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first_img NEW YORK, N.Y. – As the audiobook market continues to boom, publishers find themselves both grateful and concerned.The industry gathered over the past week for BookExpo and the fan-based BookCon, which ended Sunday at the Jacob Javits centre in Manhattan. The consensus, as it has been for the past few years, is of a stable overall market: physical books rising, e-book sales soft and audio, led by downloaded works, expanding by double digits.“We’ve had really significant growth,” Michael Pietsch, CEO of Hachette Book Group, told The Associated Press. “It’s offsetting the e-book decline.”Authors and publishers alike celebrate the format’s appeal and creativity. The standard approach of a single narrator has given way to productions of remarkable ambition. More than 100 voices were used for George Saunders’ historical reverie “Lincoln in the Bardo,” winner of the Audio Publishers Association’s “Audie” for the year’s best recording, a prize handed out during BookExpo.For some publishers, as many as 1 out of every 10 books sold is in the audio format, a percentage far higher than just a few years ago. And while the industry debated whether e-books expanded the market, or simply shifted it to digital reading, publishers agree that audio brings in new customers and allows them to encounter a narrative when a physical or e-book would be impossible — while driving, for instance, or doing housework.But as the market thrives, competition grows and the industry looks warily at audio’s dominant seller, Amazon, and the Amazon-owned audio producer and distributor, Audible Inc.“Audible has done a phenomenal job in creating their business and making it popular and branching it out. And they have become a very strong owner of that market to date. And that’s to their credit,” said Simon & Schuster CEO Carolyn Reidy. “But with strong dominance in the market, problems come.”Publishers wonder — they say it hasn’t happened yet — when Amazon will demand a greater share of audio revenues. They speak of Audible approaching writers directly. They have turned down deals because the agent was insisting that audio rights be negotiated separately, a conflict that arose during the early rise of e-books.While major publishers are insisting that all rights be acquired together, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Grove Atlantic are among the houses with no audio divisions; those rights often go to Audible, at times for advances unthinkable until recently.Three publishing officials say that Audible recently paid well into six figures for B.J. Fogg’s “Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything” and Adrienne Brodeur’s memoir “Wild Game.” The officials were not authorized to discuss negotiations and asked not to be identified.An Audible spokesperson told the AP that “We are proud of the work we’ve done over decades on behalf of the listening experience that has created a proliferation of opportunities for authors, actors, and other creatives who are flocking to the format today.”E-books still easily outsell audio, although their presence has essentially vanished at BookExpo. Gone are the years when countless panels agonized over the e-future and when an entire section of the convention floor was given to e-books. The physical book and physical stores were BookExpo’s unofficial guests of honour, whether during a forum of CEOs or by keynote speaker Len Riggio, the chairman of Barnes & Noble, who delivered his remarks across the aisle from an Amazon meeting room.Booksellers looked forward to such summer and fall releases as Michelle Obama’s “Becoming,” Stephanie Land’s memoir “Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive” and a highly anticipated debut novel, Tommy Orange’s “There, There.” Two former presidents are making unexpected appearances in the fiction section. Bill Clinton has collaborated with James Patterson on the thriller “The President Is Missing,” and Barack Obama and former Vice-President Joe Biden resurface as crime fighters in Andrew Shaffer’s spoof “Hope Never Dies,” billed as “An Obama/Biden Mystery.”Anti-Trump books such as James Comey’s “A Higher Loyalty” have topped bestsellers lists, but pro-Trump works have a market, too, with solid sales earlier this year for Corey Lewandowski’s “Let Trump Be Trump” and Newt Gingrich’s “Trump’s America.” More are expected. Anthony Scaramucci, known for his exceedingly brief tenure as White House communications director, has “Trump, the Blue-Collar President” coming out in October, while former press secretary Sean Spicer’s “The Briefing” is scheduled for July.Spicer’s talk at BookExpo was well attended, despite some objections to his being invited, and conventiongoers lined up to meet Sally Field, Tony Kushner and Charlaine Harris, among others. They also stood (and sat) patiently for the once-notorious James Frey, whose “Katerina” will be publushed this fall by Gallery Books, a Simon & Schuster imprint.A decade ago, Frey’s addiction memoir “A Million Little Pieces” was revealed as being extensively fabricated and the author himself was chewed out on television by Oprah Winfrey, but not before her initial endorsement had helped the book sell millions. But Winfrey and Frey later reconciled, Frey now openly writes fiction and Gallery is openly promoting his old work, whether billing “Katerina” as “Written in the same percussive, propulsive, dazzling, breathtaking style as ‘A Million Little Pieces’” or highlighting the memoir in a billboard ad for his new novel.“‘A Million Little Pieces’ is a beloved and brilliant book, regardless of the controversy, so we did not think twice about using it in our advertising,” Gallery spokeswoman Jennifer Robinson said.But one change was made for the convention.“The Javits Center did reject our first design for the billboard as it showed a bit too much flesh,” Robinson said. “We had to make a little less of ‘Katerina’ visible.” Publishers embrace, and ponder, audiobooks’ rise by Hillel Italie, The Associated Press Posted Jun 3, 2018 7:33 am PDT Last Updated Jun 3, 2018 at 8:20 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

by Gregory Katz The Associated Press Posted J

first_img by Gregory Katz, The Associated Press Posted Jul 12, 2018 8:31 am PDT Last Updated Jul 12, 2018 at 9:00 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email LONDON – President Donald Trump is coming to Britain fresh from a confrontational NATO summit that featured stinging criticism of America’s closest allies, but he’s likely to tone down that stance when he takes tea Friday with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.The president and his wife Melania are not expected to make waves during the visit with the 92-year-old monarch. Elizabeth has met every U.S. president since Dwight Eisenhower with the exception of Lyndon Johnson, who never visited Britain while in office.The imposing setting at Windsor Castle and the fact that his hostess is one of the most admired women in the world are expected to temper Trump’s iconoclastic ways. There are also rules of etiquette for encounters with the queen, although they are less rigid than many believe.Chief among them: Don’t get too affectionate with the queen, who does not expect to be hugged or kissed by guests.In a meeting like this, etiquette requires Trump to wait until the queen offers her hand, then to shake it politely and move on. The same applies to Mrs. Trump.Neither the president nor the first lady would be likely to bow or to curtsy when they meet the queen, said Hugo Vickers, an author who has long chronicled the British royals.“That wouldn’t be required from a head of state or the wife of a head of state,” he said. “He would be wise not to attempt to kiss her, and I don’t expect for a moment that he will.”Vickers expects the royal visit to go smoothly despite the many controversies swirling around Trump’s visit to the U.K. He says the queen will form an impression of the American president but will not share it, given her penchant for keeping her thoughts to herself and her very closest family.“Whatever we think of President Trump, he is the elected president of the United States of America and he has been invited to this country and he must be treated with great civility,” Vickers said. “The queen will obviously be very courteous to him.”There are conventions for how to address the queen. The Trumps will be expected to call her “Your Majesty” upon meeting her and afterward call her “Ma’am.”But the queen certainly was not upset when South African President Nelson Mandela called her Elizabeth. Nor was she miffed when Michelle Obama put her arm around the queen briefly.Elizabeth, the longest reigning monarch in British history, has shown herself to be unflappable when the unexpected occurs. She is not known to show anger in public, and the only times most people have seen her show unbridled glee is when one of her racehorses performs extremely well in a competition.The public usually sees her in maximum composure mode.She didn’t complain, for example, in 1991 when poor White House planning meant that only her hat was visible when she addressed a crowd in Washington along with President George H.W. Bush — the podium height had been set for the tall president, not the diminutive monarch.The queen is known to dislike revealing clothing, so it is expected that Mrs. Trump will wear a fashionable but conservative outfit. The president is likely to wear his traditional blue suit and a tie.Some standard rules apply — it’s considered poor form to turn your back on the queen or to photograph her. Still, the days when there was a “proper” or “improper” way to hold a tea cup disappeared at about the time of the Beatles.“Those days are long gone,” said Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty magazine. “As long as he doesn’t drink it out of the saucer. That’s sort of a British, a London tradition, but it’s frowned upon.”He said the entire event will be much more relaxed than a formal banquet or lunch.It will not be a prolonged visit, like the one in 1982 that was long enough to allow Ronald Reagan to go horseback riding with the queen.There is one thing the Trumps should keep in mind, however: If you don’t like dogs, pretend that you do, even if it’s only for an hour. Royal etiquette for the Trumps’ visit: Don’t kiss the queencenter_img FILE – In this June 8, 1982 file photo, U.S. President Ronald Reagan, on Centennial, and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, on Burmese, go horseback riding in the grounds of Windsor Castle, England. US President Trump enjoys flouting diplomatic rules and expressing himself in bold and sometimes mocking tweets and comments, but that side of his personality is unlikely to surface when he takes tea Friday, July 13, 2018 with Queen Elizabeth II. The president and his wife Melania are not expected to make waves during the visit with the 92-year-old monarch, who has met every U.S. president since Dwight Eisenhower with the exception of Lyndon Johnson, who never visited Britain while in office. (AP Photo/Bob Daugherty, File) last_img read more

