Dell Edge Gateway 3000 Series Pushes Computing Further to the Edge

first_imgSince I barely stand five feet tall, a t-shirt I’ve seen and often contemplated buying says “I’m not small, I’m fun-sized!” Well, I think that could also make a great tagline for something our vice president and general manager of Internet of Things (IoT) Andy Rhodes called “small and mighty.”He was referring to the Edge Gateway 3000 Series we launched at Mobile World Congress today, which will enable our customers to connect the unconnected where they couldn’t before.Edge computing is predicted to be the next multibillion dollar technology market. But what is it?One way to illustrate is to look at some of the ideal locations for the Edge Gateway 3000. They include places like a refrigerator trailer, a remote oil pump in the desert, digital signs in an elevator, inside of the HVAC units on a roof-top of a casino, even in the car you drive – or the car you let drive you.You see edge computing means rather than sending a lot of data back to a central location before processing it, the ability to start processing can begin at the edges of the network. Internet-connected devices, the Internet of Things, can analyze and generate knowledge from the data at the source.The Gateway 3000 Series joins Dell’s line of IoT-enabling hardware including the Edge Gateway 5000 Series, and  Embedded Box PC 3000 and 5000 Series.These products are already enabling our customers to do some pretty cool things that bring you benefits you probably haven’t even realized. For instance, did you know that 33 percent of all food is wasted because of spoilage caused by inefficient supply chains?Many retail and grocery store food refrigeration units are managed locally with a store clerk and a clipboard. If a failure occurs, tons of food could be wasted. IMS Evolve, a U.K.-based dynamic monitoring company and a Dell IoT Solutions partner helps prevent this by connecting those refrigeration units and levering edge computing to automate alerts and enable proactive service that improves your food quality.“We saw a great potential partner with the same vision and architectural approach to IoT,” says Jason Kay, chief commercial officer at IMS Evolve. “Dell’s supply chain, its existing relationships with prospective customers, and its ability to deploy and support environments at massive scale opens doors for us.”The new Edge Gateway 3000 Series is designed by our expert team of rugged product engineers and put through a rigorous 10-step testing process in our IoT Labs. It’s ideal for both fixed and mobile use cases requiring smaller sensor networks, tight spaces and simpler analytics. The product line was designed per tens of thousands of hours of feedback through customer advisory councils, industry consortiums and market feedback.For example, The Weir Group, a customer of ours that has embarked on a Digital Transformation journey to transform the historically traditional mining industry.“Together, we’re building solutions based on Dell Edge Gateways for some of the world’s most challenging industrial environments that will allow us to easily monitor large, remote equipment and make better business decisions based on the data,” said Andrew Neilson, director of strategy, The Weir Group.The 3000 Series includes three unique models that broaden the use cases of our technology from such large equipment to embedded solutions in the industrial automation, digital signage and transportation markets.Remember that car I mentioned that might be driving you one day? Well… probably before that happens for most of us, our Edge Gateway 3002 (spot it in the photo above) will be helping manage a transportation fleet or connecting shipping containers and refrigerated trucks.The Dell Edge Gateway 3000 Series will be available in early summer 2017 in select countries. And with its greater ruggedness for extreme environments, there’s no telling how far to the edge of edge computing it may go.last_img read more

Indonesia says it has seized Iranian and Panamanian tankers

first_imgJAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesian authorities say they have seized an Iranian tanker and Panamanian tanker suspected of carrying out the illegal transfer of oil in their country’s waters. A spokesman for the Indonesian Maritime Security Agency says the Iranian-flagged MT Horse and the Panamanian-flagged MT Frea were seized Sunday in waters off Indonesia’s West Kalimantan province. He said the tankers are suspected of a variety of violations, including not displaying national flags, shutting off their identification systems, anchoring illegally as well as the illegal transfer fuel between ships and spilling oil.last_img read more

Moody’s: Coal could drop to 11% of U.S. electric generation by 2030

first_imgMoody’s: Coal could drop to 11% of U.S. electric generation by 2030 FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Platts:Demand for U.S. thermal coal will “erode significantly” between 2020 and 2030 as total use for U.S. power generation could fall to as little as 11% based on scheduled and likely retirements, Moody’s Investors Service wrote in a report released Wednesday.Mines in the Powder River Basin are expected to be the hardest hit as thermal coal generation declines. The operations are run by companies that have all gone through or are undergoing bankruptcy restructuring, such as Blackjewel, Cloud Peak Energy, Westmoreland Coal, Arch Coal and Peabody Energy.Natural gas generation will replace most of the thermal coal generating capacity set for retirement as the U.S. coal industry contracts and becomes ever more reliant on export markets, according to Moody’s.“The pace and magnitude of the decline in coal demand for power generation remains uncertain. But the closures of coal-fired power plants already announced, plus other likely closures such as power plants more than 50 years old, would reduce coal to as little as 11% of total U.S. power generation by 2030,” the report said. “This drop would represent a substantial reduction from today’s mid-20% contribution to power generation, and the continuation of an ongoing secular decline in thermal coal demand.”While many of the remaining coal-fired power plants in the US are not fully utilized, the Moody’s report said capacity factors at those plants are also unlikely to increase even as other plants retire. According to the report, domestic utilities consumed about 84% of the coal produced in the US in 2018.Moody’s estimates that exports will make up more than a quarter of US coal sales by the early to mid-2020s, assuming that thermal and metallurgical coal markets continue to support reasonable profits. Cash flow will be volatile because many US producers do not have cost structures that can compete when the commodity cycle drives prices down, Moody’s added.More: Coal’s share of U.S. power generation may fall to 11% by 2030: Moody’slast_img read more

