Grocery store operators how to get Gao Yingli

many grocery store operators face great business difficulties, the reason is that they do not know how to use skills to get a good profit. Today Xiaobian to share the relevant experience, I hope to help you, hurry to see it, you can not miss.

1. only one

in the grocery store, all the goods are only one, it is because of this scarcity, so shop will become a lot of young people to pursue fashion day Taobao shrine". According to the treasurer introduced shop supply most from abroad, which originated in Southeast Asia and Africa goods mostly due to the purchase and supply of goods is different, each quarter of the same type of goods is usually only a batch of goods, most goods pattern or color often in store only this one, customers come to Taohuo basically rely on luck and fate, once missed, there will not be a.

2. clever price reduction

3. fast

all merchandise sales cycle is not more than 1 weeks, if the goods within a week no one wants, then directly off the shelf, because every store’s popularity is so busy, if a commodity for a week without phase, it shows this is not needed for the commodity market, there is only place.

and in order to avoid these goods too large warehouse location, sand dispensers will not hold a number of auction, special processing of these goods. Don’t look at the sand shopkeeper said, "drug", usually less popular, but in the auction will be the customers are sought after, there was a dish in the store are dusty and also in the auction No one shows any interest in, was sold to the price of 580 yuan, higher than the normal price 2 times.

4. reasonable swing goods

in order to attract customers, the new toy grocery store owner in Hongkong’s most popular. But I do not know why, to buy toys, children do not look at it, they went to the store to buy some of the more common toys. "What is the reason for this?" big Li looked at the toy store and came back with the new toys on the shelves. As a result, the children rushed into the store to grab the toys. Originally, recommend

A burst of red coffee show why they died a fire

living in the new era of the Internet, the development of the APP market is very impressive, many entrepreneurs want to find their own entrepreneurial world in this industry. And many APP is just a flash in the pan, want to go down in the entrepreneurial market is not simple.

For example,

in addition it is understood that the first line is enough to remember in the app store, the first one year, its user growth is very slow, on-line eight or nine months accumulated 100 thousand users, but the number of users exceeded 100 thousand, suddenly began to crazy growth, 1 million, 4 million, 7 million, 10 million…… This lasted more than a month after the user’s enthusiasm index was gradually down.

whether small coffee show or foot, or other what had overnight explosion of red and APP application in flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, they recommended

Good to do business with honesty

for breakfast, people are not strange, after all, many of us are a consumer of these stalls. In a variety of early, fried dough sticks as a traditional Chinese food, but also has a very high popularity. But different stalls, the use of oil is different, can attract consumers naturally have a big difference.

in the small town where I live on a busy street, many early in the early business competition. Deep fried dough sticks in the past, a pot of oil for many days. The pot of oil was dark and let people eat Deep-Fried Dough Sticks to haunt. And a deep fried dough sticks shop in addition to play a "abide by the conscience, every day with new oil" signs.

at the same time, where the shop to eat fried dough sticks customers, free of charge to provide a bag of milk and a pouch of mustard. The boss gave me a simple account: in the early varieties, fritters profits are relatively large, while the milk is meager profit. Instead of making that little profit, it’s better to let customers.

results, to the shop to eat more and more customers, fried dough sticks sales growth. Shop owner homeopathy, but also in the early varieties of tea eggs, millet porridge, so that customers have a greater choice of space. Over the past three years, the shop owner has been keeping his promise to allow customers to drink milk free of charge, the concept of good faith to let this shop has a large number of fried dough sticks customers.

revelation: how to operate, every boss will have their own views, will have their own actions. But in fact, commodity management, integrity first, especially in people’s health and life safety directly related to the food industry, adhere to the moral conscience itself is a huge commercial value. As the main market operators, in addition to take social responsibility and moral responsibility, to do more good, sincere hospitality, honesty. Only in this way, the business can be bigger and bigger, more and more customers.

How to open a spicy hot pot shop

shop catering for the novice, how to open a chain store is a big problem, because the franchise is a very complicated matter, if one step does not understand will be very upset, so Xiaobian to introduce you to the shop flow spicy pot.

1, store location: store location should be appropriate, in addition to the large business district, pedestrian street and other locations, according to the survey, in order to open in the vicinity of the school spicy hot pot franchise best operating results.

2, apply for a license: according to the general procedures for business license, also need to apply for health permits, health certificate.

3, business: as a fragrant pot store business is more to go to business, entrepreneurs do not think that the pot is a small business, but as long as the operation will allow you to make money.

4: in fact, the quality of taste spicy pot stores also need big business strategy, entrepreneurs will need to call, which is to make a marketing business, only know how to call the business can be bigger, at the same time as the area of large crowd spicy hot pot franchise business hot, more and more people began to see this market to join, so entrepreneurs to change business strategy, the introduction of some new species but also to focus on the taste, so as to have a repeat.

5, design and decoration: clean rooms, entrepreneurs need to decide the style of decoration according to the spicy hot pot franchise features, let a person into the store know this shop features spicy pot, such as Japanese, Korean, or chinese.

6, service: Although people eat exquisite is a taste and eat, and not too extravagant demands for service, but the entrepreneur must know the importance of service in the course of doing business is open when the spicy hot pot franchise, even if your spicy pot stores if you have characteristics, service attitude harsh words consumers do not patronize, they would rather not how to make do a delicious meal, the service must be synchronized with.

hope that the above introduction can bring you some help, if there are any questions you need to know, please leave a message below our website.

Domestic companies how to do the best reputation

modern market cohabitation, all kinds of false advertising flooded the market, consumers do not believe in advertising, and pay more attention to the reputation of the brand effect. For the domestic industry entrepreneurs, how to build the best reputation of domestic companies? To sum up, we need to start from four aspects.

