Ipatas Cup league kicks off in Lae

first_imgAfter much delay in getting the Coca-Cola Ipatas Cup (CCIC) started towards the end of last year, it was finally got off the ground with the Chimbu Leg of the competition played in Lae over the weekend.Chief Executive Officer Timothy Lepa said the Chimbu game was stage in Lae because the playing field in Kundiawa was in bad shape as well as other issues.He said they had in the past encountered many issues which had disrupted the competition in the past.”We have all agreed to move the games to Lae because the Kundiawa Dickson Oval is not good for playing.”Also, there were issues relating to other the games and we didn’t complete the matches properly.”Lae is a natural area so the participating teams agreed to move to Lae,” he said yesterday.CCIC official Toksy Mona Clyde said they had eight teams taking part in a round-robin competition starting on Friday and ending on Sunday.He said these teams were drawn in two pools and the winners of both pools were given a gold pass each.He explained that normally the overall winner is issued with such a pass. But for Chimbu, it was special because they had to travel all the way to Lae at their own expense for the games.The CCIC is one of the biggest off – season competition that has identified many potential players who have never been exposed to organised or formal competitions.The initial idea of the competition started in Enga Province by its Governor Peter Ipatas (Sir now).After successfully staging the first couple of games, they extend the competition to other Highlands Provinces and eventually, the country.Drink giant Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) has been a loyal sponsor since the beginning and remain so over the past decade.last_img read more

Has The Salt Lost Its Savor?

first_imgDrive by the Capitol Building any given night and one thing strikes instantly, and that is the darkness which envelops the entire building, the newly constructed annexes built by the Peoples Republic of China and the entire courtyard.Enter the building on any given day and check out the rest rooms: they are all filthy, according to staffers at the Capitol. Also visit the Legislative library to do some research, and you will be greeted by doors slammed shut in your face.The question that comes readily to mind is just why legislators or lawmakers, as they prefer to call themselves, who approve the budget, will not provide sufficient funding to maintain the Capitol Building? That the Capitol remains swallowed in darkness nightly speaks volumes about the character of our legislature, especially its leadership.But even more disappointing is the fact that the Legislative library and resource center has had its doors shut to the public and even to members and staffers of the Legislature.The late President Charles D. B. King once said, “a fish begins to rot from the head”. In all of this, the public is left wondering whether the apparent neglect of the home of the Legislature is symbolic or symptomatic of this rot eating away the innards of government beginning with the first branch.Why, for example, would the Legislature fail to appropriate funds for the maintenance and upkeep of the Capitol but in the same vein would transfer money outside the budget to private interests?This brings us to the current sour relations between the Speaker of the House and some representatives who have accused him of corruption, citing the illegal tampering of the national budget after it had been passed into law.The ongoing debacle could, if left unchecked, likely lead to paralysis of the House of Representatives. Some representatives are reported to be openly calling for the expulsion, from that body, of legislators involved in the feud with Speaker Chambers.The question which arises is whether a group of legislators can legally or constitutionally dismiss another  legislator on account of views expressed on issues of national concern. Article 42 of the Constitution is instructive on this note:Article 42“No member of the Senate or House of Representatives shall be arrested, detained, prosecuted or tried as a result of opinions expressed or votes cast in the exercise of the functions of his office. Members shall be privileged from arrest while attending, going to or returning from sessions of the Legislature, except for treason, felony or breach of the peace. All official acts done or performed and all statement made in the Chambers of the Legislature shall be privileged, and no Legislator shall be held accountable or punished therefor.”Further to the above, Articles 14 and 15 of the Constitution also provide protection against the prohibition of free speech.Article 14“All persons shall be entitled to freedom of thought, conscience and religion and no person shall be hindered in the enjoyment thereof except as may be required by law to protect public safety, order, health, or morals or the fundamental rights and freedoms of others. All persons who, in the practice of their religion, conduct themselves peaceably, not obstructing others and conforming to the standards set out herein, shall be entitled to the protection of the law. No religious denomination or sect shall have any exclusive privilege or preference over any other, but all shall be treated alike; and no religious tests shall be required for any civil or military office or for the exercise of any civil right. Consistent with the principle of separation of religion and state, the Republic shall establish no state religion.”Article 15 (a)“Every person shall have the right to freedom of expression, being fully responsible for the abuse thereof. This right shall not be curtailed, restricted or enjoined by government save during an emergency declared in accordance with this Constitution.(b) “The right encompasses the right to hold opinions without interference and the right to knowledge. It includes freedom of speech and of the press, academic freedom to receive and impart knowledge and information and the right of libraries to make such knowledge available. It includes non-interference with the use of the mail, telephone and telegraph. It likewise includes the right to remain silent.(c) “In pursuance of this right, there shall be no limitation on the public right to be informed about the government and its functionaries.(d) “Access to state-owned media shall not be denied because of any disagreement with or dislike of the ideas expressed. Denial of such access may be challenged in a court of competent jurisdiction.(e) “This freedom may be limited only by judicial action in proceedings grounded in defamation or invasion of the rights of privacy and publicity or in the commercial aspect of expression in deception, false advertising and copyright infringement.Given the foregoing, the public is left to question whether colleagues of Representatives Yekeh Kolubah, Adolph Lawrence, Larry Youquoi, et al, do actually have the power to expel any of these individuals from the National Legislature. More importantly these individuals have called into question the integrity of the Speaker, accusing him of impropriety. He must address these concerns rather than seeking subterfuges to shield himself from probity and accountability.And this newspaper cannot help but remind Speaker Chambers of the fury and fire he unleashed against former President Sirleaf during her tenure. He shunned her when she extended a hand of friendship to him. Strange therefore that Speaker Chambers appears to have made a U-turn on the things he once railed against and the values of integrity he once openly purported to have espoused. We ask thus, has the salt lost its savor?Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Fort St. John hosts weekend of motocross races

