Lunin, close to going to Oviedo

first_imgCurrently the holder is Champagne (34 years old), but the Asturian set He has guaranteed to Lunin that this position will be for him from the first moment. That is the main reason for the Ukrainian election. First club deals came, but the priority right now is to play after two failed assignments. Last year was a substitute for Cuellar in the Leganés and this year the same thing has happened in Valladolid with Masip. The Madrid has received many calls asking about their situation and the decision, except last-minute surprise, is taken: He will go to Oviedo. The main obstacle right now is that Asturians get the OK from LaLiga to be able to register soccer players in this winter market. When that occurs, the logical thing is that the arrival of the goalkeeper is announced. Lunin is near of becoming Oviedo’s new goalkeeper in quality of loan until the end of this season. Madrid, just like advanced AS on December 10, he intends to break the transfer of the Ukrainian goalkeeper in Valladolid because he doesn’t want another season to pass without just minutes (The owner is Masip and the Real Madrid player only plays in the Cup). The good relationship between the two clubs causes that Pucela has not put any problem to this option, as evidenced by the fact that They have thought of José Antonio Caro, Goalkeeper who has played the first leg of the season on loan at the Ponferradina.center_img Both Madrid and the goalkeeper consider the Second Spanish to be a very competitive competition to grow. The important thing It is adding minutes to gain experience, although to guarantee them you have to lower a category. Oviedo is currently in a delicate situation: 17th and only one point above the descent. Therefore, Lunin one will be found maximum pressure which, they consider in Madrid, will help you give quality leap to become the next white goalkeeper course (Areola will return to PSG).last_img read more

The ITF is committed to the union of the Davis Cup and the ATP Cup

first_imgThe month of June could be postulated as an possibility for the future event given the tight schedule of the gamers. “Many occasions it’s not about cash, it’s about the gamers’ calendar. “This proposal is a bit totally different from the one made by Gerard Piqué and Kosmos Tennis, who plan to have a good time this joint event in September. The concept of ​​merging the Davis Cup, organized by the ITF, and the ATP Cup, the two predominant tennis competitions by international locations, might happen in the not too distant future, in accordance to ITF president David Haggerthy.In an interview with Reuters, Haggerthy acknowledged that he plans to manage a singular competitors in June. “We’re speaking with the ATP and following the opinions of the gamers. We predict it would make sense to have an excellent males’s group date and we’re speaking to see what occurs.”last_img read more

The time of the brave

first_imgFaithful response from the fansAtlético has found a faithful response from some fans who have addressed the entity to show their unconditional support. Everyone has been at the side of the team at good times and now we have to be at bad times. There will be a nice typhus before the encounter at the south bottom. This is only done in major parties, derbies or special clashes, on some important date for the entity. Before Granada it will be done, something very indicative of what is at stake. The idea is that people are involved half an hour before in the game. The typhoon, which will have a marked emotional character, will help the fans understand that it is not a meeting more.Outside the Wanda Metropolitano there will be activities, as it has been happening during these years. But the really important thing is played inside. And nobody can fail. It is a final to make pineapple. Atlético faces a final this Saturday in the match against Granada (9:00 pm). Although the most media match for the rojiblanco team will be played on 18 against Liverpool, the first grand finale of the season is played against the Granada team. The rojiblanco team is out of the Champions League, something that had not happened with Simeone on the bench at this stage of the season. Getafe, Sevilla, Valencia and Real Sociedad seriously threaten the objective of entering Champions positions. Atlético can maintain its current status if it enters every year in the first continental club competition, something that is not easy. Atletico is facing a new circumstance and many fans too, since the youngest have only seen the team in the first places and playing European finals. There is concern in the club and the entity is mobilized in every way. Gil Marín gathered to eat staff and coaching staff and sent a clear message: “Now, more together than ever.”And the fans are also willing to put their grain of sand. As he has always done. The Wanda Metropolitano will have a ticket touching the full. There were only a thousand places left for sale and the prices are very cheap for a game where the Cholo players play it. There are places for members from 10 euros in the animation stand and from 20 euros in other areas of the stadium. For the general public the cheapest ticket costs 30 euros. Many members have redeemed their free admission per year: 1,200 non-paid members will go on Saturday.last_img read more

