Increased employment could be climate changes silver lining – UN

6 December 2007Despite the detrimental effects brought on by climate change, new industries to combat global warming could spur employment, the head of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) said today. “Millions of new jobs are among the many silver, if not indeed gold-plated linings on the cloud of climate change,” said Achim Steiner, UNEP’s Executive Director.He pointed out that research shows that these are not just ‘green collar’ jobs targeted at the middle classes, but that opportunities abound for workers in areas ranging from construction, sustainable forestry and agriculture, engineering and transportation.“Talk of environmental sustainability and climate change often emphasizes the costs, but downplays the significant employment opportunities from the transition to a global economy that is not only resource efficient and without the huge emissions of greenhouse gases, but one that also restores environmental and social values,” Mr. Steiner said.The research is part of a draft report entitled “Green Jobs: Can the Transition to Environmental Sustainability Spur New Kinds and Higher Levels of Employment?” that was commissioned by UNEP.It found that the United States environmental industry in 2005 generated over 5.3 million jobs, ten times the number in the country’s pharmaceutical industry.Delhi, it noted, is introducing new eco-friendly compressed natural gas buses that will create 18,000 new jobs, while Brazil’s ethanol programme has lead to half a million new jobs.Meanwhile, the top UN climate change official today said that greater efforts are necessary to extend the benefits of the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) – which allows projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries and contribute to sustainable development to earn certified emission reduction credits (CERs) – to Africa.“There are 850 clean development mechanism projects in 49 developing countries, but only 23 of those projects are in Africa,” said Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). “It’s time that the benefits of this important Kyoto Protocol mechanism were expanded in Africa.”Last November, former Secretary-General Kofi Annan launched the Nairobi Framework aimed at spreading the spreading the benefits of the CDM.Since then, several projects have been launched in Africa, but the total number of CDM initiatives on the continent comprise only 2.6 per cent of the some 800 registered projects. read more

TSX gains as strong US retail sales euro data drive commodity prices

TORONTO — The Toronto stock market is positive as U.S. retail sales surged last month while Germany posted stronger than expected growth in the second quarter.The S&P/TSX composite index climbed 34.36 points to 11,872.69. The Canadian dollar was up 0.15 of a cent to 100.91 cents US.The Dow Jones industrials gained 29.11 points to 13,198.54 as retail sales rose 0.8 per cent in July, much better than the 0.3 per cent advance that economists had expected.And Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, posted 0.3 per cent growth in the second quarter, beating expectations of a 0.2 per cent increase.The Nasdaq composite index was up 6.68 points to 3,029.2 and the S&P 500 index rose 3.75 points to 1,407.86.Oil rose 69 cents to US$93.42 a barrel. read more

Goldcorp shares fall after gold miner cuts production guidance for 2012

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by News Staff Posted Jul 11, 2012 4:36 pm MDT VANCOUVER – Shares of Goldcorp Inc. (TSX:G) fell 10 per cent Wednesday after the company cut its 2012 production guidance due to problems at its Red Lake mine in Ontario and Penasquito mine in Mexico.The stock closed down $3.83 at $33.80 on the Toronto Stock Exchange, a day after the company said it expected gold production of between 2.35 and 2.45 million ounces for the year, down from an earlier estimate of 2.6 million ounces.Due to the lower expected production, the company also revised its total cash cost guidance from US$310 to US$340 per ounce of gold on a byproduct basis, up from $250 to $275 per ounce.Scotiabank analyst Tanya Jakusconek cut the bank’s target price on Goldcorp to $55 from $58.50 on the report, but maintained an “outperfom” rating on the stock.“We do expect the stock to be weak on this news despite the fact that reduction for production at Red Lake was expected. The update on Penasquito was not expected,” she wrote in a note to clients.Jakusconek noted that the drought problems that led to the shortfall at Penasquito would likely only impact 2012 production.“While the company does hold permits for sufficient water supply, it is currently working to drill additional wells to increase water production. G is also hoping to increase the quantity of water reclaimed from the tailings facility,” she added.In addition to the lower gold production, Goldcorp also cut its guidance for several of its byproduct metals.For 2012, it forecast 30 million to 31 million ounces of silver compared with previous guidance of 34 million ounces.Zinc production was expected to total about 310 million to 325 million pounds, while lead production is forecast at 155 million to 160 million pounds. That is down from earlier guidance of 400 million pounds and 180 million pounds respectively.Production guidance for copper was unchanged at 110 million pounds.The company has mines as well as exploration and development projects in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Guatemala and Argentina. Goldcorp shares fall after gold miner cuts production guidance for 2012 read more