Brazilian Armed Forces and Police Perform Combined Operation in Rio de Janeiro

first_imgBy Andréa Barretto/Diálogo June 27, 2018 The state of Rio de Janeiro is under federal intervention since February 2018, with Brazilian Army (EB, in Portuguese) General Walter Souza Braga Netto as its commander. The measure is in response to increasing violence in the state’s inland cities, and in the state capital of Rio de Janeiro, home of the country’s top drug and arms traffickers. After a series of high-profile missions against criminals, the operation escalated on June 7th, with the largest number of troops since the intervention began. More than 5,000 men, including 4,600 service members and 760 police officers, deployed to six strategic locations in the western zone of Rio de Janeiro. Units used helicopters and Urutu and Guarani armored vehicles to surround the region home to around 200,000 people, including armed traffickers and gangs. “We anticipate this operation will last a little longer than normal,” said EB Colonel Carlos Frederico Gomes Cinelli, spokesperson for the Federal Intervention Office. The main focus of this intervention is to weaken the Comando Vermelho faction and for the 18th Military Police Battalion to retake control of security in the favela known as Cidade de Deus. Comando Vermelho is one of the biggest Brazilian organized crime groups, controlling a network that extends through several states, from Rio de Janeiro to Amazonas. While some police and military teams take over the streets of those communities, others block potential criminal escape routes. At the same time, the Civil Police checks criminal records of favela residents and executes court orders. The 4,600 service members deployed in this operation rotate in groups, Col. Cinelli explained. “The teams [of service members] include all necessary logistics, such as reservists changing shifts or on leave, so the troops are fresh at the beginning of each rotation. So, 4,600 is the sum of several steps in this operation.” Joint maneuvers The operation under way in western Rio de Janeiro was coordinated with another security operation in the southern zone, on June 9th, where Rocinha is located. The Armed Forces occupied the favela—known for competing criminal factions of drug traffickers—for a week in 2017, due to fierce confrontations between enemy groups. The Federal Police joined the operation on June 9th—the first time since the intervention began. The agents’ mission was to execute federal warrants. “Our objective was to provide temporary support to the [Public] Security Office through the execution of outstanding warrants. There were confrontations when we arrived, and one of the detainees was injured. But no civilians or police were injured. We arrested 16 people, including the member of an important criminal faction,” Col. Cinelli said. The state’s service members and police officers spread across Rocinha and three other communities in the southern zone, just like in the west, to arrest wanted individuals, clear routes cut off by criminals, and search pedestrians and vehicles. The operation in the southern zone lasted just one day. The operation in western Rio de Janeiro will continue indefinitely, with an increase in social programs for residents in local communities. “We are past the stabilization phase, and now services are required,” Col. Cinelli said. On June 9th, the Federal Intervention Office, in partnership with public institutions, provided services such as medical and dental care, document issuance, job resources, and legal advice. Around 11,000 people benefited from the services. Constant combat The large-scale operation of the Armed Forces and security forces is the second in western Rio de Janeiro in less than a month. On May 18th, close to 3,500 men completed missions in seven favelas in that area. Service members and police surrounded the area and removed barricades blocking access to some sections of the favelas. According to The Public Affairs Office of the Eastern Military Command, authorities also carried out random searches of people and vehicles. On May 19th, day two of the operation, the top drug trafficker from the Barão community, known as Da Russa, wanted for two years, was killed in a confrontation with military police. Since the federal intervention began in February, the Armed Forces carried out a total of 51 operations in the state of Rio de Janeiro, most with police support. In addition to arresting criminal suspects, authorities seized 185 rifles, weapons, and drugs during the operations.last_img read more