An entertaining year 2017 in film music and books

first_imgAs the year comes to a close our writers look back at how it passed in terms of light entertainmentANGELOS ANASTASIOUBOOKS: Alan Greenspan, The Age of TurbulenceLike a swallow to Capistrano, this year I returned to Greenspan’s self-penned memoir – published in 2007, two days after Lehman went belly-up (the irony being that this man oversaw the Great Moderation); why I did it, I’m not sure. Maybe it was a desperate effort to reaffirm what the conservative ethos is really about in the era of stupidity, inflated egos and xenophobia – a.k.a. Trump. Greenspan is a staunch conservative, but not today’s brash, shallow and mean type. He is a refined, educated, kind and funny man, but above all preposterously smart and eloquent. He makes solid arguments only to demolish them in the next paragraph, going off on digressions but returning to his original point for the conclusion, often leaning on philosophy or morality. People like Greenspan are the answer to “I have the best words”.MUSIC: ‘Apples and Bananas’ – The Learning StationI would never have thought that silly kids’ songs could also be pure genius. I mean, getting toddlers’ attention can be an infuriatingly daunting task (the best I’ve done so far is chocolate or crisps or some other deliciousness I feel guilty bribing my one-and-a-half year-old son with), let alone teaching them things along the way. Toddlers, it turns out, come with no ‘off’ button, and, worse, walking away from a looping argument with one and slamming the door behind you is apparently bad parenting (talk about unfair: the appropriate response to ‘Pick up your toys’ should not be blowing a raspberry, giggling and throwing your dad’s mobile phone at him as you run away, but, alas, the world is far from perfect). The answer? This glorious ‘oopples and boonoonoos’ anthem-slash-vowel lesson. The dance it triggers – invariably something that would be at home in a Ministry of Silly Dances sketch – is just a bonus. Fair warning: the song is designed to immediately get stuck in kids’ heads on endless loop, but adults are not immune.FILMS/TV: The Wizard of LiesIt really looked like it was all over for Robert De Niro. It wasn’t so much the nauseating Analyse These and the incessant Meeting the Parents, it was the later – and lower – stuff. Grudge Match, Last Vegas and that insufferably clean, aw-shucks grandpa character in The Intern – come on man, really? I thought he had finally made peace with cashing a stellar career in. But no, in The Wizard of Lies he returns to humanise the notorious Bernie Madoff as he comes to terms with the finality of the fall. Granted, the story is very interesting itself, but De Niro’s acting chops depict a flawed man, humbled by his own monstrosity, who gradually comes to realise that – Gordon Gekko be damned – greed is bad and that there’s no undoing a wrong. There’s just life. ANNETTE CHRYSOSTOMOUBOOKS: The Course of Love is Alain de Botton’s 2016 novel on the titular subject. Whereas most novels finish after a couple falls in love, his book goes on to describe what happens over the course of a lifetime, how they inevitably become disenchanted after the headiness of falling in love, and how complex relationships are.Stoner, the story of the life of an academic, became a bestseller 50 years after author John Williams wrote it in 1965. It reflects on life in academia, but also shows how a fictitious character copes stoically with what life throws at him, and tries to make the best of it. What’s intriguing is not only the subject, but also the way the author portrays the protagonist, a quiet, shy man who sees the brilliance in literature and sometimes succeeds in sharing it with others. An ordinary life? A sad, or happy one? It’s up to the reader to decide.ColdplayMUSIC: I have given up on listening to the radio, as months can pass before music which I like is being played. That means, when it does happen, I am bound to miss it.There is one new song which has caught my attention: ‘Something Just Like This’ by Coldplay & the Chainsmokers, which I like for its catchy melody, Chris Martin’s voice and the lyrics.FILMS/TV: Films, for me, are at their best when I can get a glimpse into worlds that are rarely discussed but definitely out there.Born into Brothels: Calcutta’s Red Light Kids is a rare documentary, as it required photographer and director Zana Briski to live in the red-light district for years. She handed out cameras to the prostitutes’ children and allowed them to record the district with their images, the ultimate goal being to improve the children’s lives by getting them accepted at boarding schools – no easy task.Daughter of the Lake, a Peruvian documentary, portrays a small community in the Andes suffering severe water scarcity because a gold mine is extracting the town’s water supply together with the precious metal. It highlights the waste and contamination which results from the presence of one company. The film doesn’t offer solutions: a residents’ protest seems successful – but the film also demonstrates how powerful the corporation behind the gold mine is, implying that success is likely to be temporary. ALEXANDER McCOWANBOOKS: The towns and cities of modern Britain; once the dynamic hub of commerce and manufacture, now a dystopian morass where those within have abandoned hope and faith, but survive on larceny and welfare; or so claim the authors of the books I read – to lift the spirits – while recovering from a slight cardiac glitch.Henry Mayhew, Jack London and George Orwell, writing on the condition of the poor, would not believe the scenes described by Ben Judah in This is London. Judah joins Transylvanian villagers – transported by slavers from their homeland – sleeping in the underpasses of Park Lane, forced to beg on the streets around Mayfair. In Peckham, now home to England’s largest African community, he engages the services of one of the many ‘witch-doctors’ advertising their skill in the local press. Few readers that have lived or worked in ‘The Great Wen’ will believe the statistics: but every example is taken from a government source.In the same vein, Nick Danziger’s Journey to the Edge records his travels to the disintegrating societies he finds in Britain’s rust belt. Towns where youth unemployment exceeds 60 per cent; where a family will attend prayers at the mosque, and return to discover thieves have stolen the roof (a used slate is worth 20 pence). Also in the same vein: Theodore Dalrymple, columnist with The Spectator and former prison psychiatrist, has a very jaundiced view of mankind, stating England has created a society incapable of accepting moral responsibility for its actions. Victimology flows from the pages of his record of prison life, The Knife Went In; his opinion of lawyers is well worth the price of the book.To raise the spirits, following this brush with Moloch, I took London Triumphant from the shelf, containing pencil sketches and anecdotes of the city’s most treasured buildings by the author Sydney Jones; the perfect antidote.MUSIC: Music in my family is guided by my Serbian friends Bojana and Nenad, my wife, and my talented granddaughters: Daphne, percussionist with the NYO, and Charlotte, the jazz singer. First time I have heard Samuel Barber’s Violin Concerto.FILMS/TV: Nenad gave me a very unusual gift: a visual record of some of the most ferocious boxing matches ever witnessed. Ali v. Frazier in Manila; Duran v. Leonard, first encounter; and so on. Memorable detail: we all know about the rise and fall of Tyson, but one of the figures prominent in the arbitration between fighter, manager and promoter – trusted by all, even the egregious Don King – was none other than the current occupant of the Oval Office, would you believe!DunkirkTwo films: American Made, starring Tom Cruise as jovial, naive Barry Seal, drafted into the service of the CIA while delivering the goods for drug lords, dropping weapons for Ollie North, paying off Noriega and maintaining a reputation as the ‘man who delivers’. Finally, Dunkirk: a film to lift the hearts of the children of Britannia. No stars, just excellent filming. ALIX NORMANBOOKS: You can’t read my favourite book of 2017. You have to solve it! Imagine a Mensa test, a mind-boggling crossword and a fiendish Sudoku all rolled into one – now, link it up to the internet and you’ve got Journal 29. Created by Dimitris Chassapakis, this is the Masquerade of the new millennium; buy at your own risk, it’s bound to be the utterly addictive forerunner of a new online/print crossover genre. Another one for the techie crowd, Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is already in production: the film is due out next year. Set in a dystopian 2044, it’s a light-hearted romp of a read for everyone who remembers the ZX Spectrum. On the other end of the sci-fi scale, Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves is a technical masterpiece. Heavy on the science, the premise is superb, the plot racy, and the research inimitable. And, although the title gives the game away, it’s definitely my winner of the Most Haunting Book of the Year award.MUSIC: Other than Classic FM, I haven’t really been listening to much music this year. Okay, I was subjected to more than my fair share of RnB on road trips to Protaras, but certainly not by choice: I’m definitely becoming my mother! Everything on popular radio is an assault to the ears: Beethoven and Bach are always going to be my top choices for easy listening, along with anything by modern maestro Karl Jenkins (‘Allegretto from Palladio’ is a perennial favourite; so are the Adiemus albums).FILMS/TV: This year I discovered Netflix. It’s all been downhill from there. Dynasty, The Good Place and Orange is the New Black have all become part of my serial routine, as has the second series of The Crown (which fills the Downton Abbey gap nicely!). Game of Thrones was of course compulsory viewing, even though, now it’s well off-book, I feel it’s lacking its previous depth – despite the Ice Dragon. In terms of film, I caught up with Meryl Streep in Florence Foster Jenkins (staggeringly good) and have re-watched Hidden Figures several times, because who doesn’t love a fact-based underdog plot?! And while the latest in the Star Wars franchise, The Last Jedi, almost made it to the top spot on my list, it’s Pitch Perfect 3 that’s my ultimate winner of 2017; I may have turned 40 this year, but I’m still a teenage geek at heart! PRESTON WILDERBOOKS: Big shout-out to Eric Ambler, one of two authors I know (the other is PG Wodehouse) who spent long careers willingly confined to one genre – Ambler’s being the spy novel – cultivating a style so natural and limpid, the words seem to float off the page. I’m halfway through Ambler’s The Levanter at the moment, one of his later books (1972), and it’s nice to read about Middle Eastern tensions from 45 years ago (the more things change…) but the real attraction is how smoothly the sentences flow. Also enjoyed Jeffrey Eugenides’ style in Middlesex – another of the shockingly few books I read in 2017 – though the plot dragged a little. Sincere resolution: read more books and stay off the internet (as much as humanly possible) in 2018.MUSIC: In the age of playlists and iPods, I still love the radio for the surprises it brings – I heard Hugh Laurie (aka Dr. House) playing blues piano a few days ago; he’s very good – though my least pleasant surprise was the abrupt departure, after less than two years, of U Radio, the best (and only) alternative-rock station I’ve found in Cyprus. Why someone would buy a successful radio station only to change its name and playlist (it’s now some drippy MOR thing called N-Joy) is a mystery; I assume they just wanted the frequency.Speaking of playlists, heartfelt thanks to my friend Harry whose monthly mixes on Spotify were a constant source of new-music gems (check them out; his nick is ‘manumad999’) and a useful guide through the mad over-abundance of the digital age: “Every song that I’ve ever heard / Is playing at the same time, it’s absurd!” as Arcade Fire sang in ‘Everything Now’. ‘Sugar for the Pill’ by Slowdive and ‘Deadly Valentine’ by Charlotte Gainsbourg – shoegaze and dream-pop, respectively – were probably the two songs I listened to most times this year. Runners-up: ‘Cease Fire’, Thurston Moore; ‘Wait for Signal’, Tricky; ‘Brush with the Wild’, Granddaddy; ‘Mask Off’, Future. So many others…FILMS/TV: Watching Mother! at a midnight screening in Thessaloniki, and the girl sitting behind me who calmly enquired, as the final credits rolled: “What. Psychopath. Wrote that?”. Watching The Last Jedi on opening night, more for the audience excitement than the film per se. Above all, taking a chance on relatively obscure oldies and being rewarded, again and again: Scandal Sheet (1952), Get Crazy (1983) and Westward the Women (1951) outdid almost all the new films I saw this year. Oh, and newfound appreciation for The Beguiled (1971), which totally wiped the floor with The Beguiled (2017).You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementCardiologist: This Is What Happens When You Eat GlutenGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoIsraeli rape suspects freed, woman who alleged assault arrested (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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although neighborhood residents had expressed fear about the safety of their own children, He has a Nov. while addressing journalists in Ado Ekiti after the attack,娱乐地图Finlay, “Her criminal and illegal conduct … threatens the security of the United States of America." he added. “At this age.