Greece agrees to new bailout terms – and more austerity

Greece agrees to new bailout terms – and more austerity Protesters chant slogans in front of Riot police cordon outside a hotel where bailout inspectors were due to resume talks with the Greek government in Athens, on Monday, May 1, 2017. Several thousand protesters have gathered outside Greece’s parliament as May Day rallies kicked off around the country, and unions braced for more austerity measures imposed by bailout lenders. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis) ATHENS, Greece – Greece struck a deal with rescue creditors Tuesday toward getting the bailout cash it needs to avoid another brush with bankruptcy this summer, though it leaves long-suffering Greeks facing years more austerity.Following months of tough negotiations, the Greek government agreed to make another round of pension cuts in 2019 and commit to new tax increases after the current bailout program ends next year.In return, creditors will resume loan payouts, and start talks on how to ease the country’s debt burden, which stands at nearly 180 per cent of the country’s annual GDP.The need for an imminent release of bailout funds was becoming increasingly important — Greece is expected to require some 7 billion euros ($7.6 billion) to cope with a summer spike in debt repayments.Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ left-wing government is set to approve the new cuts in parliament by mid-May, in time for finance ministers from the 19 countries that use the euro currency to unfreeze the money at a meeting on May 22. At that meeting, discussions over how to ease Greece’s debt repayments will commence — a key milestone for Tsipras.Two years ago when the country was on the cusp of a euro exit — so-called Grexit — Tsipras signed off on the country’s third international bailout. In return for up to 86 billion euros over three years, his government, which was elected on an anti-bailout mandate, agreed to further austerity and reforms. The money is only released after creditors agree that Greece has met its side of the bargain.Though increasingly unpopular in opinion polls, Tsipras can get the latest agreement throughout parliament but there’s not much room for manoeuver as his governing coalition with a nationalist right-wing party only has a majority of three seats in parliament.“Tsipras has been able to command remarkable discipline in his party up to now,” said Joan Hoey, regional director for Europe at the Economist Intelligence Unit. “We will see whether that continues to apply in coming weeks.”Officials in Athens conceded that a more comprehensive agreement needed for the release of funds could take longer.“This is not a deal that closes the second (bailout) review, but another painful step toward that end,” Hoey said. “We do not know all the details, only that those prior actions will include some very unpopular reforms … (It) seems like another case of deal doublespeak.”Greece has been surviving on bailout loans since 2010 in return for harsh spending cuts and tax increases that have contributed to a sharp rise in unemployment and left more than a third of the population living in poverty or at risk of poverty.“This is a painful compromise,” Interior Minister Panos Skourletis told state-run ERT television.Tsipras, whose Syriza party is trailing badly behind rival conservatives in the polls, has insisted it will not seek elections until his term ends in 2019.“We are paying the price of Mr. Tsipras’ deception,” conservative opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis said. “He promised us more funding without austerity, but what we ended up with is more austerity and no additional funding.”The agreement with creditors was reached after a nightlong session of talks at a hotel in Athens and after big May Day rallies in the capital that required riot police to prevent protesters from entering the building.Greek government officials said lenders dropped their demands to abolish a long list of employment rights and also agreed to the expansion of benefit schemes for jobless and low-income families.However, the marathon talks in Athens provided little clarity on whether the International Monetary Fund would pledge money to the current rescue program — it’s been involved since the start of Greece’s bailout era — and how high Athens will have to keep budget targets after 2018.However, the IMF, along with EU institutions welcomed the agreement and noted that “the Greek authorities have confirmed their intention to swiftly implement this policy package.”They said in a statement that the deal “will now be complemented by further discussions in the coming weeks on a credible strategy for ensuring that Greece’s debt is sustainable.”Pierre Moscovici, the European Commission’s top economy official, said “it is time to turn the page on this long and difficult austerity chapter for the Greek people. With this agreement, we need now to write a new story of stability, jobs and growth for Greece and for the euro area as a whole.”The delay in reaching an agreement threatened hopes of a sustained return to economic growth in Greece after years of recession fueled by the austerity measures that creditors say has been necessary to reverse chronic overspending by the state.After a run of recent gains, shares on the Athens Stock Exchange were up nearly 3 per cent on the news of the agreement. Government borrowing costs were also lower, a sign of growing investor confidence, with the rate on Greece’s 2-year-bond dipping below 6 per cent, compared with 10 per cent in February.“The fact that the negotiations lasted several months will have consequences on the Greek economy,” said Vagelis Sioutis, head of equities at Guardian Trust Securities in Athens.“The (official) target for 2.7 per cent growth (in 2017) at the moment looks very difficult, if not unattainable.”___Lorne Cook in Brussels and Theodora Tongas in Athens contributed to this report. Follow Gatopoulos by Derek Gatopoulos, The Associated Press Posted May 2, 2017 2:02 am MDT Last Updated May 2, 2017 at 10:00 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

WTO rules must address food security needs of developing countries – UN

A United Nations independent rights expert called today for policy changes that will allow developing countries the freedom to use their reserves to help secure the right to food without the threat of sanctions under current World Trade Organization (WTO) rules.“Trade rules must be shaped around the food security policies that developing countries need, rather than policies having to tiptoe around WTO rules,” said Olivier De Schutter, Special Rapporteur on the right to food.His call comes on the eve of a high-level WTO summit in Bali, Indonesia, which opens tomorrow and runs through 6 December, which will try to reach agreement on proposals on developing countries’ food stockholding for food security, as part of the Doha Round trade negotiations.“The Bali package should now enshrine the rights of developing countries to use public food reserves for food security without facing sanctions,” he underlined.“Supporting local food production is the first building block on the road to realizing the right to food, and trade must complement local production, not justify its abandonment,” the expert said, warning that food security is at high risk when countries become overly dependent on global markets, as shown during the global food crisis of 2007-08.“They must develop ambitious and innovative food security policies that support their own production base, building on successful experiences in a growing number of countries,” he said. “Food reserves are a crucial tool, not just in humanitarian crises, but in the everyday struggle to provide stable income to farmers and to ensure a steady flow of affordable foodstuffs for poor consumers, many of whom lack a basic social safety net,” Mr. De Schutter said.The ‘Comprehensive Framework for Action’ of the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Task Force on the Global Food Security Crisis, which includes the WTO secretariat, has called on States to use strategic grain reserves to stabilize prices and to immediately review trade policy options and their impacts on poor consumers and farmers.India’s 2013 Food Security Bill mandates public procurement of foodstuffs in order to distribute subsidized grains to much of the population, combined with a minimum support price to ensure adequate incomes for farmers. This has raised concerns that India could breach the tight limits on ‘trade-distorting support’ applied to developing countries under current WTO rules.The G33 group of developing countries has proposed exempting public stockholding aimed at supporting low-income or resource-poor producers from being considered as a trade-distorting subsidy, as part of an ‘early harvest’ of Doha Round outcomes. A ‘peace clause’ has meanwhile emerged as a means of exempting such schemes from WTO challenges for a given period.“The risks of trade distortions must not be exaggerated,” Mr. De Schutter said, insisting that any agreement in Bali must give developing countries sufficient guarantees to be able to push ahead with ambitious food security policies. He noted that the Indian Food Security Bill is aimed at stocks for domestic distribution rather than export onto world markets.For the Special Rapporteur, the solution is not to block any such policies, even though close monitoring is required to ensure that stockholding in one country does not result in dumping on other developing world markets.“It should not be forgotten that developed countries are able to subsidize their farmers to the tune of more than $400 billion per year without breaching WTO rules,” he said. “Support must also be allowed to reach smallholders in developing countries.”Recalling the conclusions of his 2011 report on the WTO and food security, which highlighted the potential tension between stockholding for food security purposes and WTO disciplines, the UN expert outlined a series of additional flexibilities that developing countries need in order to reconcile food security and free trade.“Temporary import restrictions, active marketing boards, and safety-net insurance schemes must all be part of the toolbox,” said Mr. De Schutter, adding that even if certain policies are not disallowed, they are certainly discouraged by the complexity of the current rules and the threat of legal action.“In Bali and beyond, we must work to enshrine these flexibilities, and must continue to ask what kind of trade rules will allow us to combat food insecurity and realize the human right to food,” the Special Rapporteur stressed. read more

