up to and the gear that keeps them going. THE GOODS Wheels of Fortune—Industry Nine’s winding road to success · Best bike parks in the Blue Ridge · Shoes for Good · 15-year-old canoeist wins bronze at World Cup After her mom was hit by a car, a rookie rider faces her fears and begins bicycle commuting. Features On the Cover Bike Packing Four Southern musicians on the rise QUICK HITS Follow in the muddy tread of two classic bikepacking adventures in Big South Fork National Recreation Area and Pisgah National Forest. Endangered Gravel Grinder Departments Is there really enough room in the woods for everyone? A dispatch from deep in the weeds of a generation-long effort to protect Shenandoah Mountain. In the last ten years, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association has added 27 leagues in 26 states. Will competitive cycling be coming to a high school near you? Adventure Ed The Battle for Shenandoah Mountain LIVE OUTSIDE AND PLAY Is your waterproof gear poisoning you and the planet? The outdoor industry tackles toxins. Back in the Saddle Tangled Roots Best bike gear—Andy Beckman’s favorites for fat tire adventure. Want a job in the outdoors? Learn how guides, search and rescue leaders, environmental attorneys, river keepers, outdoor educators, and adventure sports coaches got their start. The most important conservation law on the books—The Endangered Species Act—is under attack, and it’s not just wolves and salamanders that will suffer. Your favorite adventure spots are also critical habitat for many rare species. The Rise of High School Biking TRAIL MIX Lift-assisted MTB parks bring convenient, immersive thrills for riders of all ability levels. Here are five of the region’s best. Bike Parks of the Blue Ridge Brandon Blakely rides Slate Rock in Pisgah National Forest. Photo by Derek DiLuzio |  @derekdiluzio | derekdiluzio.comlast_img read more

3 members, 3 financial outcomes: How COVID-19 is impacting members differently

first_imgSource:1 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Bruce Dragt Bruce Dragt is the Chief Product Officer for CO-OP Financial Services (, a provider of payments and financial technology to credit unions. Web: Details While not a single one of us has been insulated from the effects of COVID-19, the financial impact has been very different for large segments of the population. 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment in the last ten weeks;1 and while many expect to be re-employed when the economy recovers, some may not.As the Primary Financial Relationship (PFR), credit unions are there to help their members navigate financial uncertainty, as many have done throughout COVID-19. Now as we enter the slow recovery phase, credit unions can continue to help their members by visualizing how their financial lives are being reshaped, and helping them plan accordingly.To do that, let us consider three typical members: “Amanda”, “Barry”, and “Carol”. Each represents a different COVID-era experience and a unique set of needs:AmandaEmployed Full-timeLifestyle impact: Light. Spending and credit/debit mix remains steady. Online spending is up.What she’s paying for: Regular essentials, COVID-inspired sales and deals, charitable giving.Helpful now: Contactless cards, digital wallets. New preference for cash-back rewards over travel.Amanda’s financial picture hasn’t changed substantially during COVID-19. Although her work and home lives may be different, she is employed full-time with no disruption in income. However, her spending patterns are different. She, like many Americans, has significantly increased her online spending, and she perhaps may be one of the 38 percent who has begun using contactless payment methods.As her credit union, you’ll want to ensure that contactless payments, both in-store and online, are available to her and that she is incentivized to use your contactless card or digital wallet. Amanda will also be more susceptible to card-not-present fraud, which is why arming her with card controls and fraud alerts will be key to helping her feel safe during her digital payments experience.BarryFurloughed/Expects to be re-employedLifestyle impact: Getting through it. Spending has shifted to essentials and family-important needs.What he’s paying for: Just the basics, plus unavoidable expenses like medical costs.Helpful now: Increased credit lines, reduced interest rates.Barry has had a more difficult time during COVID-19. As a furloughed worker, he likely has significantly reduced his spend, focusing on essential purchases rather than discretionary items. Barry likely has been leaning on credit to help him get by and hopefully he’s been able to take advantage of a skip-a-payment or interest relief program when needed.Despite the fact that many furloughed workers expect to be re-employed, continuing to offer low-rate credit cards, increased credit lines and personal loans will be vital to supporting members like Barry.CarolLaid offLifestyle impact: High.What she’s paying for: Essentials only.Helpful now: Smooth/fast access to DDA funds for debit; will maintain credit balances and is sensitive to fees.Carol is really feeling the hit of COVID-19. With her job gone and economic prospects uncertain, she is spending on essentials only. Her credit union is more important to her than ever. While larger institutions and lending providers will likely show no lenience, her credit union will continue to support her by keeping fees to a minimum, helping her utilize credit wisely and ensuring that she has access to the loans she needs to keep her going.Credit unions should also consider the fact that members like Carol are likely carrying increased credit card balances or have missed payments due to COVID-19. This can adversely impact lending opportunities available to them, in which case it may be worth reevaluating your lending criteria or relaxing penalties on delinquent cardholders.Responding to Ongoing ChangeAs the economy opens up – state by state, city by city – members like Amanda, Barry, and Carol are facing uncertainty with regards to their financial lifestyle. “Normal” spending habits will continue to be upended by COVID-19, and the role of their PFR will be more important than ever.For credit unions, the core challenge remains the same. Understanding your members’ experiences and responding thoughtfully with products and services that help them adapt to a constantly-changing reality is the singular goal. Now is the time to be the stabilizing force in your members’ lives, while also ensuring that you are placing the right strategic bets to serve their evolving needs.The Credit Union Strategic Investment Assessment, powered by CO-OP and backed by EY NextWaveTM, is designed to help credit unions figure out where to place those strategic bets. The Assessment takes unique data inputs from your credit union and provides you with a strategic blueprint for growth. The Assessment closes on July 2nd – learn exactly where to place the right strategic bets now and after COVID-19: read more