1: to have a clear plan for the development of the company. If you just take one step, then the development of the company will be rocking in the wind and rain. It is likely that the company will be interrupted by a crisis. There is no goal, why the distance is so.

2: housekeeping personnel training system must continue to improve. To do the best reputation of domestic companies, then you have to keep up with the pace of the times, to meet customer demand for continuous improvement. Only to meet the needs of all customers, it is not difficult to form a good reputation.

3: housekeeping staff to high quality. A company can achieve what kind of height, the most important thing is to see the overall quality of the staff. If you want to become the best reputation of domestic companies. Then the overall level of quality of housekeeping staff should also be to achieve a certain target.

4: continue to open up new markets. Limited to a good evaluation of the company’s development space is limited. So constantly open up new markets to form a better evaluation of the symmetry of the reputation of the best domestic companies is a strong driving force.

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A fruit stand began to create wealth legend

you may not think of a fruit stand can create wealth legend, indeed, in many people’s view, fruit stalls are small business, not a big climate. Liu Xin and his business partners have created a legend, from the campus stall to the annual turnover of 10 million fruit chain, how do they do? Let’s listen to their stories.

With the opening of

entrepreneurial buried seeds in 2010. At that time, with entrepreneurial passion Liu Xin, and the same school 4 villagers in the school set up a fruit stand. 5 people together for a total of $2000, into the more than and 100 pounds of fruit, relying on an old bike to transport fruit. In order to earn a little money, they worked almost 11 hours a day.

"we use the top 500 in the World mentality stall." Although the pendulum is a small fruit stand, but 5 young people are doing the dream of fruit king. Entrepreneurial team member Hu Yong said that in their joint efforts, 1 months after the surge in sales, dragging the goods have changed into a three wheeled electric bicycle.

2011 in the summer, they scored 1000 pounds of watermelon, but do not know that they pull out a look, found that half of watermelon is not ripe. "A loss of 700 yuan, really distressed." Hu Yong said. This experience has taught them to change the way they operate.

with the supply advantage, Liu Xin entrepreneurial team began to rise into the period, but due to limited manpower, or not so much. And other business partners to discuss, they decided to extend their business to college students outside the olive branch, there are 20 people joined.


7 factors to be considered in choosing a good store location

is not a good way to get rich, entrepreneurs need to consider too many factors, such as a good store location! Although the location of a good store is not the same, but also have a lot of similarities, the following Xiaobian to explain for you to choose a good store location must be considered 7 factors, come and see!

select a good store location to consider the factors 1:

human traffic: normal, holiday and day, night to person and proportion.

select a good store location to consider the factors 2:

vehicle flow: car and motorcycle traffic.

select a good store location to consider the factors 3:

traffic: current and future possible increase or decrease of transport.

select a good store location to consider the factors 4:

road width and parking problems.

select a good store location to consider the factors 5:

regional characteristics: competitive stores, complementary stores, financial institutions and cultural and educational, leisure facilities, etc..

select a good store location to consider the factors 6:

population survey: population, consumption habits, etc..

select a good store location to consider the factors 7:

business district survey: the main and secondary business area, rent, price.

good store location important? A good store location directly affects the income of entrepreneurs, you say important is not important? No matter what you choose to do what the industry business, a good store location or not, take a good look at the choice of good store location should consider these factors, to prepare their shop to be able to help!

Beijing more than half of the students involved in innovation and entrepreneurship activities

our college students are very innovative generation, they are more willing to rely on their own efforts to create a cause. According to the Beijing Municipal Board of education survey, in 2015, about half of the graduates in Beijing have been involved in innovation and entrepreneurship education activities, to prove that our college graduates for the favor of entrepreneurship.

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2014 stall selling products large collection

cold winter is about to pass, is about to usher in the golden season. So, in 2014 selling popular products? If you want to know, may wish to take a look at the introduction of this article!

2014   to spread the best-selling products; />

2014   to spread the best-selling products; song disc DVD disc is empty

2014   to spread the best-selling products; household vacuum hook device in

2014   to spread the best-selling products; green laser pen

when making slides, are currently using red laser pen as a tool, but its range is close, the clarity is not enough, the effect is not ideal. The products used within the green laser generating device, which overcomes the above disadvantages, have good alternative, and high power products has been astronomy enthusiasts, to observe and explain the tool. Work with seven batteries, the service life of more than 5000 hours.

Environmental enrichment project recommended

with the continuous promotion of the concept of green environmental protection, continue to prevail, the environmental protection industry continues to rise, become a potential industry! What are the environmental enrichment projects? May wish to look at to see if there is a good project for you!

emerging environmental entrepreneurs have a grand vision, but often lack of funds. Environmental finance brokers and environmental entrepreneurs to help them get from venture capitalists, banks, angel investors, all kinds of subsidies and public sector funds. You can bridge the big business and entrepreneurs who have enough money to invest in new business ideas, or develop a peer-to-peer platform that helps lenders and borrowers communicate directly. For example, in the Prosper.Com website, the borrower announced his credit record, indicating the purpose of the loan; the lender is based on the material provided by the borrower to estimate the risk, and then determine the loan interest rate. To be successful, you must have a large network of people to provide a variety of financing options. You have to be very handy in finance and have a wealth of business experience in order to provide useful advice to entrepreneurs to make their business plans more attractive. You also need to help venture capitalists, angel investors, and other types of lenders choose the right investment opportunities.



is a huge market of environmental protection industry, Unlimited Business Opportunities, must seize the early, early start, early to get rich, get rich achievements of your dreams, the achievement of your wealth of life!