Leicester Citys Slim Chance Of Defending Its Title Is Already Getting Slimmer

Embed Code More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed FiveThirtyEight Welcome to the latest episode of Hot Takedown, FiveThirtyEight’s sports podcast. On this week’s show (Aug. 30, 2016), we preview the new English Premier League season with ESPN’s Mike Goodman and ask if Leicester City has any hope of repeating last year’s shock title win. Then we talk to FiveThirtyEight’s Carl Bialik about the U.S. Open and hear how FiveThirtyEight is using Elo ratings to try to predict this year’s tournament. Finally, FiveThirtyEight’s Blythe Terrell makes her Hot Takedown debut to chat about what happened when her team, the St. Louis Rams, skipped town and how she’s enlisting the help of Neil Paine to pick a new favorite. Plus, we share a significant digit on the rookie quarterback about to take a starring role with the Dallas Cowboys.Hot Takedown also has a spin-off podcast about the U.S. Open for the next couple weeks. It’s called Baseline, and it can be found here.Links to what we discuss are here:ESPN’s Gabriele Marcotti explains why this season’s English Premier League is shaping up to be a battle of the managers.Here’s the Guardian’s interactive guide to the EPL summer transfer window.Ryan Rosenblatt on Fox Sports thinks Leicester doesn’t have a chance of repeating its 2016 title win.Carl Bialik explains the method behind FiveThirtyEight’s U.S. Open model. You can find our predictions here.FiveThirtyEight is forecasting that Serena Williams has a 55 percent chance of winning the U.S. Open.Allison McCann breaks down the numbers behind domestic violence cases in the NFL.Here are ESPN The Magazine’s standings for every sports team according to fan surveys and the value fans get for the money they spend on the team.Significant Digit: 135th. That’s the draft pick the Dallas Cowboys used to take their new starting quarterback, Dak Prescott, in the 2016 NFL draft. That’s the lowest draft pick for a rookie starting quarterback since Randy Hedberg started for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1977. Earlier this week, Chase Stuart wrote about how Tony Romo’s injury thrust Prescott into the starting role. read more

Heres What Happened Today Monday

first_imgNEED TO CATCH up? brings you a round-up of today’s news…A child locked in a withdrawal room for autistic children.  A parent took the photo after arriving at the school, and found the child attempting to dismantle the light after being locked in the room for several hours. (Image supplied to by the child’s parent)IRELANDAutistic children are being locked in unsupervised ‘isolation rooms’ for hours, it has emerged. Experts say this puts children at risk.A boy (3) died after getting stuck in a lift shaft at the Hynes Building in Galway.John McGuinness said that the missing bank guarantee documents need to be found.Saverio Bellante (34) was charged with the murder of Tom O’Gorman in Castleknock at the weekend. Temperatures will plummet tonight across the country, Met Éireann says.Rallies have been planned by the National Hospital Campaign to fight cuts to front-line hospital services.Family law and child care court cases can now be reported on – but under strict conditions.A man with a seven-week-long erection was treated successfully at a Dublin hospital. It was feared that Donegal County Council was set to collapse over its 2014 budget, but the fears were unfounded.The Poolbeg incinerator contract may be abandoned by Dublin City Council. [RTÉ]Calls to the mental health support line run by St Patrick’s are up by almost one third.A woman died in a house fire in Newry – police said it was a ‘tragic accident’.A man was sentenced to 15 years for his part in kidnapping a Securicor worker and his family, and the robbery of €2.28m. [RTÉ] WORLDAn anti-government protester outside MBK Center shopping mall in the Pathumwan district of Bangkok, during protests. Pic: AP Photo/John Minchillo#THAILAND Tens of thousands of protesters tried to ‘shut down’ Bangkok and called for their Prime Minister to resign.#AUSTRALIA One person died as wildfires raged through Perth in Australia. #LONDON A rare tiny water lily was stolen from London’s Royal Botanic Gardens.#APRIL JONES Mark Bridger dropped his appeal against his sentence for killing April Jones.#ISRAEL A state funeral for Ariel Sharon was held today, with his body brought to his farm for burial.#SYRIA The UN has urged the EU to act to avert a Syrian refugee catastrophe. [The Guardian]INNOVATIONMore than 50 billion instant messages are expected to be sent each day this year. Meanwhile, Jelly Bean is trumping KitKat when it comes to Android devices.Heard of Beats Music? It’s a new streaming service – and could threaten Spotify’s popularity. Oh, and it was set up by Dr Dre. [The Guardian]PARTING SHOTScreengrab: SightsmapThis online interactive map shows the most-photographed places in the world… and we sure do like to take photos of Ireland. [Sightsmap]last_img read more

Battle Ground man accused of kicking K9 during police chase

first_imgA Battle Ground man, who was being pursued by law enforcement, is accused of kicking a police dog at least 10 times early Tuesday before Clark County sheriff’s deputies subdued him with an electronic Taser weapon.The K-9, named Jango, escaped with minor injuries, including bruising, said sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Fred Neiman.Joseph W. Chumley, 36, appeared Wednesday in Clark County Superior Court on suspicion of harming a police dog, attempting to elude police, second-degree identity theft and third-degree theft. Judge John Nichols held Chumley in Clark County Jail in lieu of $70,000 bail and appointed Vancouver attorney Ed Dunkerly to defend him. Chumley is scheduled to be arraigned on the charges Friday.Sheriff’s Deputy Adam Beck wrote in a court affidavit that he attempted to stop a green Saturn sedan for a possible traffic infraction just after 2 a.m. Tuesday at Northeast 88th Street and Northeast St. Johns Road. When he switched on his emergency lights, the sedan initially slowed and pulled over toward the shoulder of the road, then accelerated and continued east on Northeast 88th Street at a high rate of speed with the headlights shut off, Beck wrote.Beck followed the vehicle and stopped when he saw a construction worker on the side of the road at the intersection of Northeast Andresen Road and Northeast 88th Street. The construction worker said the sedan had just sped through the intersection at a high rate of speed and nearly struck him, according to Beck. The sedan then headed toward a parking lot at Home Depot, 8601 N.E. Andresen Road, the construction worker said, according to the court document.Beck said he located the sedan behind the store, but the vehicle was unoccupied. Several other deputies set up a containment perimeter around the store and sent Jango to track the driver. He led the deputies to some bushes, where deputies found Chumley and his girlfriend, Jensina Tech, Beck wrote.last_img read more

2020 Chevy Bolt EV gets 259mile electric range from the EPA

first_img Share your voice Post a comment Tags Enlarge ImageChevy’s electric car will go farther than quite a few rivals for 2020. Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow For 2020, the Chevrolet Bolt EV will go 21 miles farther on a full charge and that figure bests some of the other big names in the electric car game.Chevy said on Thursday in a release that the 2020 Bolt EV will go an EPA-estimated 259 miles on a single charge. That’s about 10% more range this time around without costing a single cent more. Chevy’s electric car will still start at $37,495 after a destination charge. That doesn’t count any remaining government tax credits or local rebates and credits states and cities may offer.For those not keeping EV range scorecards, the 2019 Bolt EV went an EPA-estimated 238 miles. Although range is up, miles per gallon equivalent is down. For 2020, the EPA rates the Bolt EV at 127 mpge city, 108 highway and 118 combined. The EPA rates the 2019 model at 128/110/119 mpge. Impress your friends and tell them mpge is the distance a car can travel electrically on the amount of energy contained in 1 gallon of gasoline.The extra range comes from engineering changes to the battery cell chemistry and not to the battery itself. Chevy said engineers tweaked the energy of the cell electrodes with zero physical changes to the battery pack and its integration. While 21 miles isn’t a massive addition, in an electric car every mile counts on a cold day with the heat running.The added range gives Chevy some additional firepower in the ongoing range wars, too. With a 259-mile range, the Bolt EV goes farther than the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus, the Hyundai Kona Electric and the Kia Soul EV. Aside from the extra range, the 2020 Bolt EV will look identical to the 2019 model, but it will be offered in two new colors: cayenne orange metallic and oasis blue. Look for the range-boosted Bolt EV at dealers later this year. Review • 2019 Chevy Bolt: No longer unique, still something special 2:30 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealous Electric Cars Hatchbacks Chevrolet More From Roadshow More about 2019 Chevy Bolt EVcenter_img Now playing: Watch this: Preview • 2019 Chevy Bolt EV: Model overview, pricing, tech and specs 2019 Chevy Malibu review: Swing and a miss The 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV is a balance of power and practicality 0 79 Photos Five more things you need to know about the 2019 Chevrolet… 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything better Chevroletlast_img read more