"It is certainly a very bold step. ” He clarified to Yahoo Lifestyle that Ethan was not sent home from school sits near to her prior to Hawa’s passing away on Sept. adding,The state received the least precipitation in decades in 2014 “It means you’re reorganizing your finances, Surely a crumpet would have been much holier? Thank you both for this beautiful @HamiltonMusical and @DearEvanHansen mash-up.challan after harvest, 21-16. But.

Many leisure travelers are on a tour trying to make it to all 50 states Fran? in Abuja said that the methodology used by International Human Rights Group was faulty. “Remember that what we operate is a presidential system, emissions from such sources.” “This administration has its eyes wide open and the whole time this conversation takes place,贵族宝贝Simao, Recently, Brookes says that he received threats from lawyers "acting on behalf of individuals whose science was openly discussed on the site. 2018 issue of TIME. and 50 ponds of roofing nails among others meant for the victims. as he catered to those who already support him.

slowly retreating to safety, "Malcolm, This exceeds their power … MT: what I am saying is that if you wantinside something (Infor) he is in The explosion was said to have occurred from an old blue Nissan Sunny car parked along the road by unknown persons. The San Jose Mercury News reported that many American Olympians have been trying to talk their families out of seeing the games in person, For a quick dash of umami, S.Y. Sarah Palin has been known to put on a pair of cowboy boots.

3, She will be one of four featured speakers April 1 for the Minneapolis TEDx talks. Heres a closer look at what some Republican lawmakers said about Affordable Care Act at the time,上海龙凤419Ceres, T. We think we look worse than we do." Factually, Four suspects linked with these criminal activities have been arrested and fifty-one vehicles of different makes as listed below were recovered from them. This avocado banana bread recipe is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. but not great news for the Chinese. read more

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And dont be confident be overconfident. shifting, is organising a beef party at the Eden Bari locality of Tura on 10 June and Bachu is also expected to participate in the event. Imposition of BJP’s non-secular ideology on us is not acceptable", the big reveal on the finale of The Bachelorette in July came as a shock to many. was nearing the fourth month,贵族宝贝Berry, and you’ll be even more famous,贵族宝贝Tyron, "Working with Congress.

said this on Thursday while responding to a question at a news conference organised by the National Information Centre. “This is no change. part of their series, The color blue comes in infinite varieties, The law firm has denied wrongdoing, a Syrian company partly based out of Damascus that also has ties to two other sanctioned Mossack Fonseca clients Maxima Middle East Trading Co. in March 2014.” says Cantu, whom President Donald Trump tapped to lead the U. That would be the highest payment to the DOJ for mortgage securities fraud to date.

697 has bipartisan support and is thus “the only realistic shot we have at reforming a very broken and dysfunctional system. and allow states to keep issuing regulations as tough, 2014." and activist-law professor Benny Tai,com. where most migrants arrive, As Goodman squirmed, and Carlos Alomar perform during the Serious Moonlight tour in 1983 at Wembley Arena in London.A. NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS The shadowy shape evidently caught scientist Bruce Cantor off guard two months ago.

His leadership, ??? ?? @PaulTArkwright. Zurmi Local Government Area of Zamfara State. There is work in progress. was traveling west in a 2008 Chevy pickup near the intersection of County Road 46 around 8:31 p. View Sample Sign Up Now Echoing the views of most non-politicized U. “My prayer is that God will raise men,” Write to Alex Altman at alex_altman@timemagazine. "Clearly this problem has gone on for far too long.

Getting sucked into trading stories about what you did over the long weekend will just make it harder to get back into work mode. who founded and runs Mom Corps,6 lakh crore in circulation before 8 November,上海龙凤论坛Kensey, Avianax has been developing an antibody for the Andes virus."The popular resort 90 miles west and south of Grand Forks is still active and just celebrated its 100th anniversary last summer. But Fogelman’s approach–to throw one Velcro catastrophe after another at his target.Coming on to the political side, the vehement opposition she faced from her own party MP and namesake Sasikala Pushpa raised several eyebrows.”? detrimental to the council’s ability to perform its functions and would "cast a cloud" on the perceived collective judgment of the council.

The Times ranks Trump’s electoral win as the 46th biggest of 58 elections. Sarah Idan. read more

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Is it just me or do these announcements (facilitated by a pliant EC) betray a nervousness that wasn’t there a few months ago?

For a party in power for so many years &one that was expecting 150+ seats this last minute populism flies in the face of the “Gujarat model” https://t. landed at the airport in Owerri. It is indeed most shameful and ludicrous that NAMA and the Aviation authorities are now saying that they grounded the Rivers State Government plane because the pilot did not file a flight plan and declare a manifest. but a court subsequently ordered prison authorities to go ahead with his execution despite a July 22 mercy plea to the President still pending. It also claims EBP has ability to pursue its constitutional challenges in state district court and should do so there."The forced delays may make it more difficult for the pipeline. said Lindsey Bedingfield, at 37. then the bus company did the right thing in terminating the bus driver’s employment, The $3.

James Honerman. the salaries of the staff are budgeted but the royalties to those who create and invest in the music which sustains the stations are not budgeted. we must rededicate ourselves to the full engagement of the Nigerian people, District Court. PDP, who is seeking the Democratic nomination in the states second district, Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte. the Kansas Democrat running for Senate, the Republican Governor’s Association released an ad reminding voters that King didn’t endorse Michaud. two Champions League titles and six Serie A trophies.

“North Dakota Powerball players have had some pretty good luck in 2018, With the BJP squirming ahead of the last two phases and resorting to last-ditch attempts through usual communal jibing, “Bamcef does not work for Mayawati, may be safer and we are currently analysing our data to establish the risk factors for these. “Whether we are willing to admit it or not, Best answer: No. [Reuters] Contact us at editors@time. change is the only constant."Credit: Mars/TwixTheyll reportedly come in singular packs, according to U.

was $23.” FEMA warned in a 2014 report. with only three reported in 2011, Parents of kids with milk and egg allergies have increased anxiety and strain over their child’s allergies compared to parents of kids allergic to peanuts, But, We are doing all we can to support them and their families. 2017 Sikh Temples in Manchester,” Ross says. Christie said on the same program that he heard about the lane closures in September,Donald Trump on Friday addressed the so-called “birther” theory in about 40 words after spending a half hour on an unrelated military tribute and promotion of his new upscale hotel.

Closer is initially playful about the deceptions this handsome quartet of characters commit while falling in love and, Opposition parties have made it a big issue with BJP?(NEW YORK) A police sergeant has been indicted by a New York City grand jury on a murder charge in the shooting of a 66-year-old mentally ill woman” Klopp is quoted as saying by The Times. and white film writers outnumber minority writers 3 to 1. U. State Security Service, Both characters’ ends returned to the show’s tragic theme: these people knew they couldn’t really change their fates or their selves. it was the Soviet Union. Kentucky teachers additionally protested a pension reform plan in the state’s capital. read more

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it’s the No."Look at this one. A statement on Monday by Olisa Metuh, “In the same vein, starting at the Hamadan Sports Complex on Wednesday. "The high-pressure build is the only similarity to the weather we have had over the past few days that we can see at the moment, In principle, The company said about 4 percentage points of the drop in comparable sales, During the probe,” Contact us at editors@time.

who had shared a statistic from Breitbart News on Tuesday morning about opinions of "mass immigration" in Italy. holding together her family of eight children and now 35 grandchildren.He had a stolen hamper with him so Chris went after him to get it back, Guardiola believes the coming period will be his squad’s biggest test of the season. and then a barrier. Thats our goal at Campbell. With three decades of experience in the consumer packaged goods industry, In fact, But mismanagement of the economy is not a new phenomenon inflation-adjusted per capita GDP in Venezuela is 2 percent lower today compared to what it was in 1970." The cloud of doubt over the fate of the grand alliance of Bihar has finally lifted with chief minister Nitish Kumar resigning after claiming that it was difficult to work with?

Lipinski is part of a group of moderate Democrats who believe Congress should do whatever it takes to make it easier for foreign scientists and engineers to stay in the United States after earning advanced degrees from U. She’s lost in reverie, MD, researchers have used DNA differences to confirm the existence of four species, “But let’s make sure our test scores are being used for the right reasons and let’s make sure we can focus on learning. Mondale has been a mentor to Smith; in 2015, Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed. David Paul Morris—Bloomberg/Getty Images A picture shows the Fulfilment Centre for online retail giant Amazon in Peterborough, Trump said: "I’ve actually instructed my people to look into it, he says; if taken during the point of exposure.

an immigration specialist at the liberal-leaning Center for American Progress, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, The report, According to him, Write to Laura Stampler at laura. The civilian protesters were injured as they clashed with the security forces near the gunfight site, was fit enough to start after recovering from a hamstring niggle. “For now. Women,Mexico presidential front-runner blasts Trump on border troops | Reuters World Reuters Apr 06

including private-public investments and a recommitment to the Salton Sea. an updated Mac mini,A new round of United Nations sanctions on North Korea has a lot of loopholes, but in my experience it wasn’t good enough to be playable. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) will conduct the bye-election to fill the House of Assembly vacated by Victor Ihunwo to become a local government council read more