Attorneys Excange

first_img Attorneys Exchange ADA LITIGATION Michael F. Lanham, an experienced ADA attorney, has an MBA & understands the business aspects faced by litigants in ADA cases. With a history of 10 years specializing in the implementation & case law of the ADA, Mr. Lanham is available to assist or represent individuals or entities in ADA actions. Michael F. Lanham, P.A., 1102 Biscayne Building, 19 West Flagler Street, Miami 33130;; (305) 358-7646. ADMINISTRATIVE LAW Guy & Yudin, LLP William E. “Ted” Guy since 1983 and John Yudin are available to handle administrative proceedings in state and local governments and agencies, including certiorari petitions and appeals. Extensive experience in all phases. Examples include waterfront landuse, permitting, violation defense, environmental violations, professional licensing disciplinary defense, rule challenges, non-rule policy challenges.See our web site,, 55 E. Ocean Blvd., Stuart, FL. 34994, (772) 286-7372. ADMIRALTY John W. Merting is the first Bar Certified Admiralty and Maritime attorney in the entire Panhandle (since 1996), a sustaining member of ATLA/AFTL, a proctor in admiralty and practicing since 1968. Emphasis on personal injury/death claims involving oil rigs, commercial and pleasure vessels including jet skis, also marine insurance, cargo, and salvage. John W. Merting, P.A., Harbourtown – Ste. 39, 913 Gulf Breeze Pkwy., Gulf Breeze 32561, phone (850) 916-9645, fax (850) 916-9787. ALCOHOL & SUBSTANCE ABUSE LICENSE PROBLEMS Richard B. Marx, “AV” rated lawyer and former member of the board of directors of Florida Lawyers Assistance, Inc., is available to act as a consultant or for representation of professionals with licensing problems brought about by addiction or other causes. Capable of assisting with a recovery program and all phases of license problems. Representation includes grievance committees, Bar admissions and readmission for suspended attorneys, as well as DBPR license defense for health care professionals. 66 West Flagler Street, Second Floor, Miami 33130, phone (305) 579-9060, fax (305) 377-0503. APPEALS The Law Offices of Bartmon & Bartmon, P.A., for all appeals in Florida state courts and administrative matters, and all federal courts. Attorneys with extensive appellate experience, including former Bureau Chief and Capital Cases Coordinator, Attorney General’s Office, Palm Beach County, FL. See our Web site at for more information. 1515 N. Federal Highway, Suite 300 Boca Raton 33432, phone (561) 392-7782, fax (561) 392-8486. ATTORNEY DISCIPLINE & BAR ADMISSION Charles L. Curtis, experienced, “AV” rated, administrative-civil trial lawyer and past chair (twice) of Florida Bar grievance committees. Available for consultation and representation before grievance committees, Florida Board of Bar Examiners, referee, and Supreme Court proceedings involving attorney admission/discipline. Doumar, Allsworth, Curtis, Cross, Laystrom, Perloff, Voigt, Wachs & Maciver. 1177 S.E. 3rd Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale 33316-1197, phone (954) 762-3400, fax (954) 462-7652. Richard A. Greenberg, “AV” rated lawyer, former disciplinary counsel for The Florida Bar, is available for representation before grievance committees, before the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, in referee proceedings, and in any proceedings before the Supreme Court involving attorney discipline and Bar admission. Also available to act as counsel, consultant, or expert witness on any matter involving legal ethics or legal malpractice. Member Professional Ethics Committee. 325 West Park Avenue, Tallahassee 32301, phone (850) 681-9848, toll free 1-888-3ETHICS. < p>Jerome H. Shevin, experienced “AV” rated trial and appellate lawyer and former chair of a Florida Bar Grievance Committee. Available to consult with and represent lawyers before grievance committees, Florida Board of Bar Examiners, in subsequent referee and Supreme Court proceedings. Also available as expert witness or consultant on matters of legal ethics and malpractice. Jerome H. Shevin, P.A., Gables One Tower – Penthouse, 1320 S. Dixie Highway, Coral Gables 33146, phone (305) 661-6664. < p>Scott K. Tozian, “AV” rated lawyer with over 20 years experience in prosecuting and defending attorneys in Bar grievance/disciplinary proceedings, is available to represent lawyers in Bar proceedings, including reinstatement/readmission. He is available to serve as an expert witness. He has represented applicants before the Board of Bar Examiners for over 17 years and is available for representation concerning applications and character/fitness proceedings. Scott K. Tozian, Suite 150, 109 North Brush Street, Tampa 33602, phone (813) 273-0063, ATTORNEY/PROFESSIONAL ADMISSION AND DISCIPLINE Joseph A. Corsmeier, former disciplinary counsel for The Florida Bar (1990-1998), is available to represent attorneys in all matters before The Florida Bar, including disciplinary, reinstatement, and admission proceedings. Also available to represent professionals in all licensure proceedings before state boards and agencies and for consultation and expert testimony on legal ethics and malpractice issues. Joseph A. Corsmeier, Esquire, Tew, Barnes & Atkinson, L.L.P., Clearwater office, (727) 799-2882; (727)726-0058 (fax); Tampa office (813) 885-1888. David R. Ristoff, “AV” ratedformer chief counsel for the Tampa office of The Florida Bar, Department of Lawyer Regulation (1984 – June 2000), is available for representation of attorneys in admission and before grievance committees, referee proceedings, reinstatements, Florida Board of Bar Examiners, and appeals before the Supreme Court of Florida. Available to represent other professionals in licensure proceedings. Also available for consultation and/or expert testimony on legal ethics and malpractice issues. David R. Ristoff, Kaltenbach, Williams & Ristoff, P.L.C., 7026 Little Road, New Port Richey, phone (727) 842-9758, fax (727) 848-2494. Automotive Law Automotive Industry- 19 years of experience; TILA, MMWA, UDTPA, Franchise issues, Sales & Warranty Cases. Defense of class action litigation claims. Representation of dealerships only. Available to handle, consult, or co-counsel selected matters, Mark A. Horowitz, Esq. (941) 275-9900. CONSUMER PROTECTION AND