first_imgTimber Wuthrich – 50Reed Merrick – 44Tyler Schulte – 40MX2 Novice:Liam Mavin – 45Nick Loewen – 44Evin Booth – 38MX3 Expert:Erik Harvey – 50Tim Doll – 44Hayden Woolf – 20MX3 Intermediate:Trevor Bergen – 50Conan Fowler – 44Marqus Dunaway – 40MX3 Junior:Advertisement LT McDonell – 50Easton Hall – 44Hunter McFadden – 38Vet Master:Dean Gordon – 45Connor Veitch – 44Aaron Hommy – 33Vet Junior:Peter Douglas – 50Jason Ruecker – 44Chris Bursey – 3825+:Erik Harvey – 50Braiden Rahn – 44Justin Goss – 40Youth:Tanner Merrick – 50Tim Doll – 44Spencer Cage – 3865cc:Advertisement Tyler Schulte – 50Peter Douglas – 42Brady Lawlor – 38MX3 Novice:Evin Booth – 50Marshall Conway – 44Matt Henley – 40Schoolboy:Timber Wuthrich – 50Reed Merrick – 44Nicholas Wuthrich – 35Ladies:Caslyn Plante – 50Chelan Merwin – 44Michelle McCarthy – 3880cc (aged 7-11):Seth Pleice – 50Reece Sorensen – 40Hayley Wuthrich – 4080cc (aged 12-16):Advertisement FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — It was an action-packed long weekend at the Fort St. John Motocross track, as the Peace Motocross Association held its penultimate weekend of racing.Close to 200 motocross racers shredded up the two kilometre dirt track this past Sunday for the day of racing that began shortly after 9:30. It was the second straight weekend of motocross races in the North Peace. Dan Wuthrich with the Taylor Motocross Club says that the double-header that was previously scheduled to take place on Mother’s Day weekend ended up being cancelled due to heavy rains. The rescheduled races took place in Taylor the weekend of July 27th. Wuthrich said that both weekends saw much improved weather and racing conditions compared to the previous rain-out weekend.The top three riders in each class after both of the racing day’s motos, along with their points on Sunday are as follows (Fort St. John riders are listed in bold)- Advertisement -MX2 Expert:Hayden Woolf – 47Tanner Merrick – 47Spencer Cage – 38MX2 Intermediate:Nathan Johnson – 44Cole Sorensen – 43Lucas MacLean – 43MX2 Junior:Advertisement Seth Pleice – 50Lynden Demoulin – 42Cormick McFadden – 38Supermini:LT McDonell – 50Easton Hall – 44Hunter McFadden – 4050cc (aged 7-9):Drew Roberts – 50Jayden Ostazewski – 44Easton Rouble – 3850cc Intermediate (aged 4-6):Lyndon Patenaude – 47Tyson Lewis – 47Roc Fraser – 4050cc Beginner (aged 4-6):Max Kraeleman – 50Levi Ekkel – 44Carson Sokoloski – 40last_img read more