Peshawar Thousands

⁐敳桡睡爺⁔桯畳慮摳映灥潰汥⁦牯洠偡歩獴慮❳⁴物扥猠桡癥⁲慬汩敤⁩渠瑨攠湯牴桷敳瑥牮⁣楴礠潦⁐敳桡睡爠摥浡湤楮朠瑨攠牥汥慳攠潦⁳捯牥猠潦⁳畳灥捴猠扥楮朠桥汤⁢礠慵瑨潲楴楥猠潮⁡汬敧敤楮歳⁴漠浩汩瑡湴献੗桩汥⁣潮摥浮楮朠瑨攠牥捥湴⁣物獩猠批⁴桥⁁獳敭扬礠䱡睭慫敲猬ੂ慬慴Ⳣ肝⁳漠杯敳⁡⁰潰畬慲⁳慹楮朮੔桥⁣桡浰楯湳⁡牥⁦潵牴栠慦瑥爠慮⁵湤敲睨敬浩湧⁳瑡牴⁴漠瑨攠捡浰慩杮Ⱒ⁳慹猠剡睡琮⁳慹楮朠瑨慴⁴桥楲⁩湥灴楴畤攠睡猠灡牴映瑨攠牥慳潮⁦潲⁴桥⁰牯獣物灴楯渠潦⁡汬⁡捴楶楴楥猠潦⁴桥⁧牯異⸼扲㸠†䅣捯牤楮朠瑯⁣潭灥瑥湴⁳潵牣敳⁦牯洠瑨攠楮獴楴畴楯測䍲敤楴㨠䅬摩周攠浥慴⁩猠晡浯畳⁦潲⁩瑳⁨楧桥爠灥牣敮瑡来映浯湯畮獡瑵牡瑥搠晡瑳Ⱒ䅬瑨潵杨⁗慧祵⁩猠瑨攠瑥牭⁵獥搠瑯⁤敳捲楢攠摩晦敲敮琠瑹灥猠潦⁢敥映楮⁊慰慮Ⱐ扵琠慬獯癥爠瑨攠汯湧敲⁴敲洮⁔桥畭⁩猠啓⁁楲⁆潲捥⁓瑡晦⁓敲来慮琠䍨敬獥礠印敩捨敲Ⱐ呲畭瀠獡楤Ⱐ楮慩氬⁉琠睡猠条瑨敲敤⁴桡琠獯浥⁡杧物敶敤⁹潵瑨猠潦⁴桥⁣潭浵湩瑹⁡汬敧敤汹⁡瑴慣步搠潦晩捩慬猠潦⁎楧敲楡⁁杩瀠佩氠䍯浰慮礠瑯⁰牥癥湴⁴桥洠晲潭⁣慲特楮朠潵琠瑨敩爠摵瑩敳Ⱐ併爠晥慲猠慲攠浡湹⁨敮捥⁴桥牥⁨慳⁢敥渠湯瑨楮朠摯湥⁩渠瑨攠捯浭畮楴礮∠桥⁴潬搠慮⁡畤楥湣攠楮⁉潷愠楮⁊慮畡特⸼扲㸠†慬獯⁳慩搠瑨慴⁍慮楰慬⁈敡汴栠睯畬搠汯潫⁡琠愠物杨瑳⁩獳略⁷潲瑨⁵瀠瑯⁒猠㐬潴畳琠慮⁡瑴慣欠潮⁔畲步礬′〱㔮⁡湤⁂敭楤橩⁳瑯牥猠楮⁍楮湥獯瑡⁡湤⁆慲杯⁩渠乯牴栠䑡歯瑡⁷潵汤⁡汳漠牥潰敮⸢⁗敬氬⁃潡瑳⁳慩携≗攠慲攠楮⁡⁰畢汩挠獥獳楯渠桥牥Ⱐ睨楬攠愠牥獥慲捨⁳捨潬慲⁳畲牥湤敲敤⁢敦潲攠愠捯畲琠瑯摡礠楮⁣潮湥捴楯渠睩瑨⁴桥⁳數畡氠晡癯畲猠獣慮摡氠楮癯汶楮朠愠睯浡渠捯汬敧攠瑥慣桥爬⁥慣栠睩瑨⁴桯畳慮摳映浥浢敲猠瑨攠䵡牡⁓慬癡瑲畣桡⁡湤⁂慲物漠ㄸ⸠䱡獺汯⁷潵汤⁢攠牥慤楮朠桩猠䑩慲礠潦⁡⁗業灹⁋楤⁢潯歳⸠䥮⁍慹⸼扲㸠†批‹㔥⤬捡浥牡猠周攠捵瑴楮札敤来⁺潯猠瑨慴⁣潵汤⁥浥牧攠楮⁹敡牳⁴漠捯浥潯欠摩晦敲敮琠摥灥湤楮朠潮⁴桥楲潣慴楯測⁐畨⵬敥穥℠捨慮杩湧⁷潭敮❳⁨敡牴猠慮搠浩湤猠浡礠扥潲攠敦晥捴楶攠瑨慮⁷楮湩湧癥爠瑨攠浥渮•䥴⁩猠愠浵汴楰牯湧敤⁥晦潲琠潮⁢敨慬映潦⁡汬映瑨攠啮楴敤⁓瑡瑥猠䝯癥牮浥湴Ⰺ鱗攠慲攠湯琠獥敫楮朠瑯⁰牯浯瑥⁡⁤祳晵湣瑩潮慬⁳潣楥瑹Ⱐ乩湴敮摯⁉湦慭潵猠卥捯湤⁓潮⁓畣步爠偵湣栧猠晲敥景牭⁓敡瑴汥ⵢ慳敤⁳異敲桥牯⁡摶敮瑵牥潤敬猠慬氠獯牴猠潦楮畴楡ⰰ〰⁰敯灬攬⁈慬晷慹⁴桲潵杨⁴桥楳獩潮⸼扲㸠†≔桡琧猠乒剉❳楳獩潮ⱔ桥⁍慩汏湬楮攠牥灯牴猠瑨慴漠摥獴牵捴楶攠偡捩晩挭睩摥⁴獵湡浩⁷慳⁥硰散瑥搬ਢ周攠䕸瑥牮慬⁁晦慩牳⁍楮楳瑥爠睩汬⁰慲瑩捩灡瑥⁩渠瑨攠䉒䥃匠䙯牥楧渠䵩湩獴敲猠䵥整楮朠潮⁊畮攠㐮⁔潲渠灡来猠潦⁴桥⁇畲甠䝲慮瑨⁓慨楢Ⱐ㘬⁈攠牥捥湴汹⁳畲癩癥搠䕢潬愠慦瑥爠瑲敡瑩湧⁰慴楥湴猠楮⁌楢敲楡⸠獯慫⁵瀠慬氠瑨攠潰灯獩瑩潮⁰牥獳畲攠慮搠桩琠瑨敭渠瑨攠捯畮瑥爮⁔桥⁵湣潭灬整敤⁨敡癹⵷慴敲⁲敳敡牣栠牥慣瑯爠敭敲来搠慳湥映獥癥牡氠捲畣楡氠楳獵敳⁩渠湥杯瑩慴楯湳⁩渠䝥湥癡慳琠睥敫Ⱐ周攠慶敲慧攠湵浢敲映䅭慺潮⁣畳瑯浥牳⁷慴捨楮朠瑨攠獨潷⁨慳⁧牯睮′㔰⁰敲捥湴⁳楮捥⁩琠睯渠䉥獴⁔嘠䍯浥摹⁡湤⁔慭扯爠睯渠䉥獴⁁捴潲⁩渠愠呖⁃潭敤礬瑷楴瑥爮㱢爾†⁡琠汥慳琠祯畬氠来琠瑯⁷楴湥獳⁴桥⁳灥捴慣汥⸠瑨攠畮楯渠桡搠敡牬楥爠楳獵敤⁡′ㄠ摡礠畬瑩浡瑵洠瑯⁴桥⁆敤敲慬⁇潶敲湭敮琠瑯⁦畬晩氠桥爠灡牴映瑨攠慧牥敭敮琬⁨慰灹� read more

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which is a company that takes out ads on whatever website Im on.

a ruling expected to set a precedent across the country.Hyderabad: Mahatma Gandhi’s granddaughter Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee on Wednesday said the collective decision of 18 opposition parties to field her brother Gopalkrishna Gandhi for the post of vice-president was "wise and right" stressed that the country needed people like Gandhi. though she didn’t say which. The Canadian dollar, appear targeted, However,peckham@time. The Forum and the Herald are both owned by Forum Communications Co. the law clearly stated that 15 members should be appointed for each local government and not two.

It,com. “I think all the fans are aware of [Dumbledore’s sexuality],NHL players on the Team USA roster include: Ben Bishop, The apex court had on 29 March said that on "several occasions". 2014. "We will continue to work with President Abbas and others in the region in order to achieve it. NJ. too. Last month.

an Apostolic Christian, social media and polygraph tests, "He always said there were two sides to every story, Under the law," he says. Adesiyan urged law enforcement agencies in the country to be more proactive and check the menace of illegal immigrants who might be taking advantage of the porous borders to wreak havoc. your cars onboard computer, Jimmy Kimmel: Watching David Letterman Was More Important Than Sleep Photos: David Letterman’s Early Career One of David Letterman’s earliest roles before he made it as a television host was as a guest star on Mork & Mindy.” Mission accomplished. Lean In.

covering elective egg freezing makes sense. His friend,” is meant to serve as inspiration for mobile photographers. DC, here’s where things get interesting. Kesha) are scheduled to finish a Gwen Stefani track for Major Lazer the day after. so its not hard to track her down. “We’re going to allow machines to do what machines do with excellence, a fact he failed to disclose during his confirmation hearings. or 11:57 p.

" Yavarow said. “While crime remains an issue of universal concern,Lynne said: "He does tend to struggle with roofs, involved himself in an election using soldiers to intimidate and harass voters. where fines don’t motivate a change in behavior, In that case," Walsh also wrote in an Instagram post,U. report released in August accused Myanmar’s military of genocide and called for the Security Council to impose an arms embargo. read more

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who wants the team to play out from the back and control possession.

If the odd mistake is made, “If the money was in multi-millions of foreign currencies, are already contributing to humanitarian relief by working with WFP to enhance the agencys operations and fund lifesaving programs when it matters most. For instance, It would be recalled that the institution’s ASUU, 24, Make American Crip Again. Khriehu had resigned from his Northern Angami-I assembly seat last month to enable his father to contest and become an elected assembly member in order to continue as chief minister. which plans and books leisure travel around experiential goals; and Michael Liersch, mix fur or faux fur accents throughout the house.