LEMON LAW Rebecca J. Covey, P.A., 12 years experience representing consumers in Lemon Law and deceptive trade practices, primarily in automobile sales and dealerships and manufacturers for warranty violations, odometer, and leasing fraud. Available for consultation in proceedings ranging from Lemon Law arbitration to trial. Rebecca J. Covey, P.A., 1318 S.E. First Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale 33316, phone (954) 763-4300. Criminal Defense and Immigration Law Spencer Eig, former Assistant U.S. Attorney (rated outstanding) and U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service Trial Attorney is available for referral of federal and state criminal investigation, trial and appellate matters and all immigration matters. Member of the Florida, Georgia and D.C. bars. 407 Lincoln Road, Suite 708, Miami Beach, Florida, (305) 672-2770,, CRIMINAL LAW Michael Bruce Cohen, Esq., Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer, former state and federal prosecutor, member of the Florida, D.C., and N.Y. bars, announces his availability to accept all state and federal criminal trial and appellate matters including international extraditions. Participation fees honored. Trade Centre South, 100 West Cypress Creek Road, Ste 930, Ft. Lauderdale 33309; tel (954) 928-0059; fax (954) 771-0434; e-mail: CRUISE LINES Charles R. Lipcon. Passenger and seamen’s claims handled since 1971, emphasis on personal injury/death. One Biscayne Tower, Suite 2480 Miami 33131, phone (305) 373-3016, fax (305) 373-6204, e-mail: DISABILITY INSURANCE Kimsey Law Group has been representing clients in disability insurance disputes for several years. These cases fall under both ERISA and state law, depending on whether the disability insurance claim falls under a private disability insurance policy, or an employer-funded ERISA plan. Initial consultation is always free of charge. Kimsey Law Group, 3816 W. Linebaugh Ave., Ste. 204, Tampa 33624, telephone (813) 265-9292, fax (813) 265-1752, e-mail: John J. Spiegel invites inquiries about disability insurance matters: claims, coverage disputes, trial, litigation, and appeals for all forms of disability coverages, e.g., individual, group, ERISA (including “appeals”). Disability claims are often complex and contested. Early consultation and representation is strongly recommended. Co-counsel arrangements welcomed. Referring attorney fees protected. John J. Spiegel, P.A., Concord Building 7th Floor, 66 West Flagler Street, Miami 33130, (305) 539-0700. DENTAL AND ORAL SURGERY Stanley W. Lane, D.D.S., J.D., attorney and board certified oral-maxillo facial surgeon, former associate professor Mt. Sinai, N.Y.U. College of Dentistry, 20 years of dental malpractice expertise; Sharon M. Sabel, Esq., 15 years experience in dental malpractice; available for referrals or co-counsel, specializing in dental malpractice exclusively. N.Y. and Florida Bar. Stanley W. Lane, D.D.S., P.A., 2775 East Oakland Park Boulevard, Suite 6, Ft. Lauderdale 33306, telephone: (954) 568-2111, facsimile: (954) 568-5521. ENTERTAINMENT/MUSIC LAW Drew B. Sherman is available for referrals and/or consultations in all music and entertainment legal matters throughout the state. Mr. Sherman’s practice includes contract negotiations, copyright claims, mechanical licensing, publishing agreements, and royalty issues. Mr. Sherman was formerly employed by PolyGram Records, Inc., and later Universal Music Group in New York City. Member D.C. & FL Bars, U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. District Courts for Southern, Middle and Northern Districts of Florida. Sherman Law Offices, Chartered, 1000 Corporate Drive, Suite 310, Fort Lauderdale, 33334, phone (954) 489-9500, toll free in Florida (877) 806-9500, fax (954) 489-9531,, ERISA Lawrence D. Bache – ERISA plan reimbursement/subrogation issues – Litigation to recover wrongfully denied health, disability, pension, severance, life or other employee benefits. Federal and State Court accredited and experienced. Available for representation, referrals and/or consultation. The Law Office of Lawrence D. Bache, 9000 West Sheridan Street, Suite 174, Pembroke Pines FL 33024, phone (954) 436-7376, fax (954) 436-2926, e-mail: Forfeiture Law Ray Christopher Lopez, Esquire, former prosecutor and former assistant city attorney handling all civil forfeiture actions initiated by the Tampa Police Department, announces his availability to act as a consultant, as co-counsel, or for referral or representation on all contraband forfeiture actions brought by law enforcement agencies. Lopez & Kuske, 500 E. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 101, Tampa 33602, phone (813) 221-4455, fax (813) 275-0902. GOVERNMENT FRAUD & CYBER LAW Andrew Grosso, former Assistant U.S. Attorney in Tampa and Boston, is available in litigation and administrative matters concerning qui tam law suits, government program fraud, Internet law, domain name disputes, and computer security. His background includes degrees in physics and computer science, and prosecuting Medicare/Medicaid, defense contract, and HUD fraud. 2121 K Street, N.W., Suite 800, Washington, D.C. 20037, phone (202) 261-3593, fax (202) 261-3595, e-mail: HEALTH CARE LAW George F. Indest III, Board certified health care attorney, and other health care attorneys available statewide to consult, affiliate as co-counsel, or accept referrals representing physicians and other health care providers. We represent exclusively health care providers. Our practice includes business, regulatory and transactional matters and commercial, administrative and professional litigation. Experienced in defending investigations, licensing cases, Medicare/Medicaid audits/investigations, credentialing/privileges cases, covenants-not-to-compete, and other health related areas. The Health Law Firm, 220 E. Central Parkway, Suite 2030, Altamonte Springs (Orlando) 32701, (407) 331-6620. IMMIGRATION LAW Jeffrey N. Brauwerman, Florida Bar Board Certified Immigration and Nationality Lawyer, former U.S. immigration judge and regional counsel and district counsel, U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service, available for representation, consultation, and as an expert witness. “AV” rated. Vice-chair, inaugural Immigration and Nationality Law