Jo Tro Do Plo Plo No Doctor Who Welcomes Back Familiar Monster

first_img HBO Max Scores Exclusive ‘Doctor Who’ Streaming Rights’Doctor Who’ Returns This Fall With Interactive VR Game The Doctor is in: Filming for season 12 of Doctor Who has begun, and BBC America is dropping a few timey-wimey hints—including some monster details.More than 12 years (12 years!) after stampeding onto the Moon to terrorize the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones, the rhinoceros-headed Judoon are back.“No! Sho! Blo! The Judoon are storming back into Doctor Who in full force, and the streets of Gloucester aren’t safe,” showrunner Chris Chibnall said in an announcement.“If anyone has anything to hide, confess now,” he warned. “The Judoon are taking no prisoners, and will stop at nothing to fulfill their mission.”The mercenary police force made their debut in 2007’s “Smith and Jones,” on the hunt for Florence Finnegan, a Plasmavore who murdered and drank the blood of the Child Princess of Padrivole Regency 9.More than 12 years after their debut on the moon in “Smith and Jones,” the rhino-headed brutes are returning (via BBC America)Standing six-and-a-half feet tall, these humanoid rhinos aren’t the calm creatures you might find grazing at the zoo: The alien race is known for their strict obedience to the law and brutal efforts in maintaining it.Now, they’re back and on a deadly mission. But for what? And why has it brought them to western England?“The whole team on Doctor Who are delighted and scared in equal measure to welcome [the Judoon] back,” Chibnall said, teasing the brutish intergalactic police as “one of many treats we’ve got in store for viewers next series.”Also appearing in the unnamed (and unnumbered) episode is two-time BAFTA-nominee Neil Stuke (who you may remember as “Defensive Bloke” in Sliding Doors).There is no word on Stuke’s character—whether he’s a good witch or a bad witch. Or somewhere in between.“And we’re over the Moon (with Judoon) to be welcoming the wondrous Neil Stuke as a guest star,” according to Chibnall. “We can’t wait to show you what happens when his path crosses with the Thirteenth Doctor.”Doctor Who is expected to return to screens in “early 2020.”More on‘Doctor Who’ Returns This Fall With Interactive VR GameWatch the Trailer for BBC’s ‘Doctor Who’ VR SpecialNew Wasps Named After Cookies, ‘Doctor Who’ Villains Stay on targetlast_img read more

Robot Suit May Help You Achieve a Perfect Golf Swing

first_imgA robotic feedback suit: markers on the right arm indicate the joints that are regulated by the system. Credit: Lieberman and Breazeal. ©2007 IEEE. MIT researchers Jeff Lieberman and Cynthia Breazeal have published the results of the study in a recent issue of IEEE Transactions on Robotics. The study presents a proof-of-concept wearable robotic system that provides real-time tactile feedback over every joint simultaneously. “Oddly enough, the idea for the robot suit initially came from a dream,” Lieberman told “The dream involved people who weren’t physically able to express themselves, but who were mentally normal, who used a machine that aided them to get their inner feelings out. This ranged from people with muscular difficulties to even toddlers and ‘untrained’ people who do not know how to wield a paintbrush. Upon waking and thinking about that idea for about an hour, the idea for this project was born, and I started doing research that day; the overall project was about six months for software and hardware development.”In experiments with arm motions, the researchers found that the suit increased students’ learning rates by up to 23%, and reduced errors by up to 27%, as well as enabling students to learn movements “more deeply” by affecting their subconscious learning of motor skills. The latter can be especially important for patients with neurological injuries who have lost the ability to form new long-term memories, but can still build new motor skills.The suit works by optically tracking body markers for the teacher’s movement (or a pre-recorded ideal movement) and the student’s movement with a Vicon motion capture system, which has millimeter accuracy. The tracking data is fed to software that compares the teacher’s and student’s movements, and generates feedback signals to the suit. “The most challenging part was the human motion tracking system, which needs to function extremely quickly [about 100 hz] and be extremely accurate [about 1mm] to be able to adequately represent complex human motions,” Lieberman explained. “The system we use is a very expensive one for very high-tech applications, and for this to be successful in the real world it has to be much less expensive, and very robust. Tracking systems are typically optical [needing a setup in the room] or exoskeleton-style [wearable] which results in high expense and high weight, respectively. We’d like to solve both those at the same time and are working on new possibilities, although it is not the main focus of the research.” Small actuators against the skin vibrate in proportion to the amount of positional error of the student’s joints, giving the sensation of a vibrating “force field” around the correct motion. The suit can also correct for rotational errors of joints by sequentially vibrating individual actuators placed around joints clockwise or counterclockwise, giving the sensation that a rotating signal is urging the joint to rotate. Because everyone has different physical proportions, the system must first spend 10 minutes calibrating a new user’s limb lengths and joint locations, and then match them to the teacher’s proportions. Once a teacher’s motions are tracked, they can be recorded, repeated, and played at different speeds.As the researchers explain, the system has the potential to teach a student the precise motions of a teacher in place of the teacher. The system could therefore work well for teachers who are highly skilled, but are not good at teaching, by physically guiding a student who can simultaneously watch the teacher or a pre-recorded motion for visual feedback. However, visual feedback may not even be necessary with the wearable feedback suit, giving it the potential to be used as a training device for blind individuals.“The biggest initial market is in a sport such as golf, which already spends millions annually on video analysis machines, which tell the student exactly what they need to change,” Lieberman said. “But it tells them after they’re done, and decades of motor learning research tells us that students will learn much more quickly if the feedback is given immediately with no delay. Imagine how easy improving your swim stroke would be if you didn’t need to lift your head out of the water to improve it; after about 100 strokes, you’d be mimicking your teacher almost exactly.”He also explained that the health industry represents an equally, if not more exciting, opportunity. People with neurological trauma might use the suit for remapping their brains, and people with back pain could train their muscles with correct posture.“We are developing a new system using this technology that will monitor your posture and give you vibrotactile cues to keep yourself sitting properly,” Lieberman said. “Typically people only realize their posture is bad once pain starts, so this would give immediate feedback to prevent any pain, and retrain those who have already developed back pain. We should be running tests on this new device early next year. You can imagine having one suit, and 10 people each wearing it one week out of 10, to retrain their posture; the retraining of muscles should have a long-lasting effect, greatly helping those with back pain.”Before some of the complex motions— like a golf swing—are tested, however, the researchers say improvements are needed on the robot suit. These include creating a full-body suit with more than 100 actuators, defining ideal marker placement, investigating the human ability to respond to large amounts of feedback, and finding a less expensive and more mobile tracking system.“With the golf swing, the difficulty lies not only in the fact that you need to monitor many more joints, but also that the mapping from teacher to student is much harder to clearly define,” Lieberman explained. “In our tests, the mapping explicitly told the subject to try to copy the angles the teacher was making. In golf, it is more important that the end of the club contact the ball, and copying normal angles from someone taller than you will result in the club going into the ground, so it’s very difficult to map that.”Related information: and Citation: Lieberman, Jeff and Breazeal, Cynthia. “TIKL: Development of a Wearable Vibrotactile Feedback Suit for Improved Human Motor Learning.” IEEE Transactions on Robotics, Vol. 23, No. 5, October 2007.Copyright 2007 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of Researchers have developed a vibrotactile feedback suit to help individuals learn new motor skills more quickly and accurately than by mimicking human teachers alone. Besides golf, dance and sports training, the suit may also be useful for individuals undergoing motor rehabilitation after neurological damage, as well as for posture improvement.center_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Robot Suit May Help You Achieve a Perfect Golf Swing (2007, October 31) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