Guyanese athletes gearing up for CAC games

first_imgThe Central American and Caribbean (CAC) championships are one of the largest stages that local athletes are able to grace every year.The CAC Championships allow athletes to compete and rub shoulders with fellow sportsmen and women from all across the Central American and CaribbeanGOA officials and Coaches of the various sport disciplinesregion. These encounters help to build the skill of local athletes while occasionally exposing them to a higher level of competition and in some instances, allowing them to make a name for themselves.As the Championships officially open today, Guyana are expected to be represented by a whopping 98-member contingent, inclusive of 79 athletes and 19 officials. Guyana will be represented by 10 sport disciplines, namely: badminton, boxing, taekwondo, squash, cycling, table tennis, hockey, athletics, rugby and swimming. The large contingent is being supervised by Deion Nurse, who is the Chef-de-Mission and Phillip Fernandes, who is acting in the capacity of his assistant.While several of the athletes are still on Guyanese shores, others have already departed. Currently, in Barranquilla, Colombia, the national table tennis team is pushing in as much practice sessions as possible before the championships open today.The national rugby team, “the Green Machine”, are continuing rigorous practice sessions at the Parade Ground until their departure on July 25.On a different note, the Guyana Chess Federation (GCF) is preparing to send its first-ever competitors to the CAC Women’s Chess Championships, which are scheduled for July 27 to August 3 in Barbados. It is not the first time that Chelsea Juma, 12, and Sasha Shariff, 14, will be representing Guyana. They were both part of the Carifta chess team earlier this year in Suriname. Shariff will also seek to improve her tactics during this tournament in preparation for the World Chess Championship in Batumi, Georgia later this year.Additionally, the likes of Kerwyn Clarke and other bodybuilders are preparing for their shot at the CAC competition on July 22 in Mexico. The Guyana Amateur Bodybuilding Federation has recently concluded its senior championships over the past weekend, and based on that competition, the bodybuilders are in shape for Mexico.last_img read more

Foundation takes in $9.5 million

first_imgSANTA CLARITA – The nonprofit arm of the Hart school district made $9.5 million in profits during 2005-06 and increased its property holdings by about 70 percent, according to an audit released Friday. The report was the second issued by the Santa Clarita Facilities Foundation in an effort to be more open with its public accounting, said Gary Condie, a foundation board member and certified public accountant. Besides $9.5 million in profits, the foundation reported it increased land holdings from 115 acres to 195 acres, according to the audit. The foundation was formed for the purpose of cutting red tape in acquiring land for new Hart Union High School District campuses. It has faced skepticism for its behind-the-scenes land purchases. “From the very beginning we have tried to be open to the public, but it is possible we didn’t use the best methods of communication,” Condie said Friday. “As a response to that criticism, we are trying to add different forms of communication, being more proactive and putting the information in people’s hands.” The foundation purchased three plots of land last year, including 80 acres on the west side of Vasquez Canyon for $3.5 million and 12.5 acres near Sierra Highway and Vasquez Canyon Road for $960,000. The third parcel, 250 acres in the Sierra/Vasquez corridor, was purchased after the cutoff date for the audit and will be included in the 2006-07 audit. The foundation had sales totaling $15 million in 2005-06, but the net gains were reported at $9.5 million. Most of the foundation’s profits came from the sale of 17 acres to Centex Homes, which will develop residences next to Golden Valley High School. Over an eight-year period the foundation has earned a total of $47 million, the report said. Run by a seven-member volunteer board and a handful of paid consultants including former Hart Superintendent Robert C. Lee, the foundation buys land, makes improvements on its property such as roads and water lines, and then sells it for profit. Its main purpose is to hold parcels for school sites; construction eventually is funded by the state. The district benefits from the foundation’s sale of land because the profits are then re-invested into the district, the report said. An undeveloped 70-acre plot in Castaic’s Hasley Canyon/Sloan Canyon area, originally purchased for $3.6 million for a potential Castaic high school, has prompted questions about selling that land to help the district fund other projects. Attorney Rick Patterson, a foundation board member, said if that land is not used for a school, the plan is to divide it into 58 lots that can be sold to developers. That decision lies with the district, he said. “We will not sell that property until the school district advises that they no longer wish to have it as a potential school site,” Patterson said. Patterson added that, for now, the mission of the foundation is to deal in land purchasing for the district. Pleased with the progress made last year, Patterson already anticipates closing escrow on an additional 10.5 acres in the Vasquez area. This new land purchase would leave the foundation with more than 300 acres in that portion of Canyon Country, which Patterson said would probably house a high school, 75 acres of trails, and a junior high school site 1 1/2 miles away. For Rob Gapper, Hart’s chief operations officer, the Canyon Country site is a chance for the district to plan ahead as the Santa Clarita Valley continues to grow. “We are excited about working on this Canyon Country site. That is a part of our future and will help us get to what we need to,” Gappper said. The Facilities Foundation is self-funded, foundation officials say, with expenses financed from land sales. The foundation’s audit is available online at www.scv-ff.org. connie.llanos@dailynews.com (661) 257-5254160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Croatia coach worried over Modric charges