Certification Committee. Listed: “The Best Lawyers in America;” “Martindale-Hubbell’s Register of Pre-eminent Lawyers;” and “The Florida Consumer Guidebook to Law & Leading Attorneys.” Offices in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Miami, phone (305) 758-1234, Ft. Lauderdale, phone (954) 527-1234, e-mail:, INSURANCE COVERAGE LAW William Scott Patterson, in-house counsel with national insurance coverage group of Top 10 property & casualty insurer and former Florida insurance defense trial attorney, is available for referrals and consultations for liability insurance coverage matters on behalf of policyholder interests, throughout Florida and the United States. Law Offices of William Scott Patterson, P.C., 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 700, Washington, D.C. 20004. (202) 204-2555, wsp@iclaw INTERNATIONAL LAW Business in Russia – Florida Lawyer working in Moscow is available to assist with all aspects of business and law involving Russia. I have over 7 years of experience in Russia and I work with an excellent team of Russian lawyers and reliable commercial contacts. Please contact Michael Malloy by telephone at (202) 452-7433, by fax at (202) 318-8874,or by email at Michael LEMON LAW & BREACH OF WARRANTY Cousins & Associates has reviewed over 2,000 Lemon Law-related matters and has represented clients from Virgin Islands to Seattle, Washington. For over a decade, Patrick S. Cousins has represented foreign and domestic manufacturers and consumers, thus making him uniquely qualified to represent your interest. Automobiles, trucks under 10,000 pounds; all recreational vehicles. Visit our Web page at; e-mail: cuzlaw; phone (800) CAR-LAW-8, fax: 561-835-0766. Call, we are here to help. MASSACHUSETTS LAW Firm Litigating, all types of cases in Massachusetts. Hourly rates with contingent fees on personal injury cases. Experience in Federal and State courts of Massachusetts. Offices in Massachusetts and Sarasota, FL. Arrangements can be made to visit client or referring attorney in Florida. All inquiries regarding referrals promptly answered. Office of Albert E. Grady, Phone: 508-583-8562, Voice mail 941-284-6535, Fax 508-586-0734. NURSING HOME MALPRACTICE T. Patrick Ford, Jr., announces his availability to represent individuals in matters relating to the negligence of nursing homes and the rights of residents of nursing homes. Board Certified in Trial Law and AV rated, Mr. Ford is available for consultations and referrals in all aspects of medical and nursing home malpractice. Inquiries welcome. Ford & Sinclair P.A., Penthouse 1-C, Two Datran Center, 9130 South Dadeland Boulevard, Miami 33156, (305) 670-2000 or (888) 372-2873. Joseph B. Landy, former nursing home defense attorney, announces his availability throughout the state to investigate and pursue all claims arising out of nursing home abuse. Referring attorneys paid in accordance with Florida Bar Rules. Joseph B. Landy, Lesser, Lesser & Landy, 909 N. Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach,FL,33401,(561)655-2028, PATENTS John J. Halak, USPTO Reg. No. 27,793 (1975), admitted in FL and NY; practice limited to ALL patent and related matters, including application prosecution, invention commercialization, opinions and infringement litigation; former VP-Legal of NYSE entity. B.S., M.B.A., J.D., LL.M., Offices at 6717 Ashley Court, Sarasota 34241, (941) 922-9796 and at Suite 1403, 808 Brickell Key Drive, Miami, FL 33131, (305) 375-9200 and at Suite 900, 445 Park Ave., New York, NY 10022, (212) 787-8100, e-mail: PATENT, TRADEMARK, COPYRIGHT LAW Christopher & Weisberg, P.A. U.S. & international patent and trademark searches and applications, copyrights, Internet and computer law, technology and export licensing, intellectual property counseling; experienced in a range of technologies including electrical, mechanical, aerospace, industrial machinery, computer hardware and software, telecommunications and networks, medical devices, sporting goods, and consumer products. 200 E. Las Olas Blvd., Suite 2040, Ft. Lauderdale 33301, (954) 828-1488, Fleit, Kain, Gibbons, Gutman & Bongini, P.L. **Focus on I.P.** Miami – Ft. Lauderdale – Boca Raton, patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, false advertising, computer law, Internet law, domain name disputes, technology licensing / transfers, litigation / dispute resolution. Registered patent attorneys, AV rated. 750 S.E. 3rd Ave., Ste. 100, Ft. Lauderdale 33316, (954) 768-9002, Boca (561) 989-9811, Miami (305) 530-9100 or toll free (800) 846-0900, fax: (954) 768-0158, < p>Lerner & Greenberg, P.A. Ranked among the top 40 patent firms in the country by Intellectual Property Today magazine, Lerner & Greenberg, P.A. advises clients in key issues of intellectual property law including patents, trademarks, unfair compensation, licensing, trade secrets, international patents and dispute resolution, as well as Internet and domain name issues. 2445 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, Florida 33020,(954)925-1100, < p>Malloy & Malloy, P.A.“Since 1959” – Practice limited to patent, trademark, copyright, unfair competition, trade secrets, related intellectual property causes, including trials & appeals. Complete U.S. & Int’l services include patent and trademark applications in all foreign countries, searches, licensing, franchising. Registered patent attorneys, AV rated. John Cyril Malloy III is an intellectual property adjunct professor at St. Thomas Law School. Malloy & Malloy, P.A, 2800 S.W. Third Avenue, Miami, 33129, (305) 858-8000, toll free (800) 377-7239, fax (305) 858-0008. Ft. Laud. Office (954) 525-9611, e-mail:, Internet: PROBATE AND TRUST LITIGATION Christopher Q. Wintter, Trial Lawyer, Board Certified Wills, Trusts & Estates Lawyer, C.P.A., and an instructor and faculty member for the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA), announces his availability to represent personal representatives, fiduciaries, beneficiaries, trustees, and potential heirs in litigation matters concerning wills, trusts, estates. Mr. Wintter is also available to assist counsel with advice, strategy, expert opinion, or to act as co-counsel relating to complex administration issues concerning trusts and estates. Wintter & Associates, P.A., 2239 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood 33020. (954) 920-7014; fax: (954) 920-7080. REAL ESTATE LAW James L. Mack, Board Certified Real Estate Lawyer with 52 years of practice in Florida exclusively in the area of real estate law, “AV” rated, is available to act as expert witness or consultant in real property litigation. 