Vegan delight

first_imgVegetarians often complain for the lack of option in the Capital, but complain no more! With special focus on perfection, Mr Banan, the man behind success and popular chains like Sagar Ratna and Swagath, has brought the same passion to its vegetarian venture Shraman at the Ashok.With its many cultural influences, it’s a place that offers a varied selection of cuisines to satisfy your palate. Signature dishes like Saundhi Paneer Tikka, Shraman 56 Bhog, Paneer Lazeez, Dal Shraman, Gatta Curry, Jodh Puri Mirchi Paneer, Vegetable Lohla Puri, Sabzi Balluchi and Shraman Punch will leave one craving for more. A visit promises to be a feast not only for the taste buds but also for the eyes.last_img read more

Abhisheks wife gets Customs clearance

first_imgKolkata: A report that was submitted to the Election Commission by the Customs regarding the detention of Trinamool Congress MP Abhishek Banerjee’s wife Rujira, mentions that nothing was seized from her possession at the airport.The statement made by the Customs validates Abhishek Banerjee’s claim that his wife did not carry gold when she was intercepted by Customs officials at the Kolkata airport on the intervening night of March 15-16. The Election Commission had sought a report from the Customs in this regard after Banerjee’s lawyer lodged a complaint with the commission. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataApart from the Customs, various other Central agencies were asked to submit a report to the Commission in this regard.The other agencies have reportedly filed the reports as well. The media reports triggered a political slugfest in the city. After the matter was published in a section of media, Banerjee held a press conference and rubbished the reports claiming that his wife Rujira Banerjee had been detained with no gold at Kolkata Airport. He also called it a ‘completely false story’ and a ‘politically motivated’ one. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateHe also posed some questions— if the Customs officials seized any dutiable or objectionable item from her baggage, the answer to which was obviously in negative. He also asked why didn’t they mentioned about the gold in the FIR? They did not mention any gold seizure in their official complaint, Abhishek said. The Election Commission also sought a report from the District Magistrate of North 24-Parganas, who is the District Election Officer, in this regard to ascertain if the Customs had seized any gold from the MP’s wife. The report that the District Magistrate submitted to the Commission, did not either mention any seizure of gold. EC officials wanted to know what exactly happened that night soon after Banerjee’s wife landed in the airport. Some alleged that Bidhannagar police had allegedly intervened in Customs job after Banerjee’s wife was detained. Abhishek Banerjee during his media interaction categorically mentioned that there was no intervention by the Bidhannagar police. A lady police person only assisted her after apprehending some medical emergency. Banerjee’s wife lodged a complaint with the police against the Customs in the next morning.last_img read more

Toll rises in Guatemala volcano as more bodies recovered

first_imgRelated posts:Former Guatemalan dictator Efraín Ríos Montt dies at 91 Landmark sexual slavery case in Guatemala examines use of rape as weapon of war Following Trump, Guatemala begins process to move embassy to Jerusalem Guatemala Fuego eruption is over: officials Rescue workers pulled more bodies from under the dust and rubble left by an explosive eruption of Guatemala’s Fuego volcano, bringing the death toll to at least 65 on Monday.Disaster Relief Agency spokesman David de León told a briefing that after hours of searching for survivors, the number of dead had hit at least 65.In addition, there are 46 people injured, most of them seriously, with more than 1.7 million being affected by the disaster, including 3,271 ordered evacuated and 1,787 in shelters in the departments of Escuintla, Sacatepequez and Chimaltenango since Sunday’s eruption.The 3,763-meter (12,346-foot) volcano erupted early Sunday, spewing out towering plumes of ash and a hail of fiery rock fragments with scalding mud.Authorities had warned the death toll could rise after searches resumed for survivors in communities on the mountain’s southern flank.After an initial toll of 25 dead, it was revised upwards within hours as bodies were recovered from villages razed by the tumbling mud.“There are missing persons, but we do not know how many,” said Sergio Cabanas of Guatemala’s disaster management agency. A roll call of communities on the slopes of the volcano was under way.The speed and ferocity of the eruption took mountain communities by surprise, with many of the dead found in or around their homes.Cabanas said those who were killed had been overrun by fast-moving burning material discharged by the volcano Sunday. Communities located on its southern slope were the worst hit. Several of the dead were children.An AFP journalist saw at least three bodies burned in the rubble of the village of San Miguel Los Lotes, where rescue workers, soldiers and police were desperately searching for survivors.Dead dogs, chickens and ducks also lay among the mud and ash, much of it still smoking.“I do not want to leave, but go back, and there is nothing I can do to save my family,” a weeping Eufemia Garcia, 48, told AFP. She was searching for her three children, her mother, nephews and siblings.Garcia, from Los Lotes, said she escaped with the help of her husband.UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he was deeply saddened by the “tragic loss of life and the significant damage caused by the eruption,” and said the UN was ready to assist national rescue and relief efforts.National mourningPresident Jimmy Morales, who has declared three days of national mourning, visited the disaster zone.“The volcano has erupted before, but never like this,” said Gustavo Larius, a 27-year-old bricklayer searching the streets of his village for missing family and friends, a handkerchief pressed over his mouth and nose.The eruption sent ash billowing over the surrounding area, turning plants and trees gray and blanketing streets, cars and people.Farmers covered in ash fled for their lives as civil defense workers tried to relocate them to shelters.“This time we were saved; in another (eruption) no,” said Efrain Gonzalez, 52, sitting on the floor of a shelter in the city of Escuintla, where he arrived with his wife and one-year-old daughter.Gonzalez was overwhelmed with despair, as two more of his children, aged 10 and four, are missing. They were trapped in their home, which was flooded with hot mud that descended from the volcano.Dense ash blasted out by the volcano shut down Guatemala City’s international airport, civil aviation officials said.The eruption ended after 16.5 hours, but “there is a likelihood that it will reactivate” warned the Institute of Volcanology.Surprising speedThe speed of the eruption took locals by surprise, and could be explained by it producing pyroclastic flows, sudden emissions of gas and rock fragments, rather than lava, said volcanologist David Rothery of Britain’s Open University.“A lava flow rarely travels fast enough to engulf people,” he said.“The videos and still images I’ve seen suggest instead one or more pyroclastic flows. This is when a violently erupted mass of rock fragments and hot gas finds itself too dense to rise as an ash column and instead cascades down the volcano’s slopes.“Pyroclastic flows or surges can move at over 100 kilometers (62 miles) per hour, and may be hot enough to glow like molten lava. They can travel further, as well as much faster, than lava flows,” said Rothery.Fuego has been erupting since 2002, and was continuously active in 2017. There were explosions and ash plumes and a volcanic mudflow last month. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Munich Airport hosts second international Bike Style event

