Llorente is clear about his best goal: “He didn’t have many to choose from …”

first_imgNominated by Dani Suárez, his teammate in Castilla at 14-15 and today in Cyprus, the rojiblanco accepted the challenge and barely hesitated. “I didn’t have many to choose from …”, he confessed between laughs and next to the video of both, a move that he started stealing the ball in Atleti’s area and, after a gallop towards Adrián, he received from Morata up front, turned to the right and fired a shot close to the post. The middle center is fashionable in Atlético for something that he himself He recognizes that it is not his specialty: scoring goals. In Liverpool he made two and they served to put his team into quarters. And of course, Llorente had an easy time choosing a goal: 2-2 at Anfield, the second of his own.. The goal chosen by Marcos Llorente: 2-2 at Liverpool-Atlético.@marcosllorente The quarantine period is causing the challenges and ways of entertaining to multiply in the networks. The most recurrent has been that of tapping with toilet paper and one of the most original has been Giménez’s, shaving his head to zero. Among the footballers there is another, the #goalchallenge, to choose own goals. And to him Marcos Llorente, the hero of Anfield, has joined to contribute his own … Indeed, Llorente did not have much to choose from. He scored two goals for Liverpool and this season he has had three, since before he saw a door at Mestalla. He has already equaled his record of 15-16, when he scored three goals with Castilla. Last year he achieved two with Madrid (Cup and Club World Cup). That is to say, I had to choose between eight in the official game. However, even if there were many more, it was difficult for them to gain in relevance to those of the past week …last_img