George Clooney is interested in buying Malaga

first_imgAntonio Aguilera, president of the Association of Small Shareholders (APA) has said on Canal Málaga that there is a business group from the United States that is interested in acquiring the shares that Abdullah Al Thani has in Malaga. Aguilera said the sheikh asked for 100 million euros. Now they have resumed contacts and that This group is linked to a media group of actor George Clooney. “They are negotiating,” he told AS.Aguilera also stood out. “There is a very important group of film and television producers who are here in Malaga, who want to make Malaga the European Hollywood, who are recording series here in Malaga for Amazon of great economic potential and are already negotiating. LOr what happens is that they don’t want to pay Sheikh Al Thani the crazy things he asked for. Two weeks ago he picked up asking for 100 million euros for Malaga, They know what they can offer that is much more than what he paid (they were 36 million euros) and they are negotiating. On Friday they called the Americans saying they wanted to negotiate, ” As we have seen, the aforementioned group, if it made the aforementioned purchase, would try to make a kind of Canal 24 hours around Malaga. Something like turning the club into a kind of ‘Truman Show’… Sounds weird, of course. further It is not a simple operation because Malaga is in judicial administration and is also pending the resolution of the famous sheikh lawsuit with the BlueBay company. See what happens.With the APA everything started.It is interesting to remember that the criminal complaint filed by the Association of Small Shareholders was the beginning of the end for the absurd dictatorship of Al Thani. This means that if Antonio Aguilera says that he is “negotiating” it is no hoax.There is a very important fact. In order for the possible sale to be made, the Al Thani must enter the 5.5 million euros of bond that the judge decreed in their decision to separate them from the management of the club and that coincides with the loans that this singular family granted itself in their delirium of considering the Málaga Club de Fútbol their toy and their particular loan bank.last_img