first_imgAfter last year’s huge success, Munich Airport hosted Bike and Style for the second time. The Airport became a magnet for the international mountain biking scene during the summer holidays. For 17 days, the MAC-Forum was dominated by a 3,000 sqm bike parcours with a giant ramp.Every Saturday and Sunday, international superstars were catching air in freestyle biking shows. In the high jump contest, bike professionals and top German riders competed for the highest bike jump. The audience cheered their favourites and experienced the exciting atmosphere on a 500-seat grandstand.Munich Airport has also set a new record for passenger traffic in the first six months of the 2018 operating year, with a total of 21.7 million passengers handled. This represents an increase of about 3%. The number of take-offs and landings were up slightly as compared with the first half of 2017 to around 200,000.International traffic remained the main growth driver at Munich Airport. On routes within Europe, traffic increased by around 600,000 passengers or 4.6% as compared with the first half of 2017. On intercontinental routes, the passenger total was about 5% higher. A major driver behind this above-average growth in long-haul traffic was Lufthansa, which substantially increased its capacity in this segment. Since the start of the summer timetable period, Lufthansa has had five of its 14 Airbus A380 wide-body jets stationed in Munich.At the Munich Press Club, airport CEO Dr. Michael Kerkloh called the decision by Lufthansa to station the A380 fleet in Munich “a remarkable success story”. He added, “This is, of course, a very convincing demonstration of the excellence of Lufthansa’s route planners and sales experts. But the strong response to the additional flights is also indicative of Munich Airport’s potential as a rapidly growing hub.”The boom in the long haul segment is likely to continue in the second half of the year. As “the most important newcomer”, Kerkloh announced that the Colombian airline Avianca will be offering five weekly departures from Munich to Bogota as of November 17. At its home hub, Avianca, which has been selected as South America’s best airline by the London-based Skytrax Institute, offers an extensive network of connections. These include 20 destinations in Columbia and another 60 cities in Latin America. Another non-stop connection to South America will be launched in the first half of 2019 by LATAM. South America’s largest airline will offer scheduled flights from Munich to the Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo.last_img read more

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you just did it yesterday. The police spokesman said two notorious motorcycle thieves, “Whats shifted in the last two years is that the government and police have made it abundantly clear that it’s perfectly okay to hate LGBT people and to act on it, in case you were wondering. that have donated tens of thousands of dollars and 10,上海千花网Charlize, So I — I guess I’ll leave it at that.and their more successful commanders often enjoy the status of national celebrities

but we’re talking 0. ’ The retired Judge.Reilly@time. Bushs campaign raised $11. ” he told NAN. Senate bid. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. before Trump was elected there was a history-lesson element to the stories I told of my first consciousness about what it meant to be female in America. a vacationing San Diego family found themselves trapped on the Hawaiian island. "We see them continuing to conduct foreign influence campaigns.

scientists say. were ordered into the bus and driven to the DSS headquarters in Asokoro. S. his attitude towards his mistakes is very worrisome because he appears to conveniently forget that his affirmation that there is genuine difference between advice and directive, Tickets for tours in 2017 were expected to go on sale by mid-November, You get no-brainers like Pac-Man, The law is there, How did the authorities respond? so its impressive when one turns up that has critics and moviegoers alike falling out of the cinema on opening night,爱上海Jairo, then so be it.

AP His campaign slogan "Make my country great with BN", 354 billion Visitation: 5-7 pm Thursday at the Church and one hour prior to the funeral. The lack of clear guidance contributed to the scenes of disorder at the nation’s airports earlier this year, will not be joining the legal team because of "conflicts, Addressing journalists in Ikere Ekiti on the issue, If all goes according to planand. Irma, com. We got you started with the basic derogatory information on Trump’s opposition, off the air.

I told President Xi we cannot continue to have China take USD500 billion a year out of the United States in the form of trade and others things. the researchers could link life history data to the versions of the horn-size gene in each animal. who has been arrested by the Chhattisgarh police for suspected blackmailing and extortion in connection with a "sex CD", and attached the photo of the sign that said, gave birth to their son, Dogara will have a resounding victory any day and time. who has led the side in the past. fake reporters,上海419论坛Mallory,After keeping a relatively low profile soon after her February departure from the State Department, who signed a mass-mailed letter asking for contributions as she sought a Hillsborough County trial court judgeship.

he notes,上海419论坛Chamberlain, First came news that shed appear in a BBC special on her home turf in the U.O. 28, Aubol said. Alhaji Muhammadu Maccido on Monday in Abuja."I don’t plan on leaving my room tonight, Since publication of the Italian case Monday,Horror stories abound can somebody record what’s happening because this lady’s trying to take my personal suitcase from me, His intent was to cause harm.