first_img0Shares000Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic is worried about the impact of criminal charges brought against Luka Modric less than four months before the World Cup © AFP/File / GABRIEL BOUYSZAGREB, Croatia, Mar 5 – Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic said Monday he was worried about the impact of the false testimony charges against captain Luka Modric on his performance less than four months before the World Cup.Croatian prosecutors charged the Real Madrid midfielder last week with giving false evidence during the multi-million-euro corruption trial of former Dinamo Zagreb boss Zdravko Mamic in Croatia. The offence carries a maximum penalty of up to five years in jail.“I cannot interfere in what is going on but it certainly worries me,” Dalic told reporters when asked whether he feared the charges could affect Modric’s performance.“But knowing Luka and his character… I belive that he will stoically endure all this.“For me it is more important that he recovers from his current injury and that he plays,” Dalic said.He was speaking as he presented a 29-strong list of players for friendlies with Peru and Mexico to be played in the United States this month as part of preparations for the World Cup.Modric’s indictment has yet to be approved by a court and the 32-year-old is currently not threatened with arrest.Mamic is accused, along with three other people, of abuse of power and graft that cost Dinamo, the former Croatian champions, more than 15 million euros ($18.4 million), and the state 1.5 million euros.Cash was allegedly embezzled through fictitious deals related to player transfers. Modric testified last June over the details of his 2008 transfer from Dinamo to Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur.From there he joined Real Madrid in 2012.Modric has shaken off a thigh injury and travelled with the Madrid squad to France for Tuesday’s second-leg last-16 tie against Paris Saint-Germain.He is considered the biggest star Croatia have had since 1998, when they surprised the football world by reaching the World Cup semi-finals before losing to eventual winners France.Croatia play in the World Cup Group D along with Argentina, Iceland and Nigeria.0Shares000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

On the brink, Argentina handed a final shot at WC salvation

first_imgEven if Iceland claim a first ever World Cup victory, Argentina could still progress on goal difference.However, bouncing back will take a huge improvement in performance and strength of character so far unseen from the two-time world champions in Russia.The Argentina federation were even moved on Saturday to confirm that Sampaoli would continue for the final group game among rumours of a rift between players and coach.“I get the feeling there’s a general anger at the heart of the team,” said Argentina’s legendary 1986 World Cup-winning captain Diego Maradona.Stay of execution: Jorge Sampaoli’s job as Argentina coach was in doubt after a 3-0 defeat to Croatia © AFP / Johannes EISELE“I’m furious and very upset inside, because anyone who wore that shirt can’t see it being trampled like that by a Croatian team that isn’t Germany, that isn’t Brazil, that isn’t Holland or Spain.”For all his heroics with Barcelona at club level, Messi is still often compared unfavourably in his homeland for his inability to recreate Maradona’s success for the national team.Messi led Argentina to the World Cup final four years ago and consecutive Copa America finals in the following two years, but all three ended in defeat.– Time running out –And his 31st birthday on Sunday only served to highlight how time is running out for Messi to win a major international tournament.Without the five-time World Player of the Year, though, it is highly unlikely Argentina would even have qualified.Messi salvaged a disastrous campaign under three different managers with a hat-trick away to Ecuador in the Albiceleste’s final qualifier.In their hour of need, Argentina need Messi’s best once more.“Leo is fine,” insisted veteran midfielder Javier Mascherano, who knows Messi better than most having spent eight years as his club team-mate at Barcelona.“He is a human being who has his frustrations because things haven’t worked out, but so are we all.“Like it our not, we are the runners-up from the World Cup and we have to show it.”So far in Russia, Messi has been held scoreless. He missed a penalty among 11 unsuccessful shots on goal in a 1-1 draw with Iceland before failing to make any meaningful impact in an error-strewn Argentine display against Croatia.A month on from Messi’s rescue mission in Ecuador, he sat out a friendly as Nigeria beat Argentina 4-2 back in November to highlight how reliant even a squad containing Sergio Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain and Paulo Dybala remain on their number 10.“It is the most critical situation I have experienced, along with the Ecuador game,” said Argentina midfielder Lucas Biglia on Sunday. “But sometimes you have to cling to something.”Argentina are clinging to the hope their captain bails them out again.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Last chance at World Cup glory? Lionel Messi turned 31 on Sunday © AFP / Johannes EISELESAINT PETERSBURG, Russian Federation, Jun 25 – Held by Iceland and humiliated by Croatia, Argentina’s World Cup could already have been all but over, but Lionel Messi and the rest of Jorge Sampaoli’s troubled squad have one final shot at redemption against Nigeria on Tuesday.Victory against the Africans, who Argentina have beaten in all four previous World Cup meetings, will secure qualification for the last 16 as long as Iceland don’t shock already-qualified Croatia.last_img read more