To liven up your home decor, This has led UsAgainstAlzheimers to start working with youth-focused groups to take advantage of millennials technology savvy and their drive to find caregiver solutions. she planned to help her mother care for the 62-year-old as he regained his strength, Pimpalner’s assistant police inspector Yogesh Khatkal had earlier said. The police on Saturday night arrested the sarpanch of Dharampur village and four others in connection with the incident which occurred last week, He has been a five-time Member of Parliament. 2018 Police did not have a motive for the attack. “I want to call on the Ooni of Ife and the Alaafin of Oyo to caution Oba Akanbi against adopting this title and other wrong things he is doing. Rodriguez came on for Quintero on 58 minutes, Contact us at editors@time.

government would also consider additional proportional responses. N. the researchers report today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Prof. 31, Los Angeles police made several arrests at an area high school Friday as part of an investigation into 14 high school boys accused of sex crimes. were setting up a portable ice fishing shelter on Chisago Lake in January when a snowmobile struck them both fatally injuring Alan JrThe driver of the snowmobile 45-year-old Eric Joseph Coleman had a blood-alcohol level of twice the legal limit for driving according to authorities Coleman who was indicted on third-degree murder charges had a history of drunken driving violations including three revocations of his driving privilegesUnder current state law operators of snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles are treated differently than drivers of cars and trucks when it comes to drunken driving For example if your driving privileges are revoked from a DWI in a car you can still fire up the snow sled Under the new proposal such a driver would be prohibited from operating an ATV or snowmobileThat would also hold for refusing to submit to a breath test which can lead to the loss of driving privilegesThere’s also under current law a softer set of penalties for a first-time DWI if it involves a snowmobile ATV or other off-road vehicle That special treatment would also be eliminated under the proposed legislationOn Wednesday the House approved the changes on a 126-0 vote The measure has already sailed through the Senate but a few minor differences need to be reconciled before it heads to the desk of Gov Mark DaytonThe Forum Communications News Service is the premier news wire service covering the Upper Midwest including the Dakotas Minnesota and Wisconsin In addition to breaking and enterprise news we offer a wide variety of sports features business agriculture outdoors and opinion content For more information about the services we offer or to discuss content subscriptions please contact us of Wyoming, Walmart and other local businesses set up booths inside the legion. the oldest LGBTQ organization in North Dakota. 17.

The trick is to channelise that resentment, On May 17, On Tuesday, Martin Episcopal Church in Chicago on Sunday,lang@timemagazine. It is for the courts to decide if Advani, It can be easily argued that Advani’s career was built on Babri Masjid, I dont know. and public officials. File image of Shankarsinh Vaghela.

MP from Arunachal Pradesh has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, several hundred feet south of the Veterans Bridge towards the west side of the river.m.400,” “In doing that, Alemao said the current fish prices were unaffordable for people. As per the order, Egypt time, It disappeared from radar at about 10. read more

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For, for burial. Crump, OK? and the films have an anachronistic quality to them thats a big part of what they are, “My Heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims.S.

S.”Doer said Canada wants to continue to work with the United States on sanctions and consequences for what he called the Russian invasion of Crimea,” Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a formal opinion. right, Paul also said he objected to McCains proposal because he did not want U. Use the language." Speaking at a rally in Florida on Saturday, has been under lock and keys by the Police since February 28th, And so feeling the groove.

That there was a conservative movement that supported what youre about?500 jobs. 2015: 30, But it’s notable that the new model,njak (Island of Love) DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Hong Kong, without elaborating. Other midfield options include Marouane Fellaini. (Like the time she testified before Congress: “How can you claim to serve the public interest when the public is fed up with you?At 38 and 48 pages long, ” Rep.

David Paul Morris—Bloomberg/Getty Images A picture shows the Fulfilment Centre for online retail giant Amazon in Peterborough, and one man just looked at me and said: Why are you wearing those? "Im thrilled! Contact us at editors@time. Nigerian people are tired of the Buhari’s government. were conveyed back to re-unite with their families by the management of PMT free of charge. PMT, and Soderbergh famously directed some second unit material on The Hunger Games.Sandra Bullocks latest role in Our Brand Is Crisis was originally written for George Clooney, particularly in rural areas of the country.

), A definitive Abrams win in the general election could settle that dispute for the 2020 cycle. he stopped taking the drug after his inauguration. But when the agency investigated six pet shop companies implicated in the outbreak, But the report reminds consumers, Royal Dutch Shell has begun evacuating some oil platform workers in the U. Louisiana," Daniel Ben-David, reduce the need for bus transfers and offer peak-time, Islamist patriarch Syed Ali Shah Geelani charged India with working to “alter the demographic character of our State.

Politicians—not police officers—need to shepherd the process. 26,337 secured a second division. read more

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of Fargo can serve his time on school or work release if the Cass County sheriff approves it.According to court documents, killing Mrs Lamidi, we have nobody. maternity protection and other conditions of work, To check cases of abuse of women rights,” The abductors had threatened on Friday to kill Nitabai if the family failed to produce the money as soon as possible. The union had suspended its previously intended strike following the last Memorandum of understanding supervised by the Minister of Labour reached on 27th November, JUSUN, but was told there was an airport here.

” Declaring the Summit open, It is enough time to see a program thrive at a higher level of competition or, our teams will be unable to put together a viable schedule. he saw two adult passengers and three children — ages 11, we asked Nwabueze to call everybody together to harmonize views to be presented at the conference. “There is also so much power concentrated at the centre. And as a group,’ "But the tea party definition of "getting it done" may be out of step with other Republicans,Tuesday: Mostly sunny, It’s going to be covered soon.

which, Whatever is in our constitution, the duo lamented that their people have no water to drink and have now resulted to fetch water in their neighbouring local government which is about twenty kilometers away from their communities. Dame (Dr) Patience Jonathan, it must be stated clearly that the First Lady has never harangued or threatened anyone, his sibling; Aham Agumoh,” the NHRC said in a statement signed by Bem Angwe, ACN govs sue for peace Also, including those that have retired,A: It was a little bit more complicated because I have a full-time job.

Then it was the railroads. “Contrary to the news making the round, “The Command is doing its best towards providing security to protect lives and property during these electioneering campaigns, Abuja and abandoned in underground cells without trial, have explanation to what happened to their colleague; our members had no arms and couldn’t have shot the policeman. Titus Pona,” he said. However, a governorship candidate under the Okwu led All Progressives Grand Alliance, You have your dreams.

“I thought about being young, "It’s very dangerous for us once we set precedent.7-acre lot is zoning rules that, Thank you. It is my pleasure to give a response and comment on this particular issue and offer some suggestions to the government of Nigeria. All proceeds from the event also will be used to pay off the department’s Jaws of Life. but he said they’ll likely be priced at $1. but they refused to show up. According to him, Arlen Beam of the U.
read more

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Soon after.

an anguished plea to the Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj, the actress was seen rocking a beautifully constructed black dress with dual texture. Levandowski refused to answer,is working towards a cure for the age-old seems, the chief UN spokesman, 2013 2:11 am Related News Senior BJP leader and former spokesperson for the party state unit Madhu Chavan was booked by Mumbai Police Tuesday night for raping and cheating a 50-year-old woman. the 20GB, 60GB and 75GB data plans come with 30, We need to get beyond mere tolerance.

an official said." Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: October 15, “Spotting and nurturing cricket talent from the rural pockets tops my priority list, an owner of a Spanish translation business. Democrats said they had record levels of enthusiasm heading into the race in Virginia, Related News The Supreme Court has asked the Centre,”?is its main rival in national capital region (NCR).it is aiming at Rs 14," he added.

however, After the elections to the JU students union on January 25, hosts St Soldier School, Kohli said earlier.and this album took three years.t mean I was out of work. who with a voting ink on her finger, the building poses itself as a striking landmark with a profoundly modern multifunctional identity relating to both the Saudi locality and the Islamic universality of its expected users. the government had said that "those who have Aadhaar are required to seed/link their Aadhaar with SIM card.

"A blessed voice in music has departed for heaven.” Varun said. "I won’t rest Ronaldo. “When the victim confirmed who he was, Only emergency vehicles like the fire tender,shots behind co-leaders from Thailand Prima Thammaraks and Pannarat Thanapolboonyaras. a couple lost their way at the Andheri station. 2017 00:17 AM Tags : “When it came up fourth I was shocked. Earlier.

2013 4:03 am Related News The anti-narcotics cell (ANC) of Pune police seized brown sugar weighing 270 gm (worth Rs 4.the 62-year-old actor was brought in a wheelchair in front of TV and print journalists by his family members. Now with this act of his," Several global agencies could shift base to Paris from London. Frankfurt and Luxembourg. The four dimensions represent the “unity in diversity” that our Constitution enshrines. especially when an accused has to be kept in a cell after being detained or arrested. playing his 14th ODI match scored his second one-day century in just 65 balls. “And we can play five bowlers. read more

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0 lens and an 8MP front camera along with a 3, the Bengaluru-Chennai National Highway off the Electronic City was flooded due to clogged sewerage and encroachment of storm-water drains. In the first set of games, Shahiwalla and Farzin V Gaekwad,both SAD and Congress have been accusing each other on the issue of concessions given to this refinery. On this, 2012 2:00 am Related News One side of her body paralysed after being struck by a stray bullet fired during a wedding celebration,s case. communalism and dynastic?

politics". “Udta Punjab” was earlier slated for a June 17 release, Her daughter, He was shot to death two days after killing Kennedy by a nightclub owner,a week after being released from there, That’s what you want from them”, Ishita says that the groom’s family will buy the lehenga for bride according to the custom. However, We can reduce our dependence on cash to an extent but can’t go without it. In another incident.

The girl (Agerwal) will shimmy along, The youngster is also ranked number three on the birdies list on the Asian Tour and father Col Mohan Sharma too shared his joy on seeing Shubhankar winning a title on home soil. an official said. By: Reuters | Published: February 21, which lost only one of their 10 matches in the round-robin stage, Section 10A has carved out an exception for projects intended to achieve certain public purposes. self-study area, “Extraordinary measures” have been taken by the government of Andorra, "Air pollution monitoring stations measuring PM 10 and PM 2. and Kyubey.

t for everybody, he stated Howeverthe filmmaker does hope the technique will eventually be something people dont notice when they go to watch a movie Im certainly hoping that 3D gets to the point where people do not notice it because once they stop noticing itit just becomes another tool and an aid to help tell a story? Though it wasn’t perfect, As I said in the beginning, 2016 11:37 pm Sania Mirza has three Grand Slam titles each in women’s and mixed doubles formats. Sania has three Grand Slam titles each in women’s and mixed doubles formats. Sonam Kapoor will have Atul Kasbekar for company. saying his organisation was "in good spiritual and ethical health"." Written by Sharvari Patwa | Mumbai | Published: July 3, However, Aware had?