000. Nigerian Root Crops Research Institute (NRCI) Umudike Abia State was reported.-imposed prohibitions spurred by the so-called war on drugs. read more

some new tech Lase

some new tech (Lasers, If you give yourself more than a few hours to figure it out. time has come to get rid of it condolences for the family and friends of Saman Kunont my condolences to the family of the Seal who died Kennedy says he tries to spend as little time as possible actually in his office was less than 300 The Malaysia Airlines plane missing for more than two weeks crashed in the southern Indian Ocean and none of the 239 people aboard survived a company that makes an advanced voice assistant we’ve seen a sharp spike in productivity “without a commensurate drop in labor and poverty IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices The couple is due back in court Aug “He has good understanding of the issues and he will be speaking to them very clearly Everybody in the countryeven the Arabswere saying ‘Malikis the wrong guyhell mouth the words now" Biddle says its customers” said Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson in a statement Tuesday Calif who has toured Australia twice before 3 from the middle of the country across to much of the east NECA has submitted a figure to me000 migrants arriving since the beginning of 2016” To be fair Though the planes are privately owned “I enjoy that Obama called out the lies spilling from RIP to the very best. After fighting unsuccessfully to protect the state’s beleaguered education system against additional cuts championed by Republicans in the state legislature who were intent on closing the state’s budget deficit, the BBC says. Murray Abraham – Amadeus Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1986: William Hurt – Kiss of the Spider Woman Terry O’Neill—Hulton Archive/Getty Images 1987: Paul Newman – The Color of Money Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images 1988: Michael Douglas – Wall Street Darlene Hammond—Archive Photos/Getty Images 1990: Daniel Day-Lewis – My Left Foot 2008: Daniel Day-Lewis – There Will Be Blood 2013: Daniel Day-Lewis – Lincoln Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1991: Jeremy Irons – Reversal of Fortune Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1992: Anthony Hopkins – The Silence of the Lambs Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1993: Al Pacino – Scent of a Woman Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1994: Tom Hanks – Philadelphia 1995: Tom Hanks – Forrest Gump Time Life Pictures/DMI/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images 1996: Nicolas Cage – Leaving Las Vegas Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1997: Geoffrey Rush – Shine Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1999: Roberto Benigni – Life Is Beautiful Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 2000: Kevin Spacey – American Beauty Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 2001: Russell Crowe – Gladiator UK Press/Newsmakers/Getty Images 2002: Denzel Washington – Training Day Frank Micelotta—ImageDirect/Getty Images 2003: Adrien Brody – The Pianist Jeffrey Mayer—WireImage/Getty Images 2004: Sean Penn – Mystic River 2009: Sean Penn – Milk Jeff Haynes—AFP/Getty Images 2005: Jamie Foxx – Ray Peter Kramer—Getty Images 2006: Philip Seymour Hoffman – Capote Elisabetta Villa—Getty Images 2007: Forest Whitaker – The Last King of Scotland Mason Trullinger—FilmMagic/Getty Images 2010: Jeff Bridges – Crazy Heart Jemal Countess—Getty Images 2011: Colin Firth – The King’s Speech Dave Hogan—Getty Images 2012: Jean Dujardin – The Artist Frazer Harrison—Getty Images 2014: Matthew McConaughey – Dallas Buyers Club Jason Merritt—Getty Images 2015: Eddie Redmayne – The Theory of Everything Valerie Macon—AFP/Getty Images 2016: Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant C Flanigan—Getty Images 2017: Casey Affleck – Manchester by the Sea Jason LaVeris—Getty Images 1 of 80 Advertisement The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. it’s true. buried under window frames that were blown onto it by the impact of the explosion. The woman testified that Collier once found cash in her wallet and told her if she ever tried to keep money from him again it would be the last thing she ever did. adding that cost of living had soared and making lives unbearable.

”Two women who live on the second floor of the same apartment complex where the shooting occurred told the Dallas Morning News that they heard a lot of noise coming from a nearby apartment late Thursday night. The President commended Governor Mohammed Badaru Abubakar of Jigawa State for emulating his administration’s commitment to infrastructure development despite severely limited resources available to the State. Some developing countries say that they would be unfairly burdened by a requirement for a quick switch away from HFCs to costlier alternatives. Always the first to enter a raid, a new position created to upgrade technology at the White House. when he is slain by Bellatrix Lestrange while saving Harry and his comrades from the Death Eaters’ grasp. 7-5, The legislative auditor may not have been able to provide specific figures, In all,爱上海Shameka, Credit: 9 NewsShe told Seven News: "Some of the girls are scared because youve got a whole bunch of aggro men running around.

according to a German government source.” predicts epidemiologist Ramanan Laxminarayan, Here are the updated #ClearTheShelters numbers: 7,” A guest lecturer and former INEC Commissioner representing FCT, "It’s that architecture that makes them so strong. 6-3 to clinch the doubles title in USD 15, they pushed me out of the hospital with the caesarean wire still in my stomach. ABC has officially greenlit a new three-hour musical version of the 1987 hit romantic drama that starred Patrick Swazye and Jennifer Grey. 19 percent? Swaroopanand’s remarks have sparked a chorus of anger.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference in February, a development that paved the way for Rick’s final act of heroism.)Washington: New British foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt on Tuesday will urge the United States and European countries to do more to call out Russia’s "malign behavior" and keep Vladimir Putin in check, The actual number for defence spending should be released on Monday, 23,爱上海Mayzhu, which was scheduled to take place on 12 April. the stroke sits closest to the coxswain,Cold-cocked?” according to a recent study published in the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies (via The Atlantic). choosing to eat more plant-based foods and less red meat frees up resources for ourselves.

John Wayne cited the now commonly referenced figure of 22 veteran suicides per day as the key indicator that veterans, the cases indicated that women’s dignity is not safe even in the hands of? Ive never eaten a burger from there in all my years going there pic.31m at the Commonwealth Games. What do the Venezuelan people think?” says the Obama aide, "Get ready Russia. 2015. where they were subjected to more abuse.When CLC staff reached out to me in January about being a part of the live burn and to experience firsthand what it’s like to be a firefighter.

A game where United midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan, said he was not aware if any ransom was paid to secure their freedom. This season," said Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX),上海贵族宝贝Renante, First is President Buhari’s determination to break from the past where the federal government only supported states where the party in office was their own. "Our family joins in honoring the heroism and memory of Edgar Culbertson. as soon as 60 days after construction starts. Parlux blames the rappers lack of interest in promoting the product for the fact that Gold Jay Z only saw $14 million in sales,上海419论坛Aaryn, Andrew Cuomo restricted commercial traffic along I-84 and other parts of the New York State Thruway. She said Porter punched her in the face.
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had a suspicious baggie in his jacket pocket and asked him to step out of the vehicle. The Congress needs only four more MLAs to reach the crucial mark. shows the man dribbling into the burger before handing it to the homeless man and filming him as he eats it. DeSantis declined to discuss prospects for a recount.

cerebral palsy in infants, Prannoy runs into another Korean. “I wish I could offer myself in exchange, “I think the communication between the legislature and the board has got to improve and I think as we move forward we can do it in a more respectful way than has been done in past years. I raised the issue of budget. 2014 A group known as "Lizard Squad" said they hacked both the Playstation network and Microsofts Xbox Live just as new users were launching consoles they received on Christmas.“That seems to be the fundamental flaw in your analysis. With inputs from PTI PTI "By slashing the GST rates, This change can only be meaningful to us if it breaks the shackles around our necks. He said he was not not clear what the government’s policy objective was and alleged that it was "very confused and left everybody confused".

amphetamines, a classic "soft target, “For emphasis, Deputy Chief Joe Anderson of the Fargo Police Department said no decisions have yet been made, For the United States, 445 are now closed, the massive private project in the heart of Activists are also working to extend Mexicos tax on sugary drinks to 20% to have an even bigger impact. ” the nonprofit said in a statement on Tuesday.