L’Equipe: The president of Rennes, dismissed for negotiating the sale of Camavinga to Madrid

first_imgSurprisingly, Rennes dismissed his president Olivier Létang yesterday. The Breton group did not explain in the statement the reasons for the strange dismissal, and today L’Equipe has indicated in a story that the main reason would have been a secret negotiation with Real Madrid by Eduardo Camavinga.Rennes’ 17-year-old midfielder is the result of interest from large clubs, among which is the white team. Létang was negotiating at the expense of the shareholders meeting the sale of the player to Real Madrid in summer, something that did not sit well with François-Henri Pinault, current owner of the club. With Létang, Rennes had experienced the best sports stage in its history. Not only did he win a title 48 years later, but he qualified for the first time in the knockout stages of the Europa League, as well as currently fighting to get into the Champions League. However, the negotiation of Camavinga has been enough to motivate the dismissal of what was until yesterday the president of the entity. Among the possible candidates to replace him, is Arsene Wenger.last_img read more

Casillas exit account with the support of LaLiga and the AFE

first_imgBoxes wants to make history and become the first candidate to defeat a president elected by the Federation Assembly (RFEF) in the hundred years of history of the institution. The actual, Luis Rubiales, he faced an interim president, Juan Luis Larrea, After the Civil Guard evict the holder, Angel Villar, He was almost 30 years in office. Only this tour gives an idea of ​​the difficulty you will face the former captain of the National Team, world champion with Spain in South Africa 2010.Despite this, and as Manu Carreño advanced in El Larguero de la SER, Casillas is willing to try. Although the Federation has not yet called the elections, Iker will present his candidacy when the process opens. Something that is not yet known if they will do the rest of the presumed candidates who have left in different media: from Mariano Rajoy until Fernando Hierro Yes it seems that Iker Casillas is animated. For now, and although he still has a contract with him Port and has not yet announced his retirement from football despite the heart attack he suffered last May, the goalkeeper met on Wednesday of last week with the new secretary of state, Irene Lozano. Casillas wanted to know if the Higher Sports Council approve the electoral advance requested by Luis Rubiales. An unequivocal symptom that he has an interest in federal elections. An electoral delay beyond the Eurocup not only would it give you more time to curdle a candidacy, but it could also influence the elections according to the result of Spain in the Eurocup.Iker Casillas is now in the phase of obtaining support. But on the way out I would have a good part of the votes that professional football gathers. Javier Thebes, Rubiales’ intimate enemy, controls the bulk of the First and Second clubs. David Aganzo, president of the AFE and once a friend of Rubiales, would influence the players. Total, Casillas would have about 40 votes in favor. I would still be far from 73 that would require to win by absolute majority. But it would have fishing grounds to try, mainly among the non-professional clubs it controls ProLiga and it may also be among one of the professional coaches with the right to vote.By cons, and also on paper, Rubial numbers are more buoyant. The president would have the support of 18 of the 19 Territorials, all but Madrid. This group controls, in turn, another 60 votes because each Autonomy He has ancestry over his clubs, his players and coaches and his referees. Only with this part of the cake, except surprises, Rubiales would win the elections. In addition, each president waters in each legislature with millions of euros to the territorial federations, as he did Villar during his almost 30 years of president.last_img read more