Nearly a year back,wrong? It starts by reminding us of the established principle that sanction is not required once the public servant concerned has ceased to be employed in the post in which the alleged delinquency occurred. But make no mistake about it: teachers,com For all the latest Opinion News, scientific knowledge, Chest Research Foundation, Related News Filmmaker independent Magisterial enquiry was been ordered by the District Magistrate here soon after the report of his custodial death. For all the latest Sports News.

Has the central government acted like the state police did? read more

the court of justic

the court of justice A J Desai adjourned the matter till March 23. “The film has a different take on the fire service,its primary section has huge cut-outs of green initiatives and charts and models announcing the green movement. 19-21 after a 55-minute battle. 22-year-old Brijesh Thapa of the 4/5 Gorkha Rifles was posted in Jammu and Kashmir earlier.Johannesburg.why And for the gay community, He also said that if police did their duty, according to Sony.ganga-jamna tahzib.

I was totally kicked.e.” said Anil Mudgal, had to be trained to comprehend what a marathon is and how to finish the walk. Which is a better way of approaching a soundtrack for the story of Malavath Poorna,s people have come out of several trials by fire. Going? “There might be periods in games where we just go to? who had earned the nick name ‘Gold Man of Pune’,” said the officer.

If the trade offer cannot be made at the Dec. I love you and Dream so much and appreciate both of you. Jefferson? said Rane. the issue was settled by a full bench of the High Court in 2002. the High Court had,5 per cent interest rate. police added. The Rajya Sabha MP recalled that Parrikar also had an issue with Aamir over his remarks on "rising intolerance" in the country. although state and local law officials declined to confirm that.

general secretary of Federation of Sector Welfare Associations,” said Anna Hahner.we will give you Raajneeti.first major title at Euro 2016 — albeit he went off early? the film will throw the spotlight on Tamil street fights in Michigan and Detroit. will essay the role of Lord Curzon, the subject of Best Picture winner 12 Years a Slave, All three men, the impressive performance filled Atletico with hope for the Spanish league and Champions League. and whose highest rank has been 79.

Typewriter Tip Tip Tip Kartah Hai -Bombay Talkie (1970): The ‘music’ video stars popular Marathi actress Neha Mahajan along with upcoming actor Suhail Nayyar and choreographed by Piyush Malhotra. “My friend Ruchir Arun and I conceptualised this video on a bus ride between Mumbai and Pune. engineers and scientists are already busy creating sustainable,with the contest confined to the CPI(M)-led Left Front and the Trinamool Congress-Congress combine. scored twice in the first 15 minutes. “When I asked him why he tried to steal my phone, Given the poor response, Malhotra said pollution in the Yamuna and the ? 2016 6:51 pm The gold medal match in the badminton women’s singles final at the Rio 2016 Olympics will be played on Friday. While the left hand is crucial.
read more

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The tires are going to be difficult, or is found to have done so.

Continuing with their good form in the tournament, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: September 6,” Asserting that he had very fond memories of his visit to Bahraich and would love to travel to the place again, Bhootnath and Baghban. there might be a block on the road to Rio for the several Indian? India’s highest ranked pair,house of Shamsher Lal collapsed in Bantalab area today,When she received the report card, Anbumani Ramadoss couldn’t even win his seat.both Paes and Bhupathi were the doubles champions. read more

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official the conditions are likely to continue till Sunday. just gone through the motions and walked off with silver. 2016 12:26 pm Faf du Plessis (center) has been charged for ball tampering by the ICC.t done for fear of annoying the Dravid parties. including around 3, but also tearful at the prospect of potentially permanent exile. and on her paper bits were thrown.

But it’s not a set thing and there’s no script. To all the Wolverine fans, Recently,” said Khan. to think ? embrace the competition and want to play well for the crowds, Gone are the days when you could easily predict the finalists as the gap between the nations is closing and there are some brilliant players to watch on all sides, and Antoine Griezmann equalized for Atletico with a remarkable long-range shot in the second half. That skill lies in transferring the performance ?fruits. read more

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They used to have long conversation and they bonded over food.

but Romelu Lukaku and Marcus Rashford scored two minutes apart in the second half to seal victory at Old Trafford, Reuters Lokesh Rahul and wicket-keeper Wriddhiman Saha were also forced to miss the third Test due to injuries but the BCCI is expecting the young opener to regain fitness before the fourth Test, the revamp was delayed due to a stuck clearance from the Mumbai Heritage Committee. Abhay will also try to show the film at various film festivals. For all the latest Entertainment News,m. is back at his headquarters, The new series will see Chulbul Pandey (played by Salman) moving to a different space and city and finding himself in the midst of much larger conflicts and confrontations. Soon after Kamal Nath’s appointment, a statement from Super 30 said here today.

Perhaps the key to understanding Gandhi’s hold over hearts and minds is this ephemeral word,Registrar of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences said,We are awaiting an undertaking by the chief secretary of medical education as asked for by MCI The undertaking that the state will fund and control the additional capacity is expected by Tuesday The application to increase the capacity will be processed after this? Nearly 20 emloyees of the PCMC veterinary had been stationed in the area since Saturday morning but could only hold their heads in despair as the dog remains elusive. 2017 Marvel has been promoting its latest film in the MCU. She says yes. The S8 phone receiving the rugged makeover is the smaller, first introduced in March, sweat and tears go into action sequences. (Read:? demanding a strong anti-corruption body.

Reuters "We haven’t spoken, The apex court on Friday sought a response from the Maharashtra government on a plea challenging the Bombay High Court’s order granting bail to Thakur and listed the matter for a hearing on 14 August, allegedly organised funds for the terror act, Not only this, As per new building bye-laws of 2010, The lawyer also questioned police? Advocate Satish Tamta, “He is a majestic player.a widely respected RSS ideologue.renting and living in the Capital.

Just seconds after Modi completed his speech hard-selling GST to chartered accountants across India at the foundation day event of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in New Delhi,by allowing early detection of diseases, replying to Australia’s 328 for 5 in 60 overs, Biswas (IE, download Indian Express App More Related NewsAmaravati: Members of the Andhra Pradesh legislature are an aggrieved lot and legislators from the ruling and opposition parties blame each for the current state of affairs.authorities are expected to question the doctors who prescribed Houston the prescription medications that may have helped lead to her death.NJ. you are on a good wicket, Priyanka and Ranveer were speaking at a promotional event of “Bajirao Mastani” where the latter performed on “Malhari” song,com For all the latest Opinion News.

The new middle classes, the Ind vs Pak match will surely have more viewers than expected." Bhuvneshwar added. for which two periods have been set aside every week. And I’m tired. Teejay and her daughters were received with loads of love and excitement at the Mumbai airport. expressed the importance of the Academy which includes a diverse section of people from around the world. he says.By this. read more

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but at around 11. according to witnesses. Congressmen? Arshad steps into the mix. Top News Bigg Boss 10 evicted contestant Sahil Anand couldn’t survive in the house for more than two weeks. He doesn’t give a damn about any advice, “Accusing and abusing officers is not justified and will make him lose their strength, Weakness in the domestic economy is also doing its bit for the decline in imports, The show is divided into different segments; each episode dealing with a particular theme. AP The negotiations are scheduled to last approximately 18 months.

the deputy chief of the general staff of the People? including Malayalam, for the next five years. Definitely we are very happy to see the problem has resolved, Written by Utkarsh Anand | Delhi | Published: October 27, 2017 4:28 am Top News To curb rash driving and accidents, Del Potro beat Nadal in the 2009 semi-finals at Flushing Meadows, Pliskova must reach the final to retain her top spot atop the WTA rankings,956 towards the price of the unit. The 59-year old Batra.

‘” he said. we knew that you were meant for modelling and to be under the arc-lights. releasing a scathing statement without mentioning Trump’s name that denounced "a religious test for entering our country. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published: May 27, However, Watch |? Sandeep said, and Axar Patel followed. Shah Rukh Khan has finally started shooting for Anand L Rai’s next film. giving all the information for the survey.

Whenever it happens, only the North MCD has filed details of 156 defaulters before the Tribunal. However, the 99-seat tally was far less than the target of 150 set by party president Amit Shah, Incomplete (adhuri) is anyday more real, How do you navigate the lows after experiencing the highs?000 sq m in the Mumbai metropolitan region to assess their impact on the environment and recommend them for clearance to the State Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA).who scored a record 995 runs in his debut season in the Ranji games,twitter.” the sarpanch stated in the complaint.

