Wang Xiao People’s satisfaction is the ultimate goal of creating a city

Wang Xiao presided over the creation of the national civilized city of Xining leading group meeting called the meeting decided to convene the national day after the founding of the city to create a national civilized city

September 30th afternoon, party secretary Wang Xiao chaired the Xining city to create a national civilized city work leading group meeting, city leaders Zhang Xiaorong, Wang Haihong, Su Rong, Cao Jiansong, Xu Guocheng, Zhang Yonghai, Tong Dexiang attended the meeting.

meeting heard a report on the work of the city, decided to convene the national day after the founding of the city to create a national civilized city work will be considered, the leadership team and the organization under the responsibility and promote the relevant documents.

Wang Xiao in his speech, the city should conscientiously sum up the results of the work of the city, to analyze the lessons learned, the September 23rd Municipal Standing Committee meeting and today’s leading group meeting requirements. First, we must fully understand the significance of the city. Is a city of Xining to promote the "four comprehensive" and "three", "two city" construction is always the starting point, promote the transformation and upgrading of Xining, to enhance the quality of the city’s bid is "dry at the forefront of the coordinate system in practice,". Two is to firmly grasp the value orientation. With "city better life" as the goal, adhere to the performance of their duties for the people, adhere to the three strict three, insist on treating the symptoms, not formalism, short-term behavior, specious writing. The three is to explore the innovation of the city’s carrier path. To highlight the problem oriented, sort out and implement the benchmark indicators, core indicators, weak indicators, veto indicators. To build the project system, build a pillar project, the degree of association between increased work of the project, to form a city brand as the core of the project chain; keep open project system, continuous innovation and rich work carrier. To pay attention to the innovation of evaluation methods, evaluation, self evaluation and social evaluation together, adhere to the masses of the people and gain a sense of evaluation in the first place, to serve the people, the satisfaction of the masses become the ultimate goal of creating the city to work, make a city become the process of solving the problem, let the people have a better life. To expand the participation of the masses, respect for the grassroots level to create a good atmosphere for the whole society to build and share. The four is to focus on strengthening the work of creating the city protection. To strengthen organizational leadership; to strengthen co-ordination; to strengthen the work force; to strengthen supervision and accountability, solve the responsibilities consistent with the top-level design, unified and compatible incentive problems, and provide a powerful guarantee for promoting.


Xining Sports Center Fitness Plaza in September 22nd put into use

9 22, Xining Sports Center leisure fitness Plaza was inaugurated.

in recent years, with the improvement of living standards, the public participation in sports exercise enthusiasm gradually rising, forming a good situation of the leadership and the departments to guide masses, response, creating a strong atmosphere of fitness, fitness, I spread to different social strata, affecting thousands of households, cadres and the masses benefit but, at the same time, the requirements for the construction of sports facilities is also more and more strong. Square leisure fitness sports center of Xining new stadium is located in Xining East, covers an area of 4600 square meters, construction by the Provincial Sports Bureau to invest about 4000000 yuan, there are 3 popular standard basketball courts, 13 outdoor table tennis table and the fitness path of the masses sports facilities here, not only can host a variety of events, but also to meet the to the citizens of fitness. It has been built to provide the general public with a collective entertainment, fitness, multi-functional leisure zone. (Xining evening news reporter: Jianwen)

September 22nd, Xining Sports Center leisure fitness Plaza officially completed. Square leisure fitness sports center of Xining new stadium is located in Xining East, covers an area of 3600 square meters, there are 3 popular standard basketball courts, 13 outdoor table tennis table and fitness path and other mass sports facilities.   (west Metropolis Daily   reporter /  Haidong photo)


Qinghai Ramen economy income of 18 billion yuan a year to achieve remarkable results

days ago, the provincial human resources and social security department issued a "Hand-Pulled Noodle group in our province economic development data: Haidong city Hand-Pulled Noodle operators based in our province masses, run Hand-Pulled Noodle million in 280 City 2.9 stores nationwide, employing 182 thousand people, the annual business income is 18 billion yuan, migrant workers wage income nearly 4 billion yuan, income higher than the income of farmers in the province more than 10 times.

2012 to 2014, Haidong Hand-Pulled Noodle employees per capita wage income were 25333 yuan, 28947 yuan and 28481 yuan, of note, while farmers in our province the average wage income was 1989.7 yuan, 2347.5 yuan and 2041.4 yuan, the note of the note. Contrast can be seen, out of the economy in the face of the labor service personnel wage income higher than the same period the average wage income of farmers in our province more than 10 times. Note, note, note data are from Qinghai statistical yearbook

at the same time, the economic development of beef and mutton noodles distribution, non-staple food processing and distribution and other industries 108, to absorb the employment of 1217 people, the annual operating income of $170 million, the annual salary of employees income of $50 million. In addition, the province after the opening of the noodle shop to return home to start businesses to reach 459, to absorb the employment of 7456 people, the annual sales income of $1 billion 630 million, the annual salary of employees up to $260 million. Ramen economy has become the most direct and effective way to get rid of poverty in the poor people of the East sea.

