Casillas exit account with the support of LaLiga and the AFE

first_imgBoxes wants to make history and become the first candidate to defeat a president elected by the Federation Assembly (RFEF) in the hundred years of history of the institution. The actual, Luis Rubiales, he faced an interim president, Juan Luis Larrea, After the Civil Guard evict the holder, Angel Villar, He was almost 30 years in office. Only this tour gives an idea of ​​the difficulty you will face the former captain of the National Team, world champion with Spain in South Africa 2010.Despite this, and as Manu Carreño advanced in El Larguero de la SER, Casillas is willing to try. Although the Federation has not yet called the elections, Iker will present his candidacy when the process opens. Something that is not yet known if they will do the rest of the presumed candidates who have left in different media: from Mariano Rajoy until Fernando Hierro Yes it seems that Iker Casillas is animated. For now, and although he still has a contract with him Port and has not yet announced his retirement from football despite the heart attack he suffered last May, the goalkeeper met on Wednesday of last week with the new secretary of state, Irene Lozano. Casillas wanted to know if the Higher Sports Council approve the electoral advance requested by Luis Rubiales. An unequivocal symptom that he has an interest in federal elections. An electoral delay beyond the Eurocup not only would it give you more time to curdle a candidacy, but it could also influence the elections according to the result of Spain in the Eurocup.Iker Casillas is now in the phase of obtaining support. But on the way out I would have a good part of the votes that professional football gathers. Javier Thebes, Rubiales’ intimate enemy, controls the bulk of the First and Second clubs. David Aganzo, president of the AFE and once a friend of Rubiales, would influence the players. Total, Casillas would have about 40 votes in favor. I would still be far from 73 that would require to win by absolute majority. But it would have fishing grounds to try, mainly among the non-professional clubs it controls ProLiga and it may also be among one of the professional coaches with the right to vote.By cons, and also on paper, Rubial numbers are more buoyant. The president would have the support of 18 of the 19 Territorials, all but Madrid. This group controls, in turn, another 60 votes because each Autonomy He has ancestry over his clubs, his players and coaches and his referees. Only with this part of the cake, except surprises, Rubiales would win the elections. In addition, each president waters in each legislature with millions of euros to the territorial federations, as he did Villar during his almost 30 years of president.last_img read more

Laurie Foster: JAAA drops the baton

first_imgThe fast-approaching Christmas season is traditionally a time of good cheer, the seeking of blessings from a Supreme Being, consumption of an enormous amount of food, and the exchange of gifts. Although the act also follows a path of tradition, the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA), through its president, delivered its own gift of another body blow to the sport. One can almost hear in response shouts of ‘What’s new?’ or ‘Nothing better was expected’. Dr Warren Blake, Jamaica’s track and field head man, is once again under the cosh. Blake is widely accepted and acclaimed as an orthopaedic surgeon of the highest quality. However, from the comments being voiced – including social media – his latest action does not quite make the cut (pun intended). The ‘proof of the pudding’ in making what could be deemed a harsh criticism is inherent in a statement to the media recently. The stage was a press conference to announce nominees for the annual Golden Cleats Awards put on by the JAAA. On the world stage, Russia had been banned from international competition by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). The move was effected after investigations by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) found them to be involved in state-supported violation of the code. Many of their top performing athletes at the global level were facing the loss of medals won. As a sequel to this, the Russian city of Kazan was stripped of its host status for the 2016 World Junior Championships. A replacement venue was to be announced after a new bidding process. SEEKING APPROVAL The JAAA had announced its intention to seek approval to be hosts. Success would mean that the black, green, and gold would be blessed with the prestige and privilege of so doing for the second time. Few will forget at the first staging in 2002, the comments of the then IAAF president Lamine Diack. He described it as “the best ever”. The Senegalese has since been disgraced – fingered by the same WADA probe for accepting a bribe of €1 million for culpability in drug test results concealment. Blake seized the opportunity at the awards press conference to issue a statement on the progress of the bid. He spoke of the local bid being withdrawn. It carried a price tag of US$10 million. Also mentioned, presumably as a reason for the withdrawal, was the likelihood of such a figure being realised. There was no mention in the excerpt of the interview, carried by national media, of any consultation prior to the decision to ‘lock it down’. One was left with the feeling that not even the Government had had an input in the verdict. If that is the case, several questions must now be asked. UNILATERAL DECISION? Was Blake’s decision really a unilateral one, taken without giving an ear to the battery of track and field savvy that surrounds him? One sincerely hopes not, but if that was the case, how could they come up with what must surely be a lame decision. It clearly has not factored in the increase prestige that adheres to the country’s image since the heroics of Beijing 2008 and sustained thereafter. Would that not have attracted the financial support from investors always in search of embellishment to their own profile? Yes, it is also Olympic year, with advertising spoils to be shared with the Rio spectacle. But where are the experts and bright marketers? Could not there be a combo where those interested in the spend could invest in both and widen their reach? Again, what about the Government? If they had a say in the matter, why not say so? At least that would have focused the scrutiny elsewhere. For feedback: E-mail read more

El Salvadors Funes urges Panama to give up fugitive exPresident Flores

first_imgRelated posts:Costa Rica and Bahamas send El Salvador financial reports on fugitive ex-President Flores El Salvador ex-President Francisco Flores to stand trial for embezzlement El Salvador graft trial set for ex-President Francisco Flores El Salvador court freezes ex-president’s bank accounts SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – El Salvador’s President Mauricio Funes asked Panama on Saturday not to grant political asylum to former Salvadoran President Francisco Flores, who is wanted on allegations that he misappropriated more than $15 million donated from the government of Taiwan.“According to the press, ex-President Flores is in Panama and will request political asylum. I hope that President [Ricardo] Martinelli fully evaluates the situation, because [Flores] is not a political target. … He is being pursued legally for crimes he committed as president of the republic,” Funes said Saturday on his radio and television program “Chatting with the President.”News media in Panama have published rumors that Flores is at a Panamanian beach, the guest of former President Mireya Moscoso (1999-2004).On Friday, Salvadoran legislative president Sigfrido Reyes officially asked Panama to help locate Flores, after a leader of the Revolutionary Democratic Party, Mitchell Doens, told the Panamanian newspaper La Estrella that the former Salvadoran president, who also served from 1999-2004, is in Panama.According to La Estrella, Flores was spotted on the coast in the province of Los Santos, on a yacht owned by Moscoso.Funes said that in Panama, “there are precedents of political asylum cases” whose beneficiaries “have been former government officials, ex-presidents who are considered political refugees, when in reality they are being targeted for common crimes and acts of corruption.”On April 30, prosecutors in El Salvador asked a court to order an arrest warrant for Flores, who is accused of illicit enrichment and embezzlement after allegedly stealing $15.3 million donated by Taiwan while he was president.The court, which has not yet ordered an arrest warrant, summoned Flores to a hearing last Friday to notify him of the charges against him, but Flores did not appear, sending his attorneys instead.Flores was investigated by the Congress and the Prosecutor’s Office over the embezzlement allegations, which were launched by Funes in October 2013. Funes accuses Flores of receiving three checks from Taiwan and made out to Flores in 2003 and 2004.On Feb. 26, a special legislative commission recommended the Prosecutor’s Office formally investigate Flores after concluding that he had received and misappropriated millions of dollars destined for the Salvadoran state. Facebook Commentslast_img read more