George Clooney is interested in buying Malaga

first_imgAntonio Aguilera, president of the Association of Small Shareholders (APA) has said on Canal Málaga that there is a business group from the United States that is interested in acquiring the shares that Abdullah Al Thani has in Malaga. Aguilera said the sheikh asked for 100 million euros. Now they have resumed contacts and that This group is linked to a media group of actor George Clooney. “They are negotiating,” he told AS.Aguilera also stood out. “There is a very important group of film and television producers who are here in Malaga, who want to make Malaga the European Hollywood, who are recording series here in Malaga for Amazon of great economic potential and are already negotiating. LOr what happens is that they don’t want to pay Sheikh Al Thani the crazy things he asked for. Two weeks ago he picked up asking for 100 million euros for Malaga, They know what they can offer that is much more than what he paid (they were 36 million euros) and they are negotiating. On Friday they called the Americans saying they wanted to negotiate, ” As we have seen, the aforementioned group, if it made the aforementioned purchase, would try to make a kind of Canal 24 hours around Malaga. Something like turning the club into a kind of ‘Truman Show’… Sounds weird, of course. further It is not a simple operation because Malaga is in judicial administration and is also pending the resolution of the famous sheikh lawsuit with the BlueBay company. See what happens.With the APA everything started.It is interesting to remember that the criminal complaint filed by the Association of Small Shareholders was the beginning of the end for the absurd dictatorship of Al Thani. This means that if Antonio Aguilera says that he is “negotiating” it is no hoax.There is a very important fact. In order for the possible sale to be made, the Al Thani must enter the 5.5 million euros of bond that the judge decreed in their decision to separate them from the management of the club and that coincides with the loans that this singular family granted itself in their delirium of considering the Málaga Club de Fútbol their toy and their particular loan bank.last_img read more

More than a hundred followers waited for Atlético in Liverpool

first_imgAtlético is already at its concentration hotel in Liverpool. The rojiblanco team waited for more than a hundred followers who endured the strong wind prevailing in the area where the Atlético hotel is. The players quickly went up to their rooms. Simeone and João Félix were the most acclaimed. Each player who left the bus was applauded by a fan who has already been seen by the English city. Even if the fort of the followers will arrive the same day of the meeting, some are already in Liverpool and were visiting the main tourist areas. Atlético will train this afternoon at Anfield. Before Simeone will attend the media.last_img read more

Llorente is clear about his best goal: “He didn’t have many to choose from …”

first_imgNominated by Dani Suárez, his teammate in Castilla at 14-15 and today in Cyprus, the rojiblanco accepted the challenge and barely hesitated. “I didn’t have many to choose from …”, he confessed between laughs and next to the video of both, a move that he started stealing the ball in Atleti’s area and, after a gallop towards Adrián, he received from Morata up front, turned to the right and fired a shot close to the post. The middle center is fashionable in Atlético for something that he himself He recognizes that it is not his specialty: scoring goals. In Liverpool he made two and they served to put his team into quarters. And of course, Llorente had an easy time choosing a goal: 2-2 at Anfield, the second of his own.. The goal chosen by Marcos Llorente: 2-2 at Liverpool-Atlético.@marcosllorente The quarantine period is causing the challenges and ways of entertaining to multiply in the networks. The most recurrent has been that of tapping with toilet paper and one of the most original has been Giménez’s, shaving his head to zero. Among the footballers there is another, the #goalchallenge, to choose own goals. And to him Marcos Llorente, the hero of Anfield, has joined to contribute his own … Indeed, Llorente did not have much to choose from. He scored two goals for Liverpool and this season he has had three, since before he saw a door at Mestalla. He has already equaled his record of 15-16, when he scored three goals with Castilla. Last year he achieved two with Madrid (Cup and Club World Cup). That is to say, I had to choose between eight in the official game. However, even if there were many more, it was difficult for them to gain in relevance to those of the past week …last_img read more

All the Spanish football clubs that have made an ERTE

first_imgDue to this, these are the clubs that, at the moment, have taken ERTE:-Atlético Baleares-Hercules-Castellón-Barakaldo-Cornellà -Real Murcia-Cartagena-UD Logroñés-Balompédica Linense-Prat-Atlético Sanluqueño-Ebro-Izarra-Nástic-Amorebieta-Leioa-Arenas Club The coronavirus crisis is economically affecting all the modest clubs in Spanish football, many of them unable to pay the wages of their workers due to the loss of income derived from the football stoppage. For this reason, they have been forced to carry out a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) to guarantee the economic viability of their respective projects.The state of alarm, established at least until next April 11, conditions the return of the competition. It’s more, Luis Rubiales has declared in an appearance that soccer does not have a return date and that will depend on the orders of the health authorities. In other words, regardless of the return to normality, the high number of people who concentrate in each match makes it impossible for the ball to roll normally again in the coming weeks.last_img read more