Elizabeth House has more room to spare after recent renovation

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGame Center: Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, 10 a.m.“The renovation for me and these women means an opportunity to have a home that’s more loving and nurturing for them,” said Angelina Coe, Elizabeth House’s executive director of development and administration. “We got the best we could offer to them,” she said. “We’re not a shelter, we’re a home. It’s a family environment and we’re teaching these women how to be moms again and how to end the cycle of homelessness.” Elizabeth House opened in 1994. It was created by Pasadena Covenant Church as a home for five or six pregnant women and their children, up to age 5. The renovation created more room at the facility. “Now we can accommodate six women, two babies and two toddlers,” Coe said. PASADENA – It’s the only shelter of its kind in the San Gabriel Valley – and the handful of women who get to stay there are lucky indeed. Elizabeth House, on Santa Barbara Street in Pasadena, provides shelter for homeless pregnant women and their children and teaches them how to be self-sufficient when they leave. Now, administrators of the two-story residence are celebrating a just-completed $600,000 renovation that included a bedroom, bathroom, new roof, carpeting, kitchen cabinets and granite counter tops, appliances, laundry room, a new stairway, paint and storage spaces. During the two-year project, the women, children and staff at the facility were moved around so that the shelter remained open throughout construction. Pamela Sheldon, administrative assistant, said that’s “one more family that can be helped.” “They have been given something that isn’t below standard. They’ve been given the best that we could provide for them,” she added. The women can stay for the duration of their pregnancy and for four months after they give birth. “The average stay is eight months to a year,” Coe said. Jennifer Montes, 22, arrived at Elizabeth House this week with her 18-month-old daughter. She talked about what it means to be there. “What it means to me is changing my life around,” she said. “I want to give my life to the Lord and just be able to raise my children as a godly mother, and to just be on a path where I can be independent and have good self-esteem.” Coe said, in return for providing a home, Elizabeth House officials expect something in return from the residents. “They have to be willing to go through prenatal care classes, parenting classes and work at correcting their credit. They have to let us do a background check on them so we can really help them get into permanent housing,” she said. Ema Marcial, 28, who is eight-months pregnant with a boy, has been at Elizabeth House for a month. “It means a second chance in life and a final chance to get my life straight and my priorities straight, and be responsible and live substance-free and basically live for God,” she said. Coe said the women are referred by county agencies. But potential clients can look up Elizabeth House on the Internet, or call 2-1-1, an information line. “They have to be clean and sober for six months – no drugs, no alcohol,” she said. “If we make an exception, they have to be willing to go through a treatment program. emanuel.parker@sgvn.com (626) 578-6300, Ext. 4475 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more


first_imgDONEGAL teacher John Ruddy has the biggest classroom of kids on the planet – all three million of them.For John’s online history lessons have gone global on social media channel YouTube. And so far his potted histories of the world and lessons on geography are going down a treat across the world.He’s even done a guide to the Wild Atlantic Way.John (below) will be showcasing his videos and books at the Donegal County Museum in Letterkenny on Culture Night, September 18 at 5pm.Click Play on the video above to watch his video – World War Two in 7 Minutes.On his YouTube channel he welcomes suggestions from followers over what period he should cover. Advertisement  DDTV: DONEGAL TEACHER GETS 3 MILLION HITS ON YOUTUBE FOR HISTORY LESSONS was last modified: August 26th, 2015 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:history lessonsJohn D Ruddylast_img read more