20185 East Country Club Drive, #607, Miami 33180, (305) 466-5519 or (305) 933-2266, fax (305) 682-1533, e-mail: SECURITIES LAW Charles E. Scarlett, Esq., with eighteen (18) years of litigation experience, represents both customers and stockbrokers in NASD arbitrations and litigation. Mr. Scarlett was previously the General Counsel of an NYSE firm and a regulator with the State of Florida and the NASD. He is currently an arbitrator for the NASD. Mr. Scarlett is available for representation and referrals and to act as an expert witness in securities related matters. CHARLES E. SCARLETT, P.A., One Boca Place, 2255 Glades Road, Suite 236W, Boca Raton, Fl 33431,(561)989-8604; SECURITIES LITIGATION Klayman & Toskes P.A., securities litigation and arbitration, stockbroker misconduct, investor rights, defense of brokerage firms and individuals in all federal, state, and SRO proceedings. Mr. Klayman, of the firm, is a former NASD licensed broker who has handled hundreds of securities related matters. The firm is available for referrals, consultation, and co-counsel associations. 900 North Federal Highway, Suite 200, Boca Raton, (561) 997-9956, fax (561) 361-9178. Schoeppl & Burke, P.A. The firm’s securities department is headed by Carl F. Schoeppl, former senior enforcement attorney for the SEC, and special assistant district attorney. Mr. Schoeppl holds an LL.M. in litigation. The firm is available to handle securities-related litigation and arbitration matters, the defense of individuals and entities in SEC, FBI, NASD, NYSE, and SRO investigations. Admitted in Florida, N.Y., and Washington, D.C. 4800 North Federal Highway, Suite 207-D, Boca Raton 33431-5178, (561) 394-8301, fax (561) 394-3121. SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY & RETIREMENT CLAIMS Harold R. Cohen announces that he is available to act as a consultant to or as an associate of other lawyers in matters involving disability insurance benefits before the Social Security Administration. Harold R. Cohen, 1550 Northeast Miami Gardens Dr., North Miami Beach 33179, Dade (305) 949-2424, Broward (954) 921-4489. Lyle D. Lieberman, “AV” rated, former U.S. administrative law judge, Social Security Administration, and past president of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR), is available in matters involving Social Security disability and retirement claims. 44 West Flagler Street, Suite 2050, Miami 33130, (305) 358-0115; 201 N.E. 2nd Street, Suite 100, Ft. Lauderdale 33301, (954)761-3488; Boca Raton (561) 394-8422; West Palm Beach (561) 655-8598. < p>Randy Pelham and Alan Andrews of Pelham & Associates are available throughout the Panhandle, including Pensacola, Panama City, Tallahassee, and Jacksonville, for representation of disabled persons in all Social Security disability matters. Referring attorneys paid in accordance with Florida Bar rules. 1963 Village Green Way, Suite A, Tallahassee 32308, phone (850) 383-6600, toll free (888) 881-6009, fax (850) 383-6604. Stockbroker misconduct Darren C. Blum, Esq. concentrates on recovering investors’ losses caused by stock and commodity broker misconduct. Mr. Blum has vast experience within the securities industry, including working in the “pits” of the commodities exchange; former licensed broker with the NFA and NASD; former associate of a large New York law firm that defended many brokers and brokerage firms; former intern for the NASD Arbitration Department; a published author and co-author of securities arbitration articles; and an approved Arbitrator for the NASD and NFA. Referring attorneys are gladly paid in accordance with Florida Bar rules. The Law Offices of Darren C. Blum, P.A., 8751 W. Broward Blvd., Suite 201, Plantation 33324 phone (954) 423-6000, fax (954) 423-2060, 1-877-STOCK-LAW. TRAFFIC TICKETS and/or CRIMINAL DEFENSE Traffic ticket and/or traffic criminal hearings covered by Unger & Kowitt. We are a law firm dedicated to traffic related matters and have been established for years. We have attorneys in every courthouse five days a week in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We will attend those court hearings on your behalf for an extremely reasonable fee. Last minute coverages are not a problem. Client relationships protected. Call (954) 370-9999. Ask to speak with Barry D. Kowitt, esq. UNITED KINGDOM Bennetts Solicitors – A multinational practice serving the needs of U.S. clients and their legal advisers in the U.K. Concentration areas include business and commercial law, litigation, personal injury, real estate, employment law, and probate (contentious). For inquiries contact: Kevin M. Burke, Esq., (licensed to practice in Florida, Ohio, and England and Wales) Address – High Street, Wrington, Bristol BS40 5QB, UK. Phone: 44-1934-862786. e-mail: WORKERS’ COMPENSATION CLAIMANT REPRESENTATION Randy Pelham and Alan Andrews of Pelham & Associates are available throughout the Panhandle, including Pensacola, Panama City, Tallahassee and Jacksonville, for representation of injured workers in all workers’ compensation matters. Referring attorneys paid in accordance with Florida Bar rules. 1963 Village Green Way, Suite A, Tallahassee 32308, phone (850) 383-6600, toll free (888) 881-6009, fax (850) 383-6604. WORKERS’ COMPENSATION PREMIUM DISPUTES J. Layne Smith consults and represents employers in workers’ compensation premium disputes involving payroll/remuneration, classifications, experience rating, audits, exempt status, coverage, claims handling, etc. Mr. Smith has over 18,000 hours experience litigating these types of cases, for and against the insurance industry. He consults and represents employers and others accused by the state or federal government of workers’ compensation premium fraud. He serves as a consulting and testifying expert. J. Layne Smith, P.A., 3370 Capital Circle N.E., Ste. I, Tallahassee 32308. (888) 902-8300, (850) 385-8000, fax (850) 201-8000, website: July 15, 2002 Regular News Attorneys Excangelast_img read more