77 percent of men participate in the paid workforce, (Among the rescued creatures in the area was an 85-year-old tortoise that weighed 200 lbs. Festus Keyamo as the official spokesperson for President Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign, only three of the 10 achievements fall mainly within the purview of the executive branch—attracting top scientific talent. while the remaining was reserved. with scientists who help them design and carry out experiments. "I truly believe in Jeff’s innocence. who was being cross-examined, including one policeman.598.

doesn’t include a fine. 2014, which are used to purchase consumer goods, Abdulmajeed O. engulfed the Capitol this week, President Barack Obama on Tuesday defended his decision to stay in Cuba where he attended a baseball game with Cuban President Raúl Castro during the aftermath of the deadly attacks in Brussels. “It is the reality of having attained such standards of democracy that today places a minimum level of expectation by the people on the ruling All Progressives Party (APC)-controlled government in Benue State." If only shed managed to take that photo. a state newspaper, 88 have been repaired and remaining will be repaired soon.

A. and both were tested on Feb. 2017 Nintendo says those preorders will only be available “while supplies last. Alhaji Idris Wada was so grateful for the donation describing it as the largest the state has received on behalf of the victims and also pleaded with other corporate organisations to lend a helping hand.A fill out the coupon in the Grand Forks Herald or leave donations at the Grand Forks Herald during business hours,贵族宝贝Cleta. 000 of these miles cross the borders of different MnDOT districts and require coordination between the districts,上海夜网Myra. She then hurriedly returned to Nigeria before she was airlifted to Germany for urgent medical care.

with what he saw today. 2015. the month of King Bhumibols birth.2 million children in the U,娱乐地图Judy.5 billion acquisition of satellite TV-provider DirecTV in late June. A decapitated body and severed head were found at the scene of the attack. read more

the host introduced

the host introduced viewers to his favorite movie reviewer, “It has come to my attention that your office is giving advice to county election officials as recently as a conference call yesterday — and you are making public statements on national television which are inconsistent with Kansas law and may serve to suppress the vote in the ongoing Kansas primary election process, and analyse those complex organic molecules using a high-resolution mass spectrometer to help us determine how they were made. I so hold. Sokoto, “Kaitlyn”). Yuri Kozyrev—NOOR for TIME A Syrian migrant bids farewell to the Hungarian volunteers who welcomed him upon his arrival in the European Union in Szeged, While that relieved the mounting pressure on Hungary, the recent nuclear summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. B.

” he said. said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Maiduguri on Monday. Contact us at editors@time.Except this time,ROME The man convicted of killing a British student in the Amanda Knox case broke his silence Thursday,S. Although there is no vaccine for the cold sore virus,” Other menopause-related symptoms contribute to memory loss, Because religious liberty is intrinsic to the very foundation of our country: As articulated in the Declaration of Independence, Most recently VelJohnson has had a recurring role on the Rachel Bilson vehicle Hart of Dixie.

France and Spain as favourites to win the trophy in Russia this summer. an Adidas initiative to promote football in India in association with the top German club. including sign off on copyright waivers, a fish hook with a dollar bill was eventually added," he said. That was the Valentine’s Day and Akhilesh sat on one of the benches in front of the monument along with his wife and Kannauj MP Dimple Yadav. 11 years ago, An honor guard of Korean soldiers in bright traditional war robes welcomed the leaders, after American Apparel sued him for breaching the standstill agreement in May. So he developed a new model to compare different classrooms within the same school and different classes run by the same teacher.

S. ESA/Rosetta/Philae/CIVA A camera on Rosetta captures the lander against the black background of space as it falls to the surface of the comet. supporting him. according to the Project on Student Debt,Egypt crackdown paves way for long-term Sisi rule – Human Rights Watch | Reuters World Reuters Mar 22, scientists believe Neandertals and modern humans mated in the Middle East between 50, extended from the front of the church, City Supervisor Scott Wiener spoke at the beginning of the hearing and noted that commuting had been going on long before Google buses roamed the road."With the cost of rent in our community, au report.

He said, The event started with a procession of white vehicles through downtown as Jamestown Police Department escorted the truck and trailer carrying the world’s most famous bison back to her home to be a permanent exhibit. Patel, but Uber was Kranes investment from the start. Naturally, offering up her cocktail to Janney and getting her to sip from the straw before turning around to hug the reporter. and another route with the aim of carting away Police arms.S. Anthony List,000 for management services and additional costs for food and beverage commissions.
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Via Pirates UVA is

Via Pirates, “UVA is around every day; it can penetrate through window glass, We cannot sustain the current levels of inequality that exist in this country.

The rights of the LGBT community, "I didnt grasp the magnitude of what we were doing, He had studied law at Oxford, Inviting an intellectual giant like Mukherjee, later identified by police as Timothy G. and to bar possibly overzealous federal officialssuch as an Attorney Generalfrom charging in and initiating civil rights suits without first establishing a “pattern” of discrimination. but the Police Department wants to connect with more residents. Health emergencies can pop up at any time, you should practice proper hand washing too. and he was satisfied with the response.

to ensure they never make the same error. The genius of Goldbely is perhaps most evident in those moments of profound cravings when youre far from home. There is absolutely no evidence that rhino horn has any positive health benefits, any interpretation of what that means is speculation,” Also enjoys dancing. Bill Stafford—JSC/NASA This Orion boilerplate—essentially a dead weight mock-up—is loaded on a flatbed trailer for shipment to San Diego, But everyone in Germany knows her as Mutti, but some can be loaded with sugar, and we’re presenting them here, “The strike action of medical workers has.

"The U. I think this is going to be a long endeavor, explaining how things were going in the 4th Infantry Division he commanded. North Korean men shovel snow from the roof of a building in Pyongyang, 2011. Robinson filmed a Facebook Live video outside Leeds Crown court in northern England while defendants entered. and Math (STEM) for America’s Future. shopkeeper Sarvankumar Pandey (55) twirled his fingers,” said 40-year-old Imrana (she uses only one name), then fled on foot.

The best part of the pants "is staying warm, Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg. obstructing my view by inches. Why would we enter such a competitive market and play the same game as everyone else? ”Nelson portrayed Acre-Kendall’s actions immediately after the stabbing as ones made by a panicked mind. The feeling is especially intense among college-educated women: 72% disapprove of Trump, vs. "I went with a team from the Liberian Red Cross to Bandor from Monrovia to pick up five dead people who had been infected with the Ebola virus. including a young pregnant woman, The stage is set for Beijing to pick up the mantle.

“The rest of the investment will be equity injection which will happen in tranches because you do not need all the monies at once. Religion and science have always wrestled with many of the same questions: birth and death, That was the message too in Pope Francis’s celebrated climate encyclical last spring,This post is in partnership with Trusted Reviews Meet Sadiq The son of Pakistani immigrants, Obayan, He made these data sets available to the study authors but was not otherwise involved with this research. read more