Fortnite season 7 week 7 challenges and how to destroy flying X4

first_img 17 Photos Tags Post a comment The 17 most anticipated video games of 2019 Video Gamescenter_img 0 The Modern Mercenary set turns you into an elite specialist and is currently available in the item shop. Epic Games As we move towards the end of Fortnite: Battle Royale season 7, the snowy orb floating over Polar Peak continues to remain a mystery. Just like the end of nearly every season in this game, the mystery grows until an event takes place where you’ll need to be online to see the next part of Fortnite’s story unfold. There are still a few weeks left, but it’s easy to assume more big changes are on the way to our favorite little island.With only a few weeks left, it also means you’re going to have to buckle down and complete challenges if you want to get through more tiers of your Battle Pass. This week’s challenges are pretty standard and most should be easy to get through quickly.If you haven’t finished last week’s challenges, hit up our season 7, week 6 challenges guide here.s7w7challenges Jason Parker/CNET Free:Visit all Expedition Outposts (0/7)Use a rift or Rift-to-Go in different matches (0/3)Pistol eliminations (0/3) – HardBattle Pass:Stage 1: Land at Salty SpringsSearch chests at Loot Lake or Frosty Flights (0/7)Destroy Flying X-4 Stormwings (0/1) – HardStage 1: Damage opponents in a single match (0/200) – HardHow to visit all Expedition OutpostsThe Expedition Outposts, easily identifiable by their big red tents, have been around all of season 7 and we’ve seen other challenges with them before. For this one, you’ll only need to visit all seven of them to get credit, but if you haven’t finished the Eliminate Opponents at Expedition Outposts challenge from the Season 7, week 4 challenges, you can kill two birds with one stone. Here’s where all the Expedition Outposts are on the map: forntiteexhibitionoutpostsmap Jason Parker/CNET How to use a rift or Rift-to-Go in different matches  This one tough because you never know whether rifts will spawn at their usual locations. But if you hit up the usual suspects, like the hills above the Paradise Palms desert area or up near the haunted castle in the northwest part of the map, you’ll find some before long. I have been finding Rifts-to-Go pretty frequently, though I admit it might have been luck. I think as long as you keep your eyes open and make sure to use rifts and Rifts-to-Go when you see them, it shouldn’t take too long to get the three required for credit.How to get pistol eliminations  Pistols are not usually most players’ weapon of choice, but they’re effective as long as you’re within range. Don’t forget you can also use the dual pistols for this challenge, and the new scoped revolver will come in handy as well. With only three eliminations to get credit, just remember focus on getting eliminations whenever you find a handgun and you’ll be done pretty quickly.scopedrevolverWith this bad boy added to the arsenal, you won’t have to rely on getting up close and personal to complete this challenge. Epic Games How to do stage 1: Land at Salty SpringsFor this challenge, you can either drop in to the location at the beginning of a match as usual, or land an X-4 Stormwing to get credit. The remaining four stages, in order are Happy Hamlet, Wailing Woods, Junk Junction and Paradise Palms. I would wait a couple days before starting this one if you want to avoid getting into too many firefights.How to search chests at Loot Lake or Frosty FlightsWe’ve been seeing these optional location challenges for some time now and this one is no different. If you want to take this one out quickly, just focus on it for a couple of matches and it shouldn’t be too hard to find seven chests.How to destroy flying X-4 StormwingsFlying aces, rejoice: there’s finally a challenge just for you. But by Epic making this a challenge, it means everyone is going to be searching for planes around the map early in the week, making it a bit more difficult. Don’t forget if you land at Frosty Flights, you could also take out the previous challenge by searching for chests before you take to the air. Wherever you decide to land, you only need to down one plane to get credit, so it should be pretty easy, even if you decide to take them out with a turret or any other weapon from the ground.How to do stage 1: Damage opponents in a single matchThere’s been no shortage of damage-dealing challenges this season, but this one is a little different. All three stages require you to deal damage to opponents, but the point requirements are raised for each stage. Stage 1 is 200 damage, stage 2 is 300 and stage 3 is 400, each of which must be completed in a single match. Depending on whether you’re a run-and-gun player or someone who likes to avoid firefights will determine how long it takes you to complete this one, but if you focus on it, you’ll be done in only a few matches. Share your voicelast_img