Aquapark Istralandia was again named the 2nd best aquapark in Europe and the 6th in the world

first_imgThis year, too, Trip Advisor published a list of the best aquaparks in Europe and in the world. The first in Europe was named Siam aquapark from Adeje (Tenerife, Spain), and immediately in a high second place is the Croatian aquapark Istralandia. That this is an exceptional success is shown by the fact that Istralandia won the title for the second year in a row, which is always harder to maintain excellent service and level of performance than to win, and that it is a competition of over 300 aquaparks with a much longer tradition. Also, on the list of the best aquaparks in the world for 2018, Aquapark Istralandia took an excellent 6th place in the world.“An award that obliges, but also confirms the efforts and continuous investment in staff education, kindness and professionalism of staff, perfect horticultural landscaping, entertainment and variety of animation programs, cleanliness, tidiness, impeccable quality of pool water, rich and varied catering offer, new adrenaline attractions generation, sports offer or the totality of a high level of service as a whole. Many thanks to all employees of the Istralandia aquapark for the great success of the entire Istralandia team, which is at the same time a great success of the destination Istria and Croatia as a whole. ” said Silvio Kraljevic, head of the Istralandia aquapark.See what Istralandia looks like through Istralandia Virtual TourThis year, Aquapark Istralandia has invested an additional 3 million euros in the introduction of five new attractions, and further expansion is planned through the construction of accommodation facilities and other various attractions, and a new investment cycle is planned related to accommodation facilities.Read the wider story of why the Istralandia aquapark in Novigrad is one of our best tourist stories HERETripadvisor: Top 25 Water Parks – EuropeTripadvisor: Top 25 Water Parks – Worldlast_img read more

Balder R Ready for Cairns Job

first_imgImage source: Michael Healy MP official facebook pageDredging vessel Balder R, owned by the Danish company Rohde Nielsen, is getting ready to start work on the $127 million Cairns Shipping Development project.Commenting the latest news, Member for Cairns, Michael Healy, said that the 111m-long German-built dredger would be tasked to open up Trinity Inlet for large cruise ships after a successful stint at dredging sand for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.“The Cairns Shipping Development is the key to unlocking a whole new tourism and jobs market for the Far North,” Mr Healy said.“Already we’re seeing this project create 800 direct and indirect jobs during construction, and by 2031 it’ll mean more than 2,700 jobs for the region.”The vessel will remove soft clays from the channel, which will then be delivered to a facility 3km offshore and pumped along an 8km pipeline to a dedicated site at the Northern Sands mine.Dredging is expected to take 12 weeks and be complete mid-September, with second dredge Woomera scheduled to join the works in late July.According to Mr Healy, the 65m Woomera will be used to remove the stiff clays from the channel.last_img read more

Over a 150 people killed in Paris terror attacks

first_imgOne Twitter user has put his two plane tickets to Paris in December up for sale for a mere €20. A series of bomb and gun attacks left well over a hundred and fifty people dead and dozens more injured in central Paris on Friday night.Some reports put the number of dead at 158.There were at least seven attacks, all in the east and north of the city.In one venue alone – the Bataclan concert venue – over a hundred people were killed. A heavy metal band were in the middle of a concert when gunmen opened fire and threw grenades into the crowd.Witnesses say the firing lasted for at least fifteen minutes. The attackers were apparently bent on killing as many people as possible, leaving the security forces no choice but to storm the building before more people were killed.Watch as one of the explosions detonates outside the Stade de France during a France v Germany football match: the nature of the concert it is likely that most of the victims in the audience would have been young people.As well as the Bataclan the attack sites included the restaurants Le Carillon, La Belle Equipe, Le Petit Cambodge, and a fast food restaurant near the national football stadium. There were reports of gunfire at another site as yet unidentified.The clearly shocked French President Francois Hollande described the attacks as ‘unprecedented’ and called on the country to stay strong in the face of fear. He said France will be victorious.Earlier the president had been watching his country play football against Germany in the Stade de France. It was near there that the first of the suicide bombers struck at a fast food restaurant close by.The game was abandoned and he left for the Interior Ministry. Spectators were kept in the stadium for some time to stop them spilling on to the streets.With about an hour a series of other attacks had taken place including the assault on the Bataclan concert hall.A restaurant was attacked in the 11th district by a suicide bomber. Reports say eleven people were killed there.Here are some social media comments: read more