The points that Madrid manages for Achraf’s return

first_imgStar numbers in the BundesligaAchraf has stuck the lug in the two-year loan at Borussia Dortmund. He went from incognito to a real event in the Bundesliga. In his first season he was not a starter until the fifth day, but since then he became a cornerstone for Lucien Favre, who gave him weight in the team and confidence in his game. In his first year in yellow, he scored three goals and gave seven assists in 2,349 minutes and was named the Bundesliga’s best ‘rookie’ in September and October. Notable numbers for a premiere. But his second year has been one of his final drive: seven goals and ten assists in 2,900 minutes.. A record of services that, in the eyes of Madrid, make him already a player made for the Bernabéu’s demand after two years cooking in Germany.BERND THISSEN & nbsp; (AFP) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>BERND THISSEN (AFP) With goalIn a squad in need of a goal after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale’s lack of leadership and blindness to Jovic’s goal, any contribution is embraced by Chamartín. This season, Zidane has managed to make the second line dare and put his shoulder on the scoring issue but the arrival of Achraf would contribute to another rung. Lateral of enormous route and arrival to the area, He has shown ease for the goal (when he arrived in the lower categories of Madrid he played as a forward). In fact, the seven goals he has scored this season (ten in total at Borussia) would place him as Real Madrid’s second top scorer, tied with Ramos and Rodrygo and only surpassed by Benzema (19).SpeedTo that versatility and ease to see goal, we must add the Achraf’s extraordinary physique and speed within the reach of very few. However, last December he broke the Bundesliga speed record. Against Leipzig, in December, It reached 36.2 km / h in the race, a mark that had never been achieved before in the German championship. He replaced the right back of the Koln Kingsley Ehizibue (35.85 km / h)Lars Baron & nbsp; (Bongarts / Getty Images) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Lars Baron (Bongarts / Getty Images) Your ageAs reported by AS on February 12, at Real Madrid they planned to face next summer the start of the reconstruction of a squad in which up to seven players are 30 years old or older (Ramos, Nacho, Marcelo, Kroos, Modric, Bale and Benzema) and Achraf’s name appears in that Renove Plan for his youth. At 21 he is seen as the ideal complement for Carvajal who, although he is 28 years old, wants to regulate himself in football that is increasingly loaded with matches. It is also supported by the ‘Valdebebas factor’, that is, being a product of the White Factory that also enjoys the approval of the fans.The coronavirus crisisThe COVID-19 pandemic will condition the next transfer markets. The coronavirus has blown up the budgets of the clubs, which now have no income (television rights, tickets, subscriptions …) and are trying to stay afloat by reducing the wages of players and workers. In this new context, Madrid is faced with many duties due to its policy of attracting young talent and its policy of assignments. Achraf is part of that policy, although in his case it was not difficult for Madrid to have him nominated as a youth squad. His return would be a master stroke: He would shield the right back with a player already made for the elite after his German army and would do so at zero cost. Of course, the player also has his position: he does not want to return at any price. His desire is to play and not cut a promotion that has led him to star in covers in Spain and Germany. PolyvalenceAnother trick that plays in Achraf’s favor is his versatility. His natural position on the right side, but also works perfectly on the left (with Morocco he has played in that position regularly) and even as an insider. Lucien Favre, his coach at Borussia, has expressed his conditions. Last season he alternated as a lateral player on both flanks and in this he has advanced his position. Real Madrid wants Achraf Hakimi (21 years old) to be part of next season’s squad. The coronavirus pandemic has stopped football, but not club planning, where, despite the fact that this campaign is still in the air, several plans have already been drawn up. And one of them is the return of the Moroccan winger, who has been on loan for two years at Borussia Dortmund. The player dreams of succeeding in white, although his priority is to play. In Madrid they are aware of this scenario, but they trust that Zidane will convince him that, despite Carvajal being there, he will have an important role. Also, They don’t want to put Achraf on a silver platter in half Europe. His contract ends in 2021 and he is obliged to renew him this summer or sell him to prevent him from leaving the next one for free (currently not contemplated). In Chamartín they want the Moroccan to play next season at the Bernabéu. Below, we detail the main reasons that Madrid puts on the table to justify this return.last_img read more