September 15, 2003 News and Notes

first_imgSeptember 15, 2003 News and Notes September 15, 2003 Regular News Zander Clem, of Morgan, Colling & Gilbert, P.A., Orlando, has been elected president-elect for the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers for June 2003 to June 2004. Bruce A. Blitman, of Ft. Lauderdale, presented Ten Ingredients for a Successful Mediation at the 2003 Ft. Lauderdale Claims Association’s 4th annual education seminar. Janet Herron, of St. Petersburg, has been appointed executive director of The Community Law Program. Jeffrey M. Thompson and Caroline H. Cranton, of Alvarez, Sambol, Winthrop & Madson, P.A., participated in a seminar for attorneys, nursing home administrators, risk managers, and directors of nursing. The seminar, titled Nursing Home Litigation in Florida, was held in Walt Disney World. Mark Eiglarsh, of Robbins, Tunkey, Ross, Amsel, Raben, Waxman & Eiglarsh, P.A., Miami, appeared on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, where he debated City of Miami Police Chief Timoney on a new prostitute mapping program, and answered questions from host Bill O’Reilly. John E. Fisher, of Fisher, Rushmer, Werrenrath, Dickson, Talley & Dunlap, P.A., Orlando, was elected chair of the Florida Supreme Court Judicial Nominating Commission. Tom Scarritt, president of Scarritt Law Group, Tampa, joined Chief Judge Manuel Menendez, Judge James Barton, Judge Kevin Carey, and Karen Buesing in a seminar titled Taking Effective Depositions in Florida. George G. Mahfood, a partner of Leesfield Leighton Rubio Mahfood & Boyers, P.A., has been appointed a member of the Dade County Bar Association’s Civil Litigation, Federal Court, and Professionalism committees. He has also been elected chair-elect of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America’s Insurance Section for the 2003-04 term. Gregory M. Cesarano, of Carlton Fields, Miami, has been elected president-elect of the University of Miami Alumni Association. David W. Henry, of Allen, Dyer, Doppelt, Milbrath & Gilchrist, P.A., Orlando, published “Injecting Ethics into the P-C Industry: The First Element of the Human Voice” in National Underwriter, P & C edition. Derek E. Bruce, of GrayHarris, has been chosen to become a member of Leadership Florida Class XXII. Henry M. Cooper, of Fogel & Cohen, L.L.P., Boca Raton, has published an article on managing a company’s private information, which was featured in Document Magazine. John E. Lyncheski, of Cohen & Grigsby, P.C., has been reappointed chair of the labor and employment practice group of the American Health Lawyers Association. Sherri L. Johnson, of Dent & Associates, P.A., has been elected to serve a two-year term on the board of directors of the Sarasota County Bar Association. Ira Leesfield, of Leesfield Leighton Rubio Mahfood & Boyers, P.A., Miami, has been appointed to the board of directors of the National Board of Trial Advocacy to serve a term of three years. Paul Minoff, of Holland & Knight, LLP, Ft. Lauderdale, was appointed chair of the commercial law section of the Broward County Bar Association. Terry Delahunty, of Foley & Lardner, Orlando, was elected vice chair of the City of Orlando’s Nominating Board as well as treasurer of the Orlando Council of the Urban Land Institute. Eric L. Meeks, a manager with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Cincinnati, Ohio, received the Tax Project Delivery Group award for client service for demonstrating superior achievement during the last fiscal year. He was also elected to serve as president-elect of the Out-of-State Practitioners Division of The Florida Bar. James M. “Chet” Barclay, of Ruden, McClosky, Smith, Schuster & Russell, P.A., coordinated a HIPAA CLE program for the Health Law Section of The Florida Bar in Tampa. He also spoke about HIPAA privacy rights. T. Spencer Crowley, of Gunster Yoakley, has been appointed to serve on the Alumni Council of Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences. Peter Lichtman, of Weiss Serota Helfman Pastoriza Guedes Cole & Boniske, Ft. Lauderdale, has been appointed chair of the Government Law Section of the Broward County Bar Association. Casey Wolff, of Paulich, Slack & Wolff, P.A., Naples, presented four immigration courses to the Renaissance Academy of Florida Gulf Coast University on various issues of business immigration. Candis Trusty, of Markowitz, Davis, Ringel & Trusty, P.A., has been named co-vice chair of the Probate and Guardianship Committee and director for the Dade County Bar Association. John H. “Jack” Hickey has been sworn in as the 86th president of the Dade County Bar Association. Michael J. Carbo was installed as the 78th president of the Broward County Bar Association, at the BCBA annual meeting. Frank N. Tobolsky, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, presented Documenting a “Simple” Commercial Loan during the Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s annual Real Estate Institute Program. Jack A. Kirschenbaum, a partner with GaryHarris, was elected president of the Brevard Museum of Art and Science. H. Franklin Perritt, Jr., of Marks Gray, was honored by the Florida Defense Lawyers Association with its Joseph Metzger Outstanding Achievement Award during the association’s annual meeting in Miami. Charles F. Robinson, of the Law Offices of Charles F. Robinson, Clearwater, addressed the National Council of Bar Presidents at the ABA Annual Convention in San Fransisco, where he presented The Future Is Now. Timothy S. Franklin presented Top Five Things to Know about Community Development Districts at a Peoples Law Day Symposium in St. Johns County, sponsored and chaired by Judge Patti Christensen. Romney C. Rogers, of Rogers, Morris & Ziegler, Ft. Lauderdale, has been appointed by Mayor Jim Naugle to serve as trustee of the City of Ft. Lauderdale’s Police Officers and Firefighters Retirement System. David Winker, of Ferrell Schultz Carter Zumpano & Fertel, addressed the Florida Board of Medicine during the organization’s annual retreat in Tampa, where his presentation focused on physician obligations as they apply to emergency medical treatment and malpractice issues. Cynthia Crofoot Rignanese, of the Law Offices of J. Kelly Kennedy, Winter Haven, was reelected president of the Winter Haven Women’s Bar Association, at the association’s annual meeting. Lewis F. Collins, Jr., a partner with Butler Pappas Weihmuller Katz Craig, LLP, Tampa, was elected secretary-treasurer of the Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel, at its annual meeting held in Quebec, Canada. William Gamble, of Emerging Market Strategies, Providence, RI, wrote an article titled “Going Bust: Overcoming a Dysfunctional Credit System” concerning the legal risk of the Chinese banking and credit system, which was published in the Harvard International Review China Symposium issue, Summer 2003. He also spoke to the Foreign Correspondent’s Club in Hong Kong and appeared on CNBC Asia, CNBC, CNN FN, Fox, and Bloomberg. Alex Caballero, of Sessums, Mason & Black, P.A., Tampa, has been appointed to serve as secretary of the Continuing Legal Education Committee of the Family Law Section of The Florida Bar. Andre L. Hall, an associate of Akerman Senterfitt, has been selected by the Caribbean Bar Association to serve as treasurer for the 2003-04 calendar year. John M. Fitzgibbons, of Tampa, has been inducted as a fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers at its annual meeting in New York. Kristy M. Johnson, of Carlton Fields, Miami, has been appointed to the Florida Association for Women Lawyers board of directors, Miami-Dade County chapter, for a one-year term. Michael L. Ferguson, former brigadier general of the U.S. Army, has been appointed by the secretary of the Army to serve as civilian aide to the secretary of the Army for the State of Florida. Roy Barquet, of Steel Hector & Davis, LLP, has been named president of the South Florida chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. Barry Nelson, of Nelson & Levine, P.A., North Miami Beach, presented Asset Protection and Estate Planning–Why Not Have Both?, to the Bankruptcy Bar Association in Ft. Lauderdale; to the Palm Beach Tax Institute in West Palm Beach; to The Florida Bar Tax Section in Miami; and to Evensky, Brown & Katz Private Wealth Management at the Omni Colonnade in Coral Gables. He has also been reappointed adjunct professor at the University of Miami Law School Graduate Program in Taxation. Michael E. Demont, of The Suddath Companies, a provider of global transportation and relocation related services, has been promoted to president of its core subsidiary, Suddath Relocation Systems. Thomas M. Donahoo, of Donahoo, Ball & McMenamy, P.A., Jacksonville, has been elected president-elect of the University of Florida Gator Booster Board. Kevin Ross, an associate with Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, has been appointed to the executive council of the Howard Phillips Center for Family and Children. Stephen R. Looney, a partner with Dean Mead, was a speaker at an ABA teleconference and live audio webcast titled Reasonable Compensation Issues for Closely Held and Service Companies.last_img read more

Display statue in prominent location

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion I’m sorry to say that Janet Chen’s March 25 letter to the editor has got it wrong. Lady Liberty belongs not in “Goose Hill,” but where it was originally installed, or somewhere central in the downtown part of the city where it can still honor the efforts of Schenectady’s Boy Scouts.I feel strongly about this because I was there — not only at its dedication — but involved in the fund-raising for it. My name is on a scroll in the time capsule along with my fellow Scouts. At the time I was a member of Cub Scout Pack 25, Den 3. My Den was located in the Mount Pleasant section of the city.I, too, can understand Ms. Chen’s desire to modernize Gateway Plaza, as it now looks great. But history is history. It needs to be remembered and its patriotic supporters honored. I ask Mayor Gary McCarthy to either reinstall the statue in its original location or in some other prominent downtown location with an appropriate historical marker. It should not be hidden away.Lance R. JacksonGlenvilleMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristslast_img read more

