The time of the brave

first_imgFaithful response from the fansAtlético has found a faithful response from some fans who have addressed the entity to show their unconditional support. Everyone has been at the side of the team at good times and now we have to be at bad times. There will be a nice typhus before the encounter at the south bottom. This is only done in major parties, derbies or special clashes, on some important date for the entity. Before Granada it will be done, something very indicative of what is at stake. The idea is that people are involved half an hour before in the game. The typhoon, which will have a marked emotional character, will help the fans understand that it is not a meeting more.Outside the Wanda Metropolitano there will be activities, as it has been happening during these years. But the really important thing is played inside. And nobody can fail. It is a final to make pineapple. Atlético faces a final this Saturday in the match against Granada (9:00 pm). Although the most media match for the rojiblanco team will be played on 18 against Liverpool, the first grand finale of the season is played against the Granada team. The rojiblanco team is out of the Champions League, something that had not happened with Simeone on the bench at this stage of the season. Getafe, Sevilla, Valencia and Real Sociedad seriously threaten the objective of entering Champions positions. Atlético can maintain its current status if it enters every year in the first continental club competition, something that is not easy. Atletico is facing a new circumstance and many fans too, since the youngest have only seen the team in the first places and playing European finals. There is concern in the club and the entity is mobilized in every way. Gil Marín gathered to eat staff and coaching staff and sent a clear message: “Now, more together than ever.”And the fans are also willing to put their grain of sand. As he has always done. The Wanda Metropolitano will have a ticket touching the full. There were only a thousand places left for sale and the prices are very cheap for a game where the Cholo players play it. There are places for members from 10 euros in the animation stand and from 20 euros in other areas of the stadium. For the general public the cheapest ticket costs 30 euros. Many members have redeemed their free admission per year: 1,200 non-paid members will go on Saturday.last_img