After the

Hand-Pulled Noodle Museum operators to build up the family fortunes demonstration effect significantly. East City ramen shop from 1.6 in 2008, an increase of up to 2.3 in 2014; practitioners from the year of 2008, an increase of 135 thousand people in the year to 2014, the number of people in the city of 158 thousand. An average Ramen restaurant can drive 5 to 7 people to achieve stable employment. Part Hand-Pulled Noodle shop, such as "source" and "Sarah flowers", "Qinghai people" "camel spring" to become the brand chain stores, and gradually to the industrialization, large-scale development, the annual sales income of 10 million yuan, made a demonstration to promote the transfer of rural labor employment and economic upgrading, transformation and development of Hand-Pulled Noodle.

I "Hand-Pulled Noodle economy" is upgrading, operate their own brand. Currently, only more than and 70 registered trademarks of Longhua Hui Autonomous County, Xunhua Salar Autonomous County registered trademark of up to more than and 20. In order to meet the development needs of the catering industry of Internet, some of the operators have expanded the mobile phone terminal online ordering service, Hand-Pulled Noodle museum not only in the sale of a bowl, box lunch, began catering delivery, operating income increased significantly.

in recent years, in order to expand foreign markets, by the end of 2015, the organization of the province’s 28 to the main business of ramen catering enterprises to Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries, fruitful results. Currently, the two companies have signed an investment cooperation agreement to invest in the construction of Malaysia in the main restaurant ramen.


Xining will build 20 employees Bookstore

In order to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of front-line workers, this year, the Xining Federation of trade unions will build 20 staff bookstore. Up to now, Xining has built a total of 98 workers.

small bookstore, great cause. In recent years, the Xining Federation of trade unions adhere to the staff room set up in the forefront of the relative concentration of workers, the lack of reading conditions of grassroots enterprises or institutions of construction projects. Workshop site, dormitory area, such as the size of the house is small, but the small bookstore has become a spiritual station to enhance the knowledge and skills, so that the spiritual and cultural life of front-line workers more colorful. (author: Zhao Junjie)


Qinghai province established the first crop pest disaster emergency prevention and control team of m

4 18, the first major crop pest in our province is set up by the Qinghai Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry is equipped with modern machinery equipment and emergency prevention and control team was founded and launched in Xining. Marks the province pest emergency prevention and control work into the specialized anti rule stage for the future transformation of agricultural development, the construction of modern agriculture, ensure the effective supply of agricultural products quality and safety will provide an important guarantee.

it is understood that the province complex and diverse landforms, crop pests variety, wide distribution, some explosive, migratory pests and diseases tended to increase, occurrence in the area of 660 thousand hectares or more, and the anti rule is more and more difficult. To this end, led by the agricultural technology promotion terminus, the terminus of professional and technical personnel, and Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan and other 8 counties, and the technical staff jointly set up a major crop pest prevention and control team.

according to the relevant person in charge of the Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, prevention and control team from the foreign advanced management experience and modern control equipment, is equipped with the prevention and control of multi rotor UAV, UAV, vehicle mounted detection protection remote spraying machines and other modern plant protection machinery. The application of new effective plant protection machinery, is conducive to the prevention and control of changing the way of resource saving and environment friendly, can efficiently solve the farmers difficult diseases and insects, so as to promote the steady growth of grain and other agricultural products, to further enhance the level of agricultural modernization in our province.


The central financial support for social organizations to participate in social service project fund

"The central government to support social organizations to participate in social service projects," the ceremony was recently held in Xining, the first private high school multi-function hall held a grand

"the central government to support social organizations to participate in social service projects," the ceremony was recently held in Xining, the first private senior high school multifunctional hall held. The fund of Qinghai education director Yang Quanwei, deputy director of Xining Municipal People’s Congress, Feng Yi, vice chairman of Xining Zhang Ying, deputy director of Qinghai Provincial Administration of civil society organizations and the Chen Zhengwu Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and other leaders attended the awarding ceremony.

for the first time the central government allocated special funds to support community organizations to participate in social services, fully embodies the development of social organization and management of the CPC Central Committee and State Council’s attention and expectations, is an important measure to foster the development of social organizations, is an important way to satisfy people’s demand for public services. This year, the central government allocated a total of two hundred million yuan to support social organizations in the western region to undertake social services, fully embodies the central care for the western region. Xining’s first private senior high school as the only private educational institutions were identified as the unit of the implementation of the project, funded by the approval of the 60 poor students, including ethnic minorities accounted for 40% of the number of recipients, county students accounted for 60% of the number of recipients. Students said the study life in the future, will muster the courage to live, set the sailing life, unremitting self-improvement, dedicated to the study, complete their studies, with outstanding achievements to serve the society, serve the motherland.