Plastic recycling company looks to expand as circular economy blooms

first_imgTridi Oasis CEO Dian Kurniawati said the company would use the funds to set up a larger recycling facility outside of Jakarta and to recycle other types of plastic beside the common polyethylene terephthalate (PET).“Circulate Capital also provides technical assistance and mentoring,” she told The Jakarta Post on Tuesday. “They help us broaden our customer base in Indonesia and in the region.”The company works by collecting PET bottles from domestic waste management with a network of local suppliers that separate the plastic from other materials. The plastic bottles are then processed into plastic flakes, which can be used to manufacture packaging and textiles.Dian said demand from manufacturers for high-quality plastic flakes had risen as companies look to improve the sustainability of their supply chain and move toward recycled packaging. In 2018, the company processed around 60 million PET bottles, and it has been growing since, she added. Tridi Oasis’ primary customers are based in foreign markets in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and textile industries. However, there was significant domestic potential as big brands began to look for locally sourced recycled plastic for their products, Dian said.She went on to say that regulations in foreign markets, such as the European Union requiring manufacturers to include a minimum of 30 percent of recycled plastic in their PET bottles by 2030, created more opportunities for the recycling industry.“But we are also aware that the Indonesian government has set a target to reduce marine plastic debris by 70 percent by 2025,” Dian said. “So, we have definitely seen an increase in awareness of the importance of implementing a plastic circular economy at home.”Recycling has been gaining traction over the years as major polluting companies, such as Indofood and Danone, were working together and creating initiatives in waste management.Despite the rising potential in the industry, Dian noted that securing funding had been one of the biggest challenges since the company started in 2016, as most investment for start-ups went to technology companies rather than the environment or social impact sector.Rob Kaplan, Circulate Capital CEO concurred with Dian’s take on waste management investment, saying that attracting the billion dollars needed to solve the ocean plastic problem had always been the challenge.According to Ocean Conservancy, global plastic waste leakage to the ocean could be reduced by 45 percent by 2025 if five countries with the largest share of plastic waste in Asia, including Indonesia and China, invested $5 billion annually in waste management and recycling.“The only way investors will act at scale to address this crisis is if they believe this is a money-making opportunity,” he said. “Our objective is to show that investing in the recycling sector can generate attractive financial returns as well as bringing environmental and social benefits.”The investment company planned to disburse four to five more investments by the end of the year by deploying about 20 percent of the CCOF funds raised this year.“We see great opportunities to help Indonesian entrepreneurs in the circular economy sector. I invite Indonesian start-ups and SMEs that are developing innovative solutions to apply for our funding,” he said.Recently, another Indonesia-based waste management start-up Waste4Change had also received an undisclosed amount of funding from three venture capitals firms, namely Agaeti Ventures, East Ventures and SMDV.The funds were said to be used for reaching the start-up’s target to manage up to 2,000 tons of daily waste by 2024.Waste4Change founder M. Bijaksana Junerosano said last year that Indonesia could gain a potential $7 billion from implementing better waste management and an additional $28 billion from implementing a holistic value chain with the circular economy model.Indonesia is the second-largest ocean plastic polluter in the world – producing 4.8 million tons of mismanaged plastic waste every year, of which 620,000 tons end up in waterways and the ocean.Topics : Homegrown plastic recycling company PT Tridi Oasis Group is looking to expand its business in the flourishing circular economy, as it received part of a US$6 million investment dedicated to tackling the ocean plastic crisis in South and Southeast Asia.The funding, claimed as the world’s first investment fund dedicated to the cause in the region, was disbursed by Singapore-based Circulate Capital on April 28 and was shared with Indian recycling company Lucro.The investment is part of the Circulate Capital Ocean Fund’s $106 million in dedicated debt and equity financing for circular economy start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in countries like Indonesia, Thailand and India.last_img read more

Khashoggi’s fiancée says ‘no one has right’ to pardon killers

first_img“The killers came from Saudi with premeditation to lure, ambush & kill him… We will not pardon the killers nor those who ordered the killing,” she added. Cengiz was responding to the Washington Post columnist’s son Salah Khashoggi who tweeted earlier Friday that the sons “forgive and pardon those who killed our father” during Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting which ends this weekend.Analysts believe the announcement could spare the lives of five unnamed people sentenced to death over the murder in a December court ruling.Turkish officials say Khashoggi, 59, was strangled and his body was cut into pieces by a 15-man Saudi group inside the kingdom’s mission. His remains have never been found. The Turkish fiancée of murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi said Friday “no one” had the right to pardon his murderers after his sons said they “forgive” the killers.Khashoggi — a royal family insider turned critic — was killed and dismembered at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October 2018. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was accused of ordering the killing but the kingdom has strongly denied this.”His ambush and heinous murder does not have a statute of limitations and no one has the right to pardon his killers. I and others will not stop until we get #JusticeForJamal,” Khashoggi’s fiancée Hatice Cengiz tweeted.center_img Topics :last_img read more

The World’s oldest person, Misao Okawa dies in Japan

first_imgThe world’s oldest person is now believed to be American Gertrude Weaver, who is reportedly 116 In 2013, life expectancy for women in Japan was 86.61, the longest in the world followed by Hong Kong women, according to the health ministry. On the occasion of her birthday early last month, Okawa, a mother of three, grandmother of four and great-grandmother of six, was one of only a handful of people still alive who had been born in the 19th century. Japan, known for the longevity of its people, is home to the world’s oldest man — Sakari Momoi, who celebrated his 112th birthday in February. For men it was 80.21, the fourth longest, after men in Hong Kong, Iceland and Switzerland. Misao Okawa, died a month after celebrating her 117th birthday.Misao Okawa the woman who has been named as the oldest person alive in the Guinness Book of world records has died at the age of 117 years.Misao died early Wednesday at a nursing home where she lived  and where she reportedly breathed her last.She died of heart failure and stopped breathing as her grandson and nursing home workers stood by her side, praising her for achieving a healthy long life, said Tomohiro Okada, an official at her Osaka nursing home.Misao Okawa, died  a month after celebrating her 117th birthday. Born in 1898, Okawa was recognized by Guinness as the oldest living woman in February 2013 at 114 and as the oldest living person in August the same year at 115.She was already a teenager when World War I broke out and in her 70s by the time of the first moon landing. When she turned 114, she was officially recognised by Guinness World Records as the oldest woman in the globe.last_img read more