All the Spanish football clubs that have made an ERTE

first_imgDue to this, these are the clubs that, at the moment, have taken ERTE:-Atlético Baleares-Hercules-Castellón-Barakaldo-Cornellà -Real Murcia-Cartagena-UD Logroñés-Balompédica Linense-Prat-Atlético Sanluqueño-Ebro-Izarra-Nástic-Amorebieta-Leioa-Arenas Club The coronavirus crisis is economically affecting all the modest clubs in Spanish football, many of them unable to pay the wages of their workers due to the loss of income derived from the football stoppage. For this reason, they have been forced to carry out a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) to guarantee the economic viability of their respective projects.The state of alarm, established at least until next April 11, conditions the return of the competition. It’s more, Luis Rubiales has declared in an appearance that soccer does not have a return date and that will depend on the orders of the health authorities. In other words, regardless of the return to normality, the high number of people who concentrate in each match makes it impossible for the ball to roll normally again in the coming weeks.last_img