The second installment of the province’s 14 billion 600 million yuan of government bonds successfull

In August 24th, the Qinghai Provincial Department of Finance on behalf of the Qinghai provincial government in Beijing through the Treasury bond issuance bidding system and underwriting subsystem, for 13 general government bonds and special bond syndicate and 10 replacement bond syndicate, successfully issued 14 billion 600 million yuan of government bonds, a total of three species, 12 bonds.

Write a new chapter in the forefront of Finance

Chen Zhaochao, director of Municipal Finance BureauEleven plenary session of the thirteen session of the Committee for the development of

anchored the new coordinates, a new mission and new task. The finance department will provide financial support to further clarify the role of the municipal Party committee, municipal government for the implementation of the development strategy, efforts to stem the new effect in practice, and write a new chapter in the city’s financial walk in the forefront of the pursuit of greater as.

face economic pressure to play steady growth to promote the development of functional

economy is the foundation of finance. As the new city government will achieve development in new style, more actively and effectively adapt and lead the new normal economic development, boosting the economic development model to explore the practical, promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, promote stable economic growth. To play the role of fiscal funds to guide, leveraging the role of risk pool funds, venture capital funds, etc., to accelerate the development of new industries and rural economy. Support the use of PPP, government procurement, commissioned by the construction of financing and other ways to guide the participation of social capital, increase investment in infrastructure construction.

face the new normal economic development efforts to make bigger financial cake

financial department will unswervingly in saving cost, potential income, detailed measures for funding efforts to enhance the total revenue and quality, go all out to fight the battle of revenue. At the same time, always maintain focus on the development, transformation and development of strategic forces, and actively strive for funds and policies, and strive for a breakthrough in the growth of the project funds.

face the new requirements of the rule of law and comprehensively promote financial management

to implement the new budget law as an opportunity to firmly establish the law according to the law, the concept of financial management. Strengthen the whole sector budget, the government will be included in all the budget management, improve the government budget system, so that no budget does not pay, no expenditure is not administrative". Strengthen the integration of special funds, effectively revitalize the stock of funds to enhance the performance of the use of funds. Strict budget execution, hardening budget constraints, earnestly implement the relevant provisions of austerity, hard work, and effectively reduce administrative operating costs, to achieve efficiency savings".

face new tasks of reform and innovation of financial security mechanism

implement the tasks of reform, pay attention to institutional innovation, orderly focus on reform, and strive to do before the reform. The real problem for financial work, an antidote against the disease in really difficult, and actively promote the reform of the taxation system, the reform of city management, support to promote poverty alleviation and development, investment and financing, compulsory education, Medical Association, tax administration and land management, insurance for price stability in ten key areas, and resolutely get financial support for the development of the first one kilometer "and the implementation of" the last kilometer".

face the new needs of the people to fully implement the financial security policy

study of new ideas and new initiatives for financial support to people’s livelihood, scientific and reasonable arrangement of financial expenditure, optimize the expenditure structure, to enhance agriculture, education, health, social security, affordable housing and other livelihood areas of support and policy landing capability, innovation of financial poverty alleviation and development work;

Wang Yubo stressed the drainage as the city’s conscience project

Recently, with the abnormal changes in the weather, some cities in China flood control and drainage problems, which sounded the alarm for the city. July 28th, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor Wang Yubo, accompanied by Vice Mayor Xu Guocheng, led the relevant departments of urban drainage, sewage treatment. Wang Yubo stressed that the city drainage work not neglect, not the effect, must not lag, as a matter of urgency, to the city drainage and sewage treatment, as the conscience of the city project, continue to make unremitting work, has been doing to make people satisfied.

Xining efforts to let the people live Haixi spend capital for education charging

before the Spring Festival, the public Ma Guihua finally came in Xining city "and the park" area of a public rental housing, the moment to get the key, her expression of joy shows between the lines. This winter for the sweet scented osmanthus, a warm.
to shantytowns, the large-scale implementation of the Shen Zhai village villages, mutual Road North, Menyuan Road area shantytowns and Qaidam road low-income housing construction projects of urban affordable housing projects. Adhere to the "government led, city planning, unified planning, urban development, combined with the gradient to area based participation" principle, strictly implement the construction of affordable housing policy and tax preferential policies, accelerate the construction of affordable housing supporting infrastructure.
according to the plan, the total renovation of shanty towns in Xining city from 2013 to 2017 will reach 189 thousand units, and strive to the end of 12th Five-Year basically completed the shantytowns, completed by 2017 shantytowns. Over the past two years, the city has built more than 7 sets of various types of affordable housing. Only in 2014, the construction of affordable housing projects 47790 units, accounting for 43% of the province’s affordable housing projects. Among them, the transformation of shanty towns to complete the project 40391 sets of affordable housing ushered in the peak distribution.
at the end of last year, in pre-school education, compulsory education, basic education, national education, occupation education and other education in Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of nearly 600 million yuan, the implementation of completed 68 education projects, teachers;