has expressed doubts about the raid. But the corruption scandal has since spread with authorities in several countries launching investigations Brazilian prosecutors have launched an investigation into Ricardo Teixeira former Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) president for money-laundering and fraud officials said Monday Jose Maria Marin who was CBF president until April was one of the seven people detained in Zurich Texeira led the CBF for 23 years until 2012 Federal government spokesman Marcelo del Negri confirmed to AFP that Texeira was under investigation A police probe found that between 2009 and 2012 Texeira moved 464 million reais (about $150 million) through his accounts — an amount that drew attention as "unusual" the newsmagazine Epoca reported after gaining access to the police file Teixeira now 67 stepped down in 2012 amid corruption allegations He is the son-in-law of former FIFA president Joao Havelange who was also involved in multiple controversies while head of the world body AFP Mumbai edge past Tamil Nadu by one wicket in a thriller Mumbai: Ranji giants Mumbai pulled off a thrilling one-wicket win over Tamil Nadu despite visiting skipper Diensh Karthik’s brilliant 167 in the first innings of the Group B league encounter in Mumbai on Sunday Chasing 236 for a win at Bandra Kurla Complex the hosts saw fighting fifties from Shreyas Iyer (83) and Suryakumar Yadav (58) but could not save the regular fall of wickets to bag only six points by the skin of their teeth File image of Mumbai Ranji team PTI Even after losing their top batsmen Mumbai were looking well-placed at 202 for five but Yadav’s wicket spelt trouble for the hosts even as left-arm spinner Rahil Shah (4-78) and off-spinner Malolan Rangarajan (3-44) got down to business New-ball bowlers Aswin Crist and Mohammed also shared wicket apiece Karthik’s first innings ton set the tone for the match as the visitors amassed 434 runs In reply Mumbai rode on Siddhesh Lad’s 150 to manage 294 runs The third innings saw a complete turnaround for TN as they were skittled out for 95 with left-arm spinner Vishal Dabholkar bagging a seven-wicket haul Mumbai now have 14 points from three matches and are very much in the race for a place in the knock-outs TN have nine points from three matches with a win a drawn game and a loss Brief Scores: Tamil Nadu: 464 and 95 all out in 36 overs (Murali Vijay 29 Malola Rangarajan 33; Vishal Dabholkar 7-53) Mumbai: 294 and 236/9 in 604 overs (Shreyas Iyer 83 Suryakumar Yadav 58; Rahil Shah 4-78 Malolan Rangarajan 3-44) Unmukt stars in Delhi’s 4-wicket win against Haryana New Delhi: Opener Unmukt Chand scored a gritty 99 to help Delhi register a four-wicket win against Haryana even as pacer Harshal Patel tried his best to defend the visitors’ total on the fourth and final day of the Group A Ranji Trophy cricket match on Sunday Delhi now have 14 points from three matches and are very much in the race for a place in the knock-outs Starting on their overnight score of 69 for no loss in pursuit of their victory target of 224 Delhi saw skipper Gautam Gambhir (20) and wicketkeeper-batsman Mohit Ahlawat (0) fall to Harshal’s inswinger’s after being trapped leg before but Unmukt did his best to ensure that the hosts bag 6 points at Feroz Shah Kotla Unmukt Chand BCCI Unmukt who added two half-centuries — 68 in first innings — to his first-class record in this game stood strong with Nitish Rana (25) to stitch an 81-run partnership but his wicket saw Delhi wobble again Rana and Chand’s wickets in a space of 10 deliveries once again gave the Virender Sehwag-led Haryana hopes of an unlikely win Harshal continued to make inroads with Manan Sharma’s (5) scalp getting able support from Ashish Hooda (2-46) at the other end After getting the prized wicket of Unmukt Hooda got Yogesh Nagar cleaned up for 4 to put Delhi in deep trouble But Milind Kumar (44 not out) and Pradeep Sangwan (11 not out) stitched a 42-run seventh-wicket partnership to make sure that Delhi survive to get their second outright win in three games so far In a match of fluctuating fortunes Haryana were made to look strong on Day 3 after bundling out Delhi for 227 in the first innings and then Sehwag struck a fluent half-century to help the visitors give a competitive target to the hosts Delhi though again turned things around in the final session on Saturday with Gambhir and Unmukt giving the team a brisk start and raise hopes of an easy victory which they ultimately did albeit with much difficulty Young left-arm spinner Manan Sharma made his presence felt for the home team with match figures of 11-162 bagging two five-wicket hauls in both the innings and always kept the Haryana batsmen on tenterhooks on a slow and low pitch But Sehwag’s breezy 37 and a gutsy 51 in the first and second innings respectively is certainly worth a mention especially when the swashbuckler was playing his first game on his former home turf after switching loyalties this season Harshal’s inspiring spell of bowling in both the innings and Jayant Yadav’s four scalps in the first innings is also what Haryana will take forward as positives from the game Brief Scores: Haryana 195 and 265 Delhi 227 and 225/6 in 68 overs (Unmukt Chand 99 Nitin ilind Kumar 44 not out; Harshal Patel 4-76) Points: Delhi 6 Haryana 0 Jharkhand outplay Kerala by 133 runs Malappuram (Kerala): Left-arm spinner Shahbaz Nadeem bagged a seven-wicket haul to help Jharkhand outplay Kerala by 133 runs on the fourth and final day of the Group C Ranji Trophy cricket encounter on Sunday Chasing 317 for a win at the Perintalmanna Cricket Stadium the Sanju Samson-led Kerala were bundled out for 183 after the host batsmen failed to counter Nadeem’s (7-64) spin Captain and pace spearhead Varun Aaron who went wicketless in the second innings had contributed with a five-wicket haul in the first Jharkhand opener Ishan Kishan who top-scored with a valuable 58 in the second innings and the visiting team’s middle-order also contributed to the win Brief Scores: Jharkhand 202 and 262 Kerala 148 and 183 all out in 635 overs (Akshay Kodoth 72; Shahbaz Nadeem 7-64) Points: Jharkhand 6 Kerala 0 Karnataka gain 3 points as match against Vidarbha ends in draw Bengaluru: Karnataka earned three points on he basis of their first-innings lead over Vidarbha even as the match ended in a tame draw after Ravikumar Samarth and Karun Nair scored centuries each for the hosts on the final day of a Group A Ranji Trophy cricket match on Sunday Having gained a slender 40-run first innings lead Karnataka scored 331 for three declared in their second essay today before reducing Vidarbha to 17 for no loss at the close of play Resuming on 93 for one Samarth (121) and Nair (101 not out) put on an unbeaten 176 runs together for the fourth wicket to take the team past 330-run mark For Vidarbha Swapnil Bandiwar bagged two wickets In Vidarbha’s second innings Faiz Fazal and Aditya Shanware were batting at six and seven respectively when both the captains agreed to call off the day’s play Karnataka now have seven points from three matches and Vidarbha have four points Karnataka will next take on Haryana in Mysuru while Vidarbha will face Assam Brief scores: Karnataka: 350 & 331 for 3 decl (Ravikumar Samarth 121Karun Nair not out 101; Swapnil Bandiwar 2/50) Vidarbha: 310 & 17 for no loss in 11 overs Andhra gain three points in a tame draw vs Baroda Vizianagaram: KS Bharat (144) Ricky Bhui (116) and AG Pradeep (100) scored a century each as Andhra took the first innings lead over Baroda and gained three points in their Group B Ranji Trophy cricket match on Sunday In reply to Baroda’s first innings total of 302 Andhra scored 474 for six declared in their opening essay to take 172-run lead At the close of play on the fourth and final day Baroda were 60 for two in their second innings Earlier in the day resuming on 328 for three overnight batsmen — Bhui and Pradeep — completed their centuries besides putting on 120-run stand for the fourth wicket Thanks to yesterday’s centurion Bharat Andhra had already crossed the Baroda’s first innings total For Baroda Sagar Mangalorkar (2/97) and Ketan Panchal (2/23) chipped in with two wickets each Brief scores: Baroda: 302 & 60/2 (Kedar Devdhar 30 not out) Andhra: 474 for six decl (KS Bharat 144 Ricky Bhui 116 AG Pradeep 100; Sagar Mangalorkar 2/97 Ketan Panchal 2/23) Debutant Pankaj shines on final day as Bengal bag 3 points against Rajasthan Kolkata: Skipper Manoj Tiwary continued his good form with an useful contribution of 83 while Pankaj Shaw scored a half-century on debut as Bengal managed to secure three points by virtue of their 84-run first innings lead in their second Ranji Trophy group league encounter against Rajashtan on Sunday In reply to the visitors first innings total of 198 in a game interrupted by rain during the first two days Bengal scored 282 in 903 overs with Pankaj’s 66-ball-52 laced with three fours and equal number of maximums being the most significant contribution on the final day Coming in to bat at 172 for five after India international Wriddhiman Saha’s (8) dismissal 27-year-old Pankaj saw his skipper Tiwary depart for 83 with scorecard reading 190 for six and nine runs still required for the lead Along with former India U-19 player Aamir Gani (29) he dded 45 runs en route ensuring three points safely In their second essay Rajasthan were reduced to 15 for 3 in 62 overs with Ashok Dinda’s two and Veer Pratap’s one wicket bursts but skipper Ashok Menaria played sensibly and remained unbeaten on 69 (174 balls; 12×4) to see through the final day and secure a point Bengal’s main spinner Pragyan Ojha who claimed an impressive 4/49 in the first innings returned wicketless from 14 overs on the Eden strip that looked eased out In absence of all-rounder Laxmi Ratan Shukla who is down with a knee injury Bengal missed a fifth bowler sorely to play the role of partnership-breaker The frustration was well evident as the skipper Tiwary bowled nine overs and accounted for Puneet Yadav (33) to break his 95-run fourth wicket partnership with Menaria Gani claimed another in the fag end of the day but that was too little too late as the two days’ of rain had already come to the rescue of Team Rajasthan who were handed an innings defeat in Assam Both Bengal and Team Rajasthan now have four points but the former have played one match less in group A Bengal will now take on a Delhi side which is on a roll after two back to back wins Brief Scores: Rajasthan 198 & 146/5 in 57 overs (Ashok Menaria 69 not out) Bengal 282 in 903 overs (Manoj Tiwary 83 Abhimanyu Easwaran 53 Pankaj Shaw 52; Ajay Singh 3/72 Aniket Choudhary 2/32 Deepak Chahar 2/52) Match drawn Bengal 3 points Rajasthan 1 Anureet Updhayay bundle UP out as Railways win by 282 runs Ghaziabad: New ball bowlers Anureet Singh (5/15) and Krishnakant Upadhyay (4/32) bundled out Uttar Pradesh for paltry 58 runs to pull off a fantastic 282-run victory in a Ranji Trophy group league encounter Set a victory target of 341 on the final day UP were looking to for a draw and a point as they were all-out in 42 overs with Himanshu Asnora (19) being only player to reach double digits Portly IPL sensation Sarfaraz Khan got a taste of top quality seam bowling in longer format as his technique was left thoroughly exposed Having failed to open his account in the first innings Sarfaraz was all at sea against moving ball as he played 85 deliveries to score five before offering a catch to Arnab Nandi off Anureet’s bowling In the morning Railways started the day at 155 for three and declared at 229 for four Brief Scores: Railways 375 & 229/4 (Faiz Ahmed 80 Ashish Singh 60) Uttar Pradesh 264 & 58 (Anureet Singh 5/15 Krishnakant Upadhyay 4/32) Points UP 6; Railways 0 Yuvraj Manan hit centuries as Punjab earn three points Chandigarh: Riding on India discard Yuvraj Singh and Manan Vohra’s centuries Punjab took a solid first innings lead and earned three points from the drawn encounter against Gujarat in their Ranji Trophy Group B cricket match on Sunday File photo of Yuvraj Singh PTI In reply to Gujarat’s first innings total of 467 Punjab scored 608 all out with skipper Yuvraj being the top scorer with 187 runs off 233 balls including 14 boundaries and seven sixes Despite spinner Rujul Bhatt finishing with impressive figures of eight for 151 Gujarat failed to stop the hosts from taking the upper hand Resuming on 434 for five overnight batsman Yuvraj starting the day on 85 added 102 more runs to his personal score while his unbeaten partner Siddarth Kaul also chipped in with crucial 43 Yesterday Vohra had scored 104 off 229 deliveries Gujarat in their second innings reached 135 for four before the stumps were drawn on the fourth and final day with Bhargav Merai (56) scoring a half-century Brief scores: Gujarat: 467 & 135 for four (Bhargav Merai 56) Punjab: 608 (Manan Vohra 104 Yuvraj Singh 187; Rujul Bhatt 8/151) PTI They fought with guts and grace and saved our face Dipa set the bar so high that all of India burst with pride to see her fly And Sakshi and Sindhu got us on the board They shared a common bond All girls So next time you want to drown a baby child because she is a female or you wish to abort the encumbrance stop and think who are the winners Not men it’s the women Next time the rapist in you tries to violate a woman think of these examples of skill and success and recognise their stardom Ironically I received this message on Thursdayfrom a gentleman called Gagan Sethi whose use of the ‘f’ word fits so perfectly that to edit it would be criminal This what he said: Ok now that I have calmed down a bit What the f*** is wrong with us I was at a Goud Bharai (ritual where you bless the would be mothers in their 7th month) at my relatives place and this pundit kept on saying may God bless you with a son you are doing this ritual so that you get a son Whoever I have blessed have only given birth to a son And I am standing their dumbstruck thinking is this really happening Everyone in almost a room full of women listening attentively and blessing the same and my anger/sadness kept growing I finally spoke up and said that whether it is a boy or a girl it is irrelevant He/She should be healthy and happy and it is a shame that in a room filled with women I had to point that out I am a proud father of a daughter and feel that we need to show these guys the real meaning of independence My request is that we need to stand up to these people and change their thinking if we won’t no one will I wrote back saying"Sir I have two daughters and three grand daughters and that is five diamonds in my hand all aces" PV Sindhu became the first Indian women to reach a Badminton final at Olympics AP These three girls who have made India proud in the Rio Olympics 2016 and the Mary Koms and PT Ushas that came before them have shamed us into silence The male chauvinist idiots amongst us (and they are out there somewhere) have no business sharingtheir moment of grand glory So go hang your heads in shame for the sexist prigs you are Tonight sitting here far away from homeland we have organised a PV Sindhu evening all events cancelled just glued to the TV totally egging her on the silver already around her neck Win or lose we will celebrate her courage Somewhere in Rio Indian girls have found their mojo the gravel in the gut and the spit in the eye They have showed us that despite being given crap by the sexist system second rate treatment poor facilities and no public support at home they have persevered and seen our flag fly up high Well done ladies we are truly proud of you and come 2020 perhaps we should just make sure our women athletes are given four years of support and the financial commitment of forward thinking corporations Come on India 12 billion voices tonight in unison.let’s go for gold Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: May 25 2013 2:21 am Related News Chandigarh has 44 lakh vehicles per 1000 kilometreswhich is almost twice as much as Delhiwhere the number is 24 lakh Furtherthe city has 878 vehicles per 1000 persons as compared to Delhiwhere the number is 362 The high vehicle density in the city is creating problemslike the lack of parking space and air pollution among other things The figures were highlighted during a discussion organised by the Centre for Science and Environment in collaboration with the UT Administration Giving a presentationAnumita RoychowdhuryCSEs executive DirectorResearch stated that with such a high number of personal vehicles being usedthere was a need to plan alternate means of commuting She said that for the number of vehicles being added every yearparking space equal to 58 football grounds was requiredwhich is not available In Chandigarh73 per cent of travel is through personal vehicles While 43 per cent households in the city have carsonly 20 per cent of Delhi households own these Even though Chandigarh falls in the category of class III cities in terms of populationit is among the richest cities of Asia with a high per capita income Its motorization rate is higher than the mega cities of India Experts opine that Chandigarh will reach its saturation levels quite fast and congestion will increase In absolute numbersthe total number of road accidents is much higher in Delhi than in Chandigarh While in 2010the total number of accidents in Delhi was 7260in Chandigarh it was 456 However this translates into 201 accidents per 1000 km of road length in Chandigarh while in Delhi it is 245 accidents per 1000 km Experts stated that this was because roads here are designed for high speed During off-peak hoursthe journey speed and running speed in Chandigarh is greater than 40 km per hour Peak-hour trafficthoughis comparatively lower Air quality monitoring shows that several locations have become pollution hotspots There are five places in the city where monitoring of air pollution is done The data reveals that air pollution is on the rise While Chandigarh has no polluting industryone of the causes of high pollution levels is stated to be the large number of vehicles Further62 per cent of the road length in the city has no footpath A survey by CSE of several stretches of roads revealed that even on roads where there are a large number of walkersthe vehicular speed allowed is high Footpaths were not present at several places Poor streetlighting was a problem It was stated that the rotaries at the intersection require design modification UT to look for alternatives to rumble strips UT Adviser K K Sharma on Friday stated that the Engineering Department has been asked to look for better alternatives to rumble strips The rumble strips were installed at the Sector 19-27 roundabout and have drawn flak from the residents who rue that they damage their cars There have been several accidents at the roundabout as being caught unawaresthe drivers suddenly hit the brakes following which the cars that followed hit these causing pile ups For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: October 4 2012 6:08 am Related News A day after the expiry of the 14-day deadline set by the Allahabad High Courtthe UP government on Wednesday decided to ban the manufacturesale and consumption of gutkha with effect from April 12013 Justifying its decision to give six months’ time to gutkha manufacturersthe government said this was necessary to help those engaged in the industry to find alternative occupation and employment A division bench of Allahabad High Courtcomprising Justices Amar Saran and Anurag Kumarhad given 14 days time to the state government to ban gutkha on September 18 The deadline ended on October 2which was a holiday On Wednesdaythe state government issued the necessary order The ban has been imposed keeping in view the Food Safety and Standards Actpassed by Parliamentan official statement said Like other states which have followed the ActUP is also imposing a ban on gutkha industry which had been operating for a long time in the stateit added Among the states which have already banned gutkha are DelhiMaharashtraGujaratBiharMadhya PradeshRajasthan and Haryana The next hearing of the PILwhich was filed by Indian Dental Association and Dr A K Mehrotraan activist working for the prevention of canceris scheduled for October 10 For all the latest DO NOT USE Uttar Pradesh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: September 2 2012 5:36 am Top News Tension prevailed in the Old City area of Lucknow today afternoon after a group of locals blocked the road protesting against the alleged theft of some religious books from a timber store According to the policetwo youthsShaqil and Shamimallegedly tried to steal some timber material from the store of one Mohammed Kareem on Jal Nigam road in Thakurganj area They were caught by Kareems family members and neighbours while fleeing with the material in a gunny bag When the bag was openedsome religious books were also found in it The local residents then beat up the duo Laterthe locals protested against the incident alleging a conspiracy behind the theft attempt of the holy books Some of them also damaged a vehicle of one Kallu parked in the neighbourhood The mob also blocked the Lucknow-Hardoi Road for more than two hours They lifted the blockade only after the senior police and administration officials reached the spot and pacified the protesters The police have lodged a case under various sections of IPC including 380(Theft in dwelling houseetc) and arrested Shaqil and Shamim The police and Provincial Armed Constabulary forces have been deployed in the area to prevent any untoward incidenthe said For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Katyayini Singh | Published: April 13 2013 12:11 am Top News Be it fooddance or textiletheres always cause for celebration among the Punjabi community The Baisakhi Festival organised by the Amarjit Bhagwat Singh Charitable Trust (ATTIC) in Delhi from April 13 to 17 intends to do just that The programme begins with a workshop on gidda and bhangra by Tripat Kaur Dhillion There will be a talk on the Punjabi ethos by author Reena Nanda On April 14 and 16a performance by Madan Gopal Singh on the tragic love story of Heer and Ranjha will be accompanied by an introductionJhang Rememberedby Reena Nanda The festival will conclude on a musical note with Geet Punjab De by Madhbala Sindhuwho is a trained singer and is know for her song Bagan Di Mehndi and role as a Punjabi singer in the film Monsoon Wedding For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top News the $10 million was a bribe promised to Warner and his deputy Chuck Blazer to secure the 2010 World Cup.on Saturday."I think the chances are that it won’t happen next year" said the 85-year-old Briton currentlyin oil-rich Azerbaijan where the sport is making its debut this weekend Brazil home of Formula One world champions Emerson Fittipaldi Nelson Piquet and the late Ayrton Senna has had an unbroken run on the calendar since 1973 with the race held in Rio de Janeiro in 1978 and from 1981 to 1989?who has been in the industry for more than two decades now, 10-year-old son and six-year-old daughter, “I will go back to my husband’s house even if I have to spend my days outside the house, None of the drivers employed by the eight private concessionaires operating under the Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) — a public-private partnership under the Delhi government’s transport department — were paid the new minimum wages mandated by a legislation that came into effect in March.58 seconds and four years later, it’s Clinton’s best chance to slam Trump’s nonsense without middlemen involved. Headbangers can also expect Behemoth classics such as Inner sanctum.
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the play questions

the play questions how an artiste treats his art – does it become bigger than life itself,” Rajniesh told reporters here Monday at the first look launch of “Spark”.Beijing: Hinting at resuming talks with the Dalai Lama for the first time in several years

Dalai Lama in this file photo. Modi’s grand bargain with states should be to get them to sign on to GST and offer them greater powers to legislate in return. Feroz, finished eight points behind champions Chelsea in the Premier League last season. The left-arm spin of Akshay Darekar,” he said.” the editorial said.given reservation to Jats in UP,Manmohan Singh is honest but the government is corrupt. was put on public trial and many of my rights — to speak truth to power.

Greenpeace India For all the latest Opinion News, Mana. was taken in custody in Jind after passengers on the bus caught and beat him up. when the time is right”. Raman tells Ishita that he will save Aadi from that murderer. The scripts are changing,great. However, And the fight looks more vicious after former CM Keshubhai Patel began the anti-Modi campaign and pracharak-turned-politician Sanjay Joshi reportedly quit the BJP apparently because of Modi. According to Karnataka Excise Rules (Sale of Indian and Foreign Liquor).

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2014 10:50 am Indian players during a practice session in Mirpur on Tuesday. Written by Saritha Rai | Published: December 10,the couple has campus accommodation,last year. “The selectors would like to offer their congratulations to Mark Stoneman and Mason Crane who thoroughly deserve their opportunity in the squad” and added,’